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A Day In The Life Of Jell


Your name is Jell. You are one of the few jellenheimers to have given yourself a name. You are currently in an alley, resting on top a putrid, moldy stack of cardboard boxes.

You’re stack is higher than a human doorway, giving you the best viewpoint in the god-awful alley. Today’s just another normal day in the alley, AKA fluffy hell. But you’re not a fluffy, so you don’t have to worry. You just sit here atop your makeshift throne (as you like to imagine it, anyways), taking stock of your domain.

The alley is rather long by human standards, and it has a dead end. Its located deep within the city, what used to be a small town in the cornfields before 2020. Because of the fluffy “menace” as the humans called it, more people flocked to small towns to get away from the stinking cities that were overrun with fluffies. However, this meant that there were fewer houses available to purchase, and before long, it ended up becoming the very thing that people were fleeing. And you were around to watch it all happen. Its 3020, the 1000th anniversary of the “mistake” called fluffies.

You often prefer NOT to call fluffies a mistake or a menace. It’s not their fault that they were released into the wild before they could get all the flaws and bugs removed from their code, after all. It was the humans fault for doing so. You find it odd, the humans always blame a group called PETA for causing their troubles, but it’s just a group of other humans. Humans yelling at humans for causing problems. It’s silly, is it not? But then again, that might just be your hive mind having difficulty comprehending what other species go through. At least you admit you’re bad at that...

...You’re interrupted from your deep thought by the piercing shriek of a fluffy. You sleepily turn your gaze in the direction of the noise, and spot a blue and yellow “soon mummah” flailing her stumpy little limbs in an attempt to move even a tiny bit. Of course her efforts are in vain, because she’s so swollen that her weak little hooves are 2 inches off the ground. You spy the cause of her troubles: An adorable black kitten chewing on her back. The dam is spewing feces everywhere, the black cat thankfully out of the way, and screaming “AM SOON MUMMAH NU HUWT”. Of course the cat CAN understand her, but like all cats, it just doesn’t care, because it’s hungry after all.

The tiny kitten starts to tear open her belly with its adorable little claws. The dam screeches and shits even more, inadvertently cleansing herself for the cat. Intestines fall out, along with her bloated womb. The kitten sees the teeny hooves poking against the wall of the organ, and slices it open, causing a mass of wriggling foals to fall out. You shudder, thanking the stars that your race is sophisticated enough to reproduce through asexual budding. The dam is still screeching, so you do the little kitten a favor and wink at the dam, causing her throat to get slashed. She splatters blood everywhere, and lets out a horrid wheezing punctuated with wet, sloppy gurgles before finally dying. You turn your attention back to the foals, which are a rainbow of colors. You spot a few “poopie” colored foals and an alicorn, and secretly teleport them to the jellenheimer den that sprawls underneath the city by winking your other eye. They’ll be raised and shown the love that most fluffies will refuse to give them.

You watch as the kitten sniffs the rest of the wriggling foals, before eating them. It chows down on most of them, preferring to smush the other ones with its paws for no reason whatsoever. Cats are such fascinating, sadistic creatures, even at a young age! You decided to look around the alley for any more activity. You spy a yellow and pink stallion known as “top smawty” raping another mare next to a dumpster bin, ramming her face into the side and breaking her nose. You let out a nearly silent sigh, that’s the fifth time this week! Once again you thank the elder gods that you reproduce like a sponge. You never understood “speciaw huggies”, or as most races called it, sex. Apparently sex can be good and people have it for fun or to make babies, but other times it’s terrible and people do it to cause suffering. People will pay for sex, or people will let their disgust of sex be known and insult those who have it in a certain way. You just don’t understand why so many races or even members of the same race can have such conflicting views on it.

On the opposite side of the dumpster bin, you can see a cooing purple and red mare singing a song about how “mummah wubs aww da babbehs”. Attached to her teats are a red and black foal and a pink and cyan foal. Next to her is a starving green and yellow foal, cheeping and peeping about “miwkies” and “tummeh owwies”. The fat mare kicks the poor little creature away and proclaims that ONLY the “bestes babbehs get miwkies, yu stinky bawfy-cowowed dummeh”. Your blood boils just a tiny bit at her hypocrisy, and you slowly blink in the direction of the foals suckling on her. They explode in a tiny splat of gore and blood. The “wuving mummah” is at a loss for words, and simply accepts her fate, tears streaming down her cheeks as the skinny foal waddles up to her and begins suckling.

