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"A Fluffies' Plight Is A Sadist's Delight"
Part 3: "The Third Coming"

So lazily got up from my chair and walked over to the pillowed mare, who was still sobbing about her foal. "Huu, huuuu.... Babeh gone. Babeh gone fowevah. Am bad muhma. Haf wowstest heawt huwties, huuu...." she sobbed. I took one last look upwards, and yep, no sign of a balloon OR a little cunt foal. Wonderful! "What a terrible mother you are!" I announced, mockingly pointing a finger at her. "You couldn't even keep your own baby safe! I decide to be nice and hand your little brat back to you, and you let it fly away to die! You're right, your a BAD MOTHER! A terrible mother!" I cackled at the fat bitch. "NUUUUU! AM WOWSTEST MUHMA!" She wailed. "W-WAN DIE!". Ah, the "wan die" stage. She was there already? What a weak little cunt, my other victims had lasted FAR longer than this useless mare. "Oh, no siree! The fun and games aren't over yet! Have you forgotten about your bestest baby?" I asked, grinning from ear to ear. Her eyes suddenly widened, "Whewe bestest babbeh?!" she began to panic and flap her wings, before I stopped her. "Wait here" I said. I rushed back into the house, and into the saferoom, scooping up the jar containing the chirping, crying yellow foal. I then rushed out the back door again, back to the sobbing mare, and presented the jar to her. "Bestest babbeh! Huu, huuu! Pwease wet bestest babbeh owt, daddeh! Nee miwkies an wuv an-" "Now hold on just a minute there!" I interrupted. "I haven't finished having my fun yet!" I giggled crazily, before setting the jar down in front of the mother, and rushing round the side of the house.

There it was. The old ladder I had never used that lay on its side up against my house. Finally it was going to be of some use! I propped up the metal ladder against the wall of the house. I then heard frantic wails coming from the patio. "Pwease move, wingies! Nee weach bestest babbeh! Pwease, wingies!" I heard the fat mare crying from the patio. I smiled and rushed back to the ordeal, and scooped up the jar with the chirping foal. "Nuuu! Pwease nu gif bestest babeh huwties!" she squealed as I held the jar with the crying foal inside. "Here, I'll make things easier for you this time! All you have to do is CATCH you baby!" I said, gesturing to the roof of the house. "Buh... Buh.... Is too high! Nu can catch babbeh! TOO HIGH!!!" She cried. I shrugged as I carried the foal away from it's screaming and protesting mother, and made my way around the side of the house. Clutching the jar in one hand, I began to ascend the ladder. Up, up and further up, all the way to the roof. Balancing at the top of the ladder, I took the time to take in the view. Wow, I could see the whole neighberhood from here! There was the corner store, there was the park, and there was a brilliant view of my back garden, and just below me, where the mare was frantically flapping her useless tiny wings, before she looked up to see me at the top of the roof, holding the jar with the foal in it, still peeping and chirping for it's mother, shitting itself from how high up it was. When the mare saw me up there, she began to scream. "NUUUU! NUUUUUUU!!! UPSIES BAD FOW BESTEST BABBEH! TOO WITTWE! PWEASE, DADDEH, WEAVE BESTEST BABBEH AWONE, IS ONWY WITTLE CHIWPEH BABEH!!! NU WAN! NU WAN!!!" She screamed tearfully, wriggling and flapping so desperatly she might break a bone. I simply laughed as I positioned the jar on its side, at the very top of the slope of the roof. The chirping foal inside the jar pressed its tiny hooves up against the glass. "*Chirp!* nu wike bad upsies! Hewp bestest babbeh, muhma!" it cheeped. I gave the mother a wink, before saying one, simple word. "Catch!"

I let go of the jar, and it instantly began rolling down the steep roof, bumping and knocking the foal inside it around viciously. "NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" Screamed the mare, as she jerked herself forward, and finally fell right off the chair, landing on her face on the concrete patio. The jar rolled and rolled, until it finally ran out of roof, and went flying off the side of the roof, falling the entire two stories down. The mare, nose bleeding from her fall, had just enough time to look up... As the jar hit the concrete right in front of her, shattering the jar into slivers of glass. I quickly slid down the ladder, and ran around the back of the house to find the mess. There was the fat, ungrateful, demanding bitch of a mare, too shocked to move, staring at the mess in front of her. There was the yellow foal, in a gory, bloody mess among the slivers of glass. The impact seemed to have split it's tiny head right open, exposing the shattered skull and brain, the rib and spine had completely collapsed, and all four tiny legs were bent and broken. It was less of a foal, and more of a puddle of foal to be honest. I walked right up next to the paralysed mare and tutted. "I can't believe it. I don't believe it! I SHAN'T believe it! What a horrible mother you are, not even able to save your bestest baby! I thought you said you were going to be the bestest mummah ever! You were gonna give the hugs, and love, and milk. Now look! Your last baby is nothing more than a stain on my patio!" The mare was still too shocked to speak. "B-babeh? Babeh?............ Nu.... Nu........ Babbeh...." she began to quetley sob. "I think you need to be taught a lesson for this mess!" I said, grabbing the sobbing mare by the scruff of her neck, and bringing her over to her dead foal. She was still sobbing uncontrolably, seeming to not have even processed the situation enough to actually cry. I positioned her face above the gory mess of her foal, and suddenly shoved her nose in it. I stuck her face right into the gory pile of foal, as I began to rub her face around in it. This seemed to be enough, because as soon as her face made contact with the sharp glass and warm blood and mashed organs, she began to wail loudly. She screamed and wailed and cried as I continued to rub here face in the foal-mess. She suddenly vomited from the disgusting affiar, vomiting right into the bloody, glassy mess. I wasted no time and I shoved her face back into the mess of vomit, blood, gore and glass, rubbing roughly. This delicious process went on until she had screamed and cried herself hoarse, now only able to sob and gag. I finally decided that she had had enough, and carried the sobbing ex-mother back to the saferoom, throwing her crippled body down in front of her empty food bowl. She was quietly repeating something over and over. "What's that?" I asked. "wan die.... wan die...... wan die" she begged. I simply laughed and kicked her hard in the stomach, before bending down and grasping her wing-joints and pulling her, the flesh tearing as I ripped her useless wings off, and threw them to the ground. I had knocked the air out of her lungs, so she wasn't able to scream in pain, but simply gag and cry. I then said "Oh, you'll die, my little shitrat. Just not today. I'm going to leave you in here, and let you rot. Doesn't that sound like fun?" I asked. She couldn't respond, still trying to catch her breath from having the air knocked out of her. She could simply sob. I turned to leave, but before I did, I stopped. "By the way," I said, pulling out something from inside my pocket. "... Here's you're nummies!" I cackled, dumping the mangled Orange foal's corpse into her food bowl. As I left the dark room, closing the door and locking it, the crippled legless wingless mare with vomit and blood and guts and glass in her face, managed to to force out one last cry of "NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!"Before I slammed the door shut, leaving the little bitch to rot.


First day on the job as "Park Fluffy Exterminator", can't wait! I checked on the mare today, and found her body. She still has that look of agony and misery on her face. I might clean up her body, might not. Who the fuck cares, right? Speaking of which, I just recieved a strange text from my old boss at the lab. Something about a "Missing Subject"

Whatever could he be referring to? *Insert Evil Laugh Here*
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Fluffwit: Fucking AWESOME.

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juarez: 10/10
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Anonymous1: 2/10
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Anonymous2: Eh ok series the chippy babies being able to talk makes no sence given their age, but the rest of the story played out pretty text book so 5/10