Supermario cute fluffy foal hat hi safe


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PURPLEWOLF2005: What dis?...wheres the blood?
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Cock_Anon: *gasp* dat am bad huggies!!!!!

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HerdKing: 1) rotate before posting
2) tag your shit
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Wambo1900: Seems like everyone likes my post ,thanks for the nice comments (N O T )

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HerdKing: @Wambo1900: you art is fine. just rotate it and tag when you post. its not a bad drawing and you, like everyone else, will improve if you keep posting
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Wambo1900: @HerdKing: thanks so much for the nice comment and thanks for the advice it means a lot
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Fluffwit: Just rotate your images before you upload them and tag properly, and you'll get less people yelling at you.

As for the people who yell at you because of there being no abuse, just ignore those fuckers and draw what YOU wanna draw.
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Inky_little_fluff: @Wambo1900: I like it.

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HerdKing: @Fluffwit: totally agree. most peope who complain dont have the wherewithal to actually post what they want to see. draw what you want. i do mostly abuse but do some hugbox from time to time. if you do only abuse, great, if you do only hugbox, just as great
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