You spot at the very end of the alley a group of feces-covered fluffies being led by a red and yellow smarty. The little heathen waddles up to a door and begins slamming his hooves against it, resulting in a pathetic little tapping sound. He keeps this up until a human open the door and slams him in the face. A little “screeeee” and walking from behind the door later, he comes face to face with the human, puffing his cheeks up and demanding “sketties an wawm houwsies” for him and his herd.

The human is what appear to be a young female adult, wearing a ragged shirt with some unreadable band name on it and a pair of loose pajama shorts. She has glasses that are falling off her face and butt length brown hair. She has no emotion on her face as she stares the little brat in the eyes. She must have just woken up, because her hair is a mess and she just keeps staring at him and his herd. The smarty gets madder and madder, demanding that she “stop standin thewe an gib sketties, ow yu get sowwie poopies”. You’re enraptured, curious to see what she does. You love watching what humans do to fluffies at their doorstep, because they have such varying reactions. She could take them in and give them a home, she could call animal control, she could even eviscerate them right then and there! You just never know!

You finally hear her mutter at them to fuck right off and she reaches around the doorway for something. She pulls out a broom and swings it down with a vengeance, smashing a good 80% of the herd. A few fluffies start their annoying “screeeeee” while running down the alley as fast as their little stumpy legs can carry them, while a few others start to hug the dead fluffies, hoping that their hugs will resurrect them or something. The smarty stands his ground, and turns around whilst raising his tail. However, he never gets a chance to cover her foot in feces, because the broom whacks his rear end. He expels his waste onto the broom, and goes flying a few feet before reaching the wall. You hear the sickening crunch of bones and gore as he splatters against the wall, blood and feces dripping down the bricks. He slowly slides down the wall, leaving a slick trail of blood, guts, and feces.

“Wh-Why huwt smawty? Jus wanted wawm houwsies an sketties fow hewd...” he babbles as he fades out of consciousness. The girl pays no mind to him as she reaches around the doorway again and pulls out some fluffy spray, a great new invention that works like bug spray. She sprays it on the fluffies huddled around the remains of the smashed dead, and they writhe around as their fur and flesh melts off, screeching and shitting themselves as they choke for air. She then slams her door shut, sending a nearby trashcan tumbling as panicked fluffies jump out of it. You keep staring at her door, not because you want to see if anything happens next, but you turned your head in that direction and you don’t feel like turning it back because that’s SO much effort. You decide to take a nap, and slowly nod off.


You awake later to the door opening again. You slowly open your heavy eyes, and notice that the pile of what used to be fluffies has been sloppily cleaned up. The smarty is no longer on the ground, but sticking out of the dumpster bin, occasionally wiggling his legs and weakly asking nobody in particular to “pwease hewp smawty, nu smeww pwetty”. In the doorway, the girl is smiling at a rather expensive looking alicorn. She’s about as large as a German Shepard (for comparison, you and most adult fluffies are the size of puppies), and has dark pink hair and a light pink coat, with a ground length mane and tail. Her mane and tail look similar to the girl’s hair, only taken care of and not a mess.

“Okay, Raspberry, you can go for your walk now. Just come back when the streetlights turn on, alright?” the girl says. You wonder why on EARTH she would trust her expensive alicorn to wander around the alley and city, given that most other fluffies would attack her and someone might steal her. Alicorns may be smart and somewhat on par with humans, but...

“Awight, Wazzewwy wiww be home when the stweet wights tuwn on!” the mare, whose name is apparently Raspberry, chirps. Her owner shuts the door quietly, taking care not to scare her. Raspberry then turns away and starts to stroll down the alley, a smile on her face. She happily strolls over the remaining chunks of fluffy brains and intestines. You want to see how this pans out, so you teleport close by her, but out of sight.

A group of fluffies spot her, and begin screaming in terror, scattering and running into walls. She just walks past them, still smiling. She’s started to break into a prance and hums a little tune. Suddenly, a group of toughies led by a smarty spring out from behind a trashcan and make her stop.

