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"Some Geniune Irish Fluffy Fuckery"
By: SadismIsMagic666

So, I was spying on my neighbors the other day, when I heard a ruckus coming from next door. It was my angry Irish neighbor, Seamus. He had moved in when Susan had moved away, and he was NOTHING like her at all. For one, he didn't own a fluffy. That was a good sign, though I wasn't sure if he was an abuser like me. He was a great big bear of a man, heavily tattooed all over, and with a great big bushy beard. He interested me, to say the least. Right now he was in his kitchen, yelling after dropping one of his pint glasses. "AH, BOLLOCKS!" I heard him roar. Wow, he really WAS an Irishman. I myself had been relaxing in the backyard with a tabloid and a beer, when suddenly, I heard cheerful humming. I looked up from the page about a woman marrying her rapist (seriously, the shit people read), and listened closely. The humming was coming from Seamus's backyard. I quitely snuck over to the fence and peeked through the gap, and observed.

Lily, a small pink earthy fluffy mare, was happly prancing through the unkept backlawn of some human's housie. She was going to be a mummah soon! She could feel her tummy babies inside of her. She could tell that they were going to be the best babies ever! So, she needed lots of nummies for her babies. She thought of getting the human's housie nummies, but she was a good fluffy, and good fluffies don't take things that aren't theirs. So, she decided to num the grassies. She ate and ate, while singing her mummah song to her tummy babies. "Babehs wuv mummah, mummah wuv babehs, babehs get miwkies, gwow big an stwong!" she sang, through mouthfuls of grass. She was the happiest fluffy in the world. She had never known hunger nor pain in her life. Suddenly, she heard a scary voice yelling. "OI! WHAT DE FUCK D' YOU TINK YER DOIN'?"
Seamus stomped out the back door, with a golf club in his hand, and glared at the mare who had just shit herself in fear. She hid her face in her hooves. "Eeeep! Um... H-hewwo nice mistuh... S-soon mummah jus' num da gwassies fow soon-babbehs...". I watched, wondering what would happen next. Then, Seamus did what any reasonable man would do. He lunged forward, and swung the club at the mare, hitting her in the stomach, sending her flying across the lawn. He then ran up to her, and beat her with the club over and over again while she screamed. He then placed the mare on her back while she sobbed in pain, spread her legs... And shoved the end of the golf club up her cunt, and began thrusting it back and forth while she screamed bloody murder. He ruined vagina soon began leaking blood, and Seamus pulled the blood-covered golf club out of her, along with two foal fetuses. They were trying to scream, but their undeveloped lungs wouldn't let them. He picked up the fetuses, and shoved them up the mare's ass while she cried. He then picked her up, and threw her over the back fence, and back into the woods. "STAY OFF ME FOOKIN' PROPERTY, BITCH!" The Irishman barked, before stomping back inside.
I could still hear the mare screaming and sobbing from somewhere in the distance, but I didn't care. Old man Seamus was quite the desirable neighbor for a fluffy-hater after all.

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IGotIdeas: This have anything to do with the communism story I did?

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Zengage: I need moar of the angry irish bastard.

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SadismIsMagic666: @IGotIdeas: As a matter of fact, it does. I loved your story so much, but I wanted the angry Irish guy to beat up a pregnant mare, so I wrote this. Hope you don't mind, mate.
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