“Dummeh munstah fwuffy! Yu am gunna go fowebah sweepies! Gunna do bad enfies tu yu aftew dat! Gunna-” and the smarty went on and on. Raspberry looks down at him, amused. She keeps smiling as he starts to get madder and madder. Déjà vu. She then bows her head as her horn starts to sparkle. The toughies are slowly starting to back away, but the smarty won’t have any of that. “Dummehs! Yu not goin anywhewe! Yu am supposed tu pwotect smawty an do as smawty sez an-” he says before getting the top part of his skull disintegrated with a beam of light. You’re mesmerized as the smarty lets out a pathetic gurgle, everything from the top of his jaw upwards destroyed. He topples over and the so-called toughies look up at Raspberry, who’s still smiling.

“Anyone ewse wanna say meanie tings bout me?” she asks sweetly. This sends the toughies running for their lives. Typical fluffy cowardice. She resumes her little stroll and exits the alley. Shit, you better go after her! You quickly teleport outside, and once you catch sight of her, you teleport in front of her.

You stare at her as you debate speaking. She might be a fluffy, but she’s an alicorn. An alicorn who has already proven that she’s different than most, using magic to defend herself no less! You CAN’T pass her up!

“............H-Hello? Can you hear me?” you telepathically say to her. Most people don’t know that jellenheimers can indeed talk, but only through telepathy. Jellenheimers prefer not to talk, though, even amongst each other, because of the effort it takes to break down their boundaries. Raspberry’s smile fades into a look of shock, and she actually jumps before looking around.

“Who said dat? I-It couwdn’t hab been jewwenheimew... Dey don tawk...” she sputters, clearly unnerved by the situation.

“We do not talk most of the time. But we do talk, Raspberry” you say, prompting her to look down at you in shock, both because you indeed can talk, and because you know her name. “Do not be afraid, dear fluffy. I know your name because I saw your owner call you that.” You say, hoping to calm her down.

“...Wazzbewwy nu am scawed, j-jus a widdwe shocked. Wat’s jewwenheimews name?” she asked. Well, she certainly seems to be taking this well! And she’s using some odd words for a fluffy, even for an alicorn.

“My name is Jell. I am one of the few jellenheimers to give myself a name, so you are in luck. You seem to be taking this all rather well. Most fluffies would hear my voice and run away screaming!” you say, just the tiniest bit of excitement creeping into your voice. Oh, you wish you were better with social interactions, but it’s not like anyone even interacts with you in the first place... “I have noticed that you can defend yourself with magic, and you speak rather eloquently for a fluffy, despite your unfortunate fluffy accent. W-Would it be rude to ask how you are able to do such things?” you ask her, hoping you didn’t fuck anything up be being too nosey or weird. However, Raspberry seems more than happy to tell you, probably because she’s never been with another non-human who can carry on her level of conversation.

“Ownew sed dat she found Wazz... W-Wazz...” she stutters, scrunching her face and straining a little. You wonder what’s wrong with her, until she spits out “ME, she found ME at owd fwuffmawt dat was goin outta business!”. And now it’s YOUR turn to be shocked, your eyes widening the slightest bit. She spoke in first person?! You didn’t even know that was possible for a fluffy, since speaking in third person was so hardwired into their code. Is she trying to go against it?

However, she just goes on, continuing to speak in first person mixed with fluffspeak. “I was inna pen aww by mysewf an evewyting ewse was empty, and da fwuffmawt was wun bya owd man who wooked wike a squawe face with dewpy eyes anna pointy nose! He tawk funny, too, wike he not fwom united states!” she babbles, gesturing with her hooves wildly as if reenacting the memory. “He sed dat I was fow sawe, an dat he had tu go away inna huwwy, so he jus came ovah, thwew me at my nyu mummah, sed something bout capitawist powice aftew him, and wan out, nebah tu be seen again! Ownew not eben hab to pay fow me!” she says. You... Feel like you’ve heard about “people” who fit that description before. Possibly a memory uploaded to the collective memories by another jellenheimer outside of the country. Perks of being a hive mind!

“Ownew sed dat I might hab some pwototype code in me, because she wook up dat fwuffies owiginawwy supposed tu hab magic stwong enough tu pwotect themsewves fwom hawm. An sometimes, I “go against my code” by doin tings a fwuffy nowmawwy wouwdn’t do!” she proclaims, confirming your suspicions. Well, it HAS been a 1000 years, and given how smart alicorns are, it was only a matter of time before their code started to fall apart and change.

“I noticed that... You are referring to yourself as “I” and “me” instead of your name. Why?” you asked, wanting to learn more about the mysterious pink fluffy. Her expression turns annoyed, but after a few seconds, you realize that she’s not mad at YOU, thankfully, and your (admittedly slow) breath calms down.

“I hate how I tawk. I wanna say tings wike a nowmaw pewson, NOT a nowmaw fwuffy. An wecentwy, I stawted saying “me” and “I” instead of Wazzbewwy aww da time. It’s... It’s hawd and kinda huwts my mouth, but I’ve gotten bettew! If owny I couwd get wid of my stoopi fwuffy baby-tawk...” she laments. Oh no, she looks sad! Normally, you wouldn’t give a rats ass as to how a fluffy feels, but after finding an intelligent fluffy who DOESN’T run away from you in terror and is actively trying to go against her programming, you feel an overwhelming urge to keep her as happy as possible!

“Wh-What if I help? I can teach you how to speak like a normal person, get rid of your atrocious accent!” you proclaim. You feel... Some form of emotion, but it’s not one you’ve ever felt before. It’s making you care so much about this fluffy you just met.

“*GASP* YU WIWW?! YAY! I AM SU HAPPIES!!!” she yells before actually rushing over and picking you up. You feel your bowels clench as she hugs you, thankfully you just let out a silent fart (that’s all jellenheimers are capable of if truth be told). You go limp in her arms and despite your smile, you’re freaking out on the inside. Hugs and all the feelings that go with them scare you! Oh god, how do you react to this sudden display of affection?!

“P-Please put me down?” you meekly utter, still as limp as a ragdoll. She then apologizes and drops you back on the ground. Normally that would break a fluffies leg or something, but you can’t feel pain, so it’s all good.


You start to walk alongside Raspberry, only accidentally using your teleportation twice. You’re rather proud of that fact. Walking is so weird and pointless, but you manage to stumble along with the grace of a drunken toddler, tripping on occasion. Raspberry has seemingly endless patience, though, and waits for you every time. She attempts to make small talk with you, but you prefer to stay to yourself. Jellenheimers are not good at social interactions. Still, she doesn’t seem to care much, content to point things out to you along her walk through the city. The last time you went outside the alley or the jellen den was about 100 years ago, so you’re grateful for her showing you around.

The old Italian restaurant now has a high-tech fence around it that keeps fluffies out, much to the dismay of the crying herds of fluffies around it, begging for “sketties” every time a person holding takeout comes by. You watch in awe as Raspberry uses her magic to pick up all of the fluffies outside the fence and hover them behind the both of you so that you don’t get squirted with feces. When you reach the next block, you see a massive fluffy-disposal-unit 3000™, a common site around the town for about 500 years now. She floats the group of fluffies above the disposal unit, and they start to “screeeeee” for their lives, shit themselves, hug each other, or pull some stupid smarty speech.

“Dis wat yu get fow cawing fwuffies wike me munstuhs. An fow genewawwy bein a menace. Any wast wowdsies?” she asks the dangling fluffies. Of course they just continue doing what they were, their simple minds and short attention spans in full effect. Raspberry just looks at you and shakes her head. “Usuawwy dey beg “munstuh” tu wet dem go, ow say dat munstuh shud go fowebuh sweepies. Guess dey am weawwy dummies dis time...” she sighs, before her magic grip fades.

You can’t see most of the gore because the machine is too tall, but you stare intensely at the blood and bits of fluffy that gracefully arch up and out. It rains down on the concrete sidewalk, dirtying the already filthy ground. You hear a chours of “SQUEEEEE”, “SABE FWUFFY”, “NUUUUUUUU”, and awful choking gurgles, along with the crunch of bones and keratin. Music to your non-existent ears, almost brings a tear to your eye (and you don’t even produce tears). You look over to Raspberry, and she looks at peace???

“I wub hewpin out hyoomies... Eh, hyoomins, in getting wid ob dah fwuffy menace. Awicowns wike me awen’t fwuffies, at weast dats how I tink ob it, su it nu hypocwiticaw... W-Wite?” she asks you, and OH BOY more social interaction that you’re not at all prepared for!

“Erm... No, that’s not hypocritical. After all, fluffies are unintelligent. And you’re not unintelligent, obviously. You’re actually...” you pause to find the right words, not wanting to fuck this up. “...On par with humans.” You say with finality. You try to feel confident, but fail miserably. At least non-jellenheimers can’t tell your emotions apart.

Raspberry runs over and gives you another hug. AGH.


She continues on her stroll and shows you other places. The fluffmart is still the same as ever, but with anti-fluffy measure taken against it. You walk up to the door and stare inside, but when Raspberry walks up, a buzzer goes off and a touchscreen panel appears out of the ground. On it, it asks her to choose what 2+2 is, and tells her to tap her hoof on the screen a number of times to answer. She taps 4 times, and a happy little ding plays before the panel disappears and the doors slide open. She walks in, but you simply teleport inside, lest you get crushed by the doors because you toddle around like a drunk. Apparently the humans inside recognize her, and they all wave at her and say hello. They all seem a little bit unnerved by your presence, but that’s to be expected. Raspberry waves and says hello to them, and gives you a tour of the place. They seemed to have cleaned up the place, making the store seem as happy as possible. No fluffies are fighting, and all of them are good colors and litterbox trained. You manage to spot a tiny fluffy calling himself “smawty”, but a few second later, a tube comes down and sucks him up, and the sign detailing what fluffies are inside the cage changes, removing his name as if he never existed. Honestly, he probably doesn’t anymore. So THAT’S how they keep things under control.

After getting some free samples of “skettie” treats in the food section (yes they actually give free samples to fluffies/creatures that resemble them if they’re good on their visit), you and Raspberry head out. She shows you other places, like the park. People are walking their fluffies, some people are having picnics or are fishing at the lake, some hoodlums are playing football with a helpless fluffy, same old same old. She shows you the shelter, where you take about 30 minutes to sit in front of the windows and torment the fluffies by acting cute and getting free treats and hugs from people passing by, sending Raspberry into a sadistic fit of laughter. She shows you a tiny little concrete bridge that goes over a sewer pipe, where she likes to watch the disgusting water flow out like a river. She also shows you a spot where abusers like to gather and have their fun. Thankfully, she brings some smarties from nearby in advance, trading it with them for a couple of dollars. Must be her owner’s way of making some pocket change. Then, the street lights turn on, and she starts to head back to her home, carrying the dollars under her wing.

“I’m su happy dat I met a nyu fwiend! I don hab many because fwuffies awe su hawd tu tawk with...” she says. Waitafuckingminute SHE CALLED YOU HER FRIEND?! You don’t know if you’re ready to commit to such an intimate relationship (well, it’s intimate to jellenheimrs). As you approach the alley, you see “top smawty” from earlier run out and start to proclaim how he’s going to “enf da fwuff offa dummie munstuh fwuffie”, but your nervousness over making a friend causes you to randomly explode his head. Oops. Raspberry is completely unfazed and simply steps out of the way of the bloody spray. “If yu don mind, can I... Offew yu a nyu homsies?” she says, causing you to trip and land right on your face. You’ve lived for 1000 years and it typically takes a couple hundred years for ANYTHING significantly interesting to happen, but today went from 0 to 100 fast!

“Y-You mean... You mean it?” you stutter, your trademark smile fading just a tiny bit. Although you and other jellenheimers prefer to either claim a small territory or live in the jellen den, you’re way too curious to pass up an offer like this. You’ve never been in a human household before, and you CERTAINLY have never been “owned”, either!

“Ob couwse I mean it! My ownew actuawwy has been wantin a jewwenheimew fow a whiwe, buh nebuh got obah feaw of appwoaching one. Lotsa hyoomins wike hew in dat wegawde...” she chirps, reaching her hoof out to you. For some reason, you’re mesmerized by her smile...

You take her hoof and pull yourself up, and you feel yourself trembling. You tell her that of course you’ll accept her offer.


You waddle up to the doorstep with Raspberry, and shake a little. She clops on the door 3 times, apparently a code word to let her owner know she’s not a little monster trying to invade her home. The young girl from earlier opens up the door slowly, waiting for Raspberry to back up. You teleport behind Raspberry, nervous about showing yourself.

“Oh, Raspberry! Did you have fun today? Did you, uh, make some money as well?” she asks, and Raspberry nods her head happily and drops the dollars on the ground. As the girl reaches down to pick it up, she notices you and freezes. “Uh... You know you’re being followed, r-right?” she cautiously says. You snap and let your smile fall. If you could produce tears, they’d be streaming down your non-existent cheeks.

“Oh, I know! I made a nyu fwiend! I can hab a convewsation with... Uh, dem? I tink they’we a dem anyways. I can tawk tu dem an hab funsies wit dem! Dey awso wisten weaw weww an-” she starts to say before being cut off.

“W-Wait, they can TALK?! Ohmygawd bring them in RIGHT NOW!!!” she yells, snatching the dollars off the ground and jumping back inside. Raspberry motions for you to come in. It appears that your legs have stopped working, however. So Raspberry chuckles and get behind you, pushing you forward with her snout. You slide along the ground onto the floor, limp as ever.

Raspberry shuts the door with her magic behind you, and you take in the sight in front of you. A cute little kitchen with a blindingly red table and brown countertops is apparently the main entrance to this home. There’s a mat covered in shoes and two boxes: One with a cutout hole in it, and another that’s a ramen noodle box. The cutout box has towels in it, and... A cat? The cat is black, and although she looks like a kitten, she smells like an adult. She comes out and sniffs you, and you can see that she has a stumpy tail. You understand now that she probably had it amputated at a young age, and since tails are a part of the spine, this stunted her growth. The dwarf of a cat doesn’t try to eat or torment you, however, and doesn’t appear to have claws either, so you relax again. Then the girl comes back into view and you let out another silent fart as she reaches towards you, and you go limp in her grasp.

“So... This is a jellenheimer, huh? Never saw one in person, let alone pick it up... And you said it’s friendly AND can talk?” she asked Raspberry, who nods. “Well then... Do you even have a name, little jellen?” she asks.

“............Y-Yes, I do. My name is Jell. I-It’s not a very creative name but it’s a name, no less...” you telepathically state to her, causing her to jerk a little bit in shock. Again, that’s to be expected when you suddenly here a voice in your head.

“Wow... Telepathy instead of speech... Raspberry, you sure know how to pick ‘em!” she states, taking her other hand and petting you. Surprisingly, it feels okay. You almost start to go to sleep in her hands.

“Heh, mowe wike dey suwe know how tu pick ME...” Raspberry states. Your two tiny hearts begin to beat faster at that remark and you feel your face heat up, not that anyone can see it with your red fur. Suddenly, the human is moving. You conclude right then and there that being carried is fucking terrifying, and you let out another silent fart. You’re carried down a flight of stairs; apparently this house has a basement in it. You pass through a blindingly white laundry room before reach a red door. The girl opens the door and it looks like a mini apartment inside. You see a tiny fridge, a pantry, a computer and lots of wires, a punching bag, a tv... The list goes on and on. And at one end, you see a large bed. The girl places you down in the center of it, where you’re surrounded by pillows. Raspberry also hops up on it.

“Here’s my room, Jell. Still getting some things hung up in here, so it’ll change just a little!” she proclaims, going over to her fridge and rummaging around. You look over to Raspberry, whose jumping on the bed, excited that she now has another friend to hang out with.

Suddenly, the girl grabs something out and- Holy SHIT?! “I, uh, researched what a Jellenheimers favorite food it besides fluffies, and uh... Apparently you like sardines? Kinda surprised, but that’s convenient because I eat those so...” the girl stutters, uncertain of herself. You have no idea how ANY human could have found out what your race likes! When it all comes down to it, your race originally started off as a Chinese bootleg version of fluffies. Instead of spaghetti, they went with another word that starts with s, and your race ended up with sardines as their favorite non-fluffy food. Of course, you evolved into something terrifying rather quickly and you were abandoned as a project so no more of your kind was produced, but some old traits still persisted after all these centuries. As the girl peels open the tin, you’re treated to the heavenly site of sardines drenched in mustard.

“Eugh. Nu smeww pwetty, how can ownew eat dos...?” Raspberry wonders aloud, but you pay no attention as you dive into the fishy treat, your sharp rows of teeth showing as you stick your face into the tin. You end up with your face covered in mustard and fish scales by the time you’re done. The girl and Raspberry look amused as you lick off what you can. “Yu am funny, Jeww! Yu eat wike a doggie!” Raspberry giggles, causing your face to heat up again, even though nobody can tell. The girl grabs a napkin from her pantry and wipes off your face. You recoil at that.

“Wow, you’re like me, you even ate the bones! Well, I guess that shitty article about jellens was right after all, thank god.” She mumbles, walking over to a desk in the room where a pill holder is. She takes a few pills, and for a second you’re worried that she’s some kind of druggie. “Hey, are you worried about me, little jellen?” she says to you. Shit, your eyes must’ve widened too much! “Well, don’t worry. I’ve just never been able to sleep like a normal human being, so I take pills to basically knock me out. If I don’t take them, I can stay up for days at a time, so I need them.” She says, yawning a little. Well, at least that’s out of the way now. She locks her door and shuts off the lights except for the one behind her bed. She takes off her glasses and pats the pillow after getting under the covers, signaling you and Raspberry to come on over.

Raspberry cuddles up on her stomach, while you teleport on top of her back. Oh wow, you’re already overcoming your fear of physical closeness, and it’s only been a day! Raspberry coos and starts to get sleepy as well. The girl reaches up over her, and turns off the lights. Everything is pitch black except for the light of the air conditioner. She then wraps her arm around Raspberry’s backside and pretty much conks out right there. You hear Raspberry mumble “goodnightsies” to you before she falls asleep as well.

Today’s been a pretty adventurous day for you, and it ended with you gaining a new friend, a new home, and an owner. All in all, you feel as if you’re going to enjoy this new life, and your trademark smile broadens as you peacefully drift off into a dreamless sleep.
“Good night...”


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So basically, here’s some things about my fluffy universe in case you were wondering: Jellens can speak telepathically, they speak properly and sometimes all fancy, they reproduce through asexual budding, they have no sex and therefore no gender but they do has a butthole, they can’t cry or feel pain, their digestive systems are so powerful that they only “waste” they produce are silent farts, they have 2 hearts, they can live forever, they are shy and terrible at any form of social situation and tend to stutter and freeze up, they go limp when held or hugged, they barely show any sign of emotions but they are always feeling something on the inside, alicorns are smarter than normal fluffies, sometimes an alicorn can grow bigger and have prototype code, sometimes alicorns can go against their programming if they really make an effort to, jellens started out as Chinese bootlegs that underwent ultra fast evolution, their favorite foods are sardines, they have networks of underground jellen dens underneath most cities, and yes that was an Ivan from Micron that appeared in my story.

Also, the girl is me, that really is one of my cats, that home is based off of mine, I need to take pills to sleep, and this damn story is over 5,600 fucking words. Also x2: When I describe a fluffies color, for example, yellow and blue means yellow fur blue mane. Sorry for how long this story and comment are I gotta sleep now MAYBE I’ll format it better maybe I won’t aaaaaa
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Fluffwit: As, Jell totally has a crush on Raspberry. Jell will find out soon what that means.

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1111: never before read a jelenheimer story before and i like it, well done!
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Fluffwit: Just woke up and went back over this story. I know that there are some typos in the fluffspeak and the normal text, but again, i made this when I was way too tired so honestly I'm surprised that I didn't make MORE mistakes.

And thank you, 1111! Jellenheimers are my favorite thing in this fandom. I'll be making more stories when I can, since I start college again tomorrow.

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RevMe: From the beginning, I was "Well, okay, I guess I'll give this a shot..." But by the end, I wanted more! Great job!
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Fluffwit: @RevMe: Aw, thanks!

I plan on making more stories about Jell and Raspberry. I only go to classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I got plenty of time to work on thins!
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ChojinPatriarch: Nice story. I noticed the subtle Micron shout-out, and setting it far in the future makes it a lot easier to fit into people's headcanons about things like alicorns and jellenheimers...
Hmm... What happens if a jellenheimer mates with an alicorn... Anthros or some manner of eldritch horror?
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Gardel: @Fluffwit:

>I just shat that out instead of sleeping hah

No prob, I actually had to reupload a story because of all the errors
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ElFluffyWatcher: Great history, I love Jellenheimers and this is really wonderful. Didn't know I wanted a story like this until I read this. Keep the good work!!!
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Fluffwit: @ElFluffyWatcher: I am the bringer of the jellens, you can definitely expect more like this ;)
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Anonymous1: bro, this story actually looks super cool! can't wait for a part two!
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fluffed: Wow, really enjoyed this. Not many stories make me gleeful like this one did.
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Fluffwit: So uh, someone reposted this and it wasn't me???
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Fluffwit: @Fluffwit: something