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Stories from the Life of a reasonable Hugboxer, or How I learned to stop worrying and hate bad

Part 33

You are a fluffy. Not just any fluffy, but the best fluffy! You have the prettiest black fluff, the bestest rainbow mane and the horniest horn!

And you‘re in hell. Your monster not-daddy brought you from a good place to a bad place to a terrible place full dummy fluffies and monsters that eat bad fluffies! The biggest, baddest of the monsters said that it wants to tear your legs out, but isn‘t allowed to. Instead it makes you eat poopies and lick poopie places all day long. It even made you lick the no-no stick of a poopie stallion until enfie juice came out, and it laughed all the time.

You have to get out of here! And you know how already! Your monster not-daddy hasn‘t come all day, but another human did! The other fluffies say he‘s the worst monster of them all, but they‘re all dummies. No way he can be worse than your monster not-daddy!

The big door opens, and all the dummies run away and hide. Now is your chance!

„Nice mistah! Nice mistah!“ you call him while he‘s filling the long bowl with not nice smelling nummies.

„Huh? What do you want?“

„Pwease sabe fwuffy fwom dummeh pwace an be nyu daddeh!“

The human looks at you for a moment and picks you up. You did it!

„How did you get here?“ he asks you.

„Munstah not-daddeh bwing fwuffy hewe, sai am bad fwuffy! But dat nu am twue, am bestest fwuffy eva an not-daddeh am biggest dummeh eva!“

The human smiles. It‘s not a happy smile, but one that makes you wanna make scardey poopies. He puts you back down.

„I think you‘re right where you belong.“

What?! How can he say that?! Is he a dummy too?! You puff your cheeks and stomp your hooves.

„Nu! Get fwuffy out wight nao! Gib housie an sketties an toysies and pwetty mawe wight nao!“

The human stops smiling.

„Julius, come over here.“

The big monster approaches, and you‘re scared.

„Yesh doktow?“

„Did Dave give you any special instructions for this one?“

The monster looks straight at you, and you make scaredy poopies.

„Yesh doktow. Mista Dave sai nu gib foweba sweepies even wen beeing biggest dummeh. But big huwties am otay wen bweak wules.“

The human smiles again. He really begins to scare you.

„I see. His order remains valid until I say otherwise.“

„Yesh doktow.“

The scary human continues filling the long bowl with icky nummies, the monster comes to you.

„Poopie dummeh make bad poopies again, num dem nao!“

You don‘t want to eat you own poopies, but you‘re too scared of the monster to talk back. You lick it up while the monster watches, laughs and calls you a stupid poopie nummer. You‘re so angry that you start crying.

The human leaves, and the dummies come out to eat. You use the opportunity to seek a secluded place where you can throw up and cry. You find a suited place quickly and proceed as planned.

While you‘re sitting there, a young, teal colored pegasus filly approaches you.

„Wai fwuffy am cwying?“ she asks you.

„Huuu...am bestest fwuffy, nu desebe beein hewe! Wan housie an sketties and toysies!“

The filly starts to frown.

„Babbeh jus wan nice mistah back, eben wen odda fwuffies sai am scawy mistah nao...“

She...what? She wants your not-daddy back? The human that brought you here?! The one that treated you like a poopie babeh even though you‘re the best fluffy ever?!

Your despair turns into searing anger. And you‘ve finally found something to let it out on.

You swat the filly right into the face. Boo boo juice starts running out of her nose and mouth.


„Dummeh babbeh! It am aww dummeh not-daddeh fauwt! Wud hab bestest housie an pwetty mawe nao if nu was fow dat dummeh!“

Upon uttering these words, you realize how badly your no-nos hurt. Even though there are lots of mares around, they don‘t want to give you special huggies, and you‘re too young to just take what you want. But you‘re bigger than this little dummy babbeh, and when you give her forever sleepies after you had your good feels, she can‘t tell the monsters! The others are too busy eating to bother you as well, it‘s the perfect plan!

You begin to mount the dummy babbeh from behind.

„NUUUUUU! NU WAN BAD SPECHUW HUGGIES!“ she whines and struggles, but you just beat her until she stops struggling. Your hard, throbbing no-no stick enters her tight special place, and it feels soooo good!

You thrust harder and harder, and the boo boo juice that comes out of her special place makes it feel even better! She cries and screams, but you don‘t care! You can feel something good coming closer and closer.

„GUD FEE...“ you begin to scream when something grabs you from behind. It‘s the scary mister. The way he looks at you terrifies you even more than the fluffy eating monster.

„Degenerates like you belong on a cross.“ he says and carries you outside, where he puts you into a bucket and leaves.


You are a little filly, and you have the worstest hurties ever! You just wanted to cheer up that crying colt, why did he hurt you like that?!

„Babbeh, mummah hab miwk...BABBEH!“ you hear a mare scream. It‘s your mummah!

„MUMMAH! WOWSTEST HUWTIES!“ you scream while sobbing heavily.

„Huuu huuu, no wowwy babbeh, mummah gib huggies! Make ebwyting betta!“

You cry and snuggle into your mummahs chest fluff, but the hurties still hurt. Suddenly something tears you away from your mummah. It‘s the monster mister.

He looks at you quietly, and it terrifies you. He turns you around and...EEEEEEEH! He touches your hurtie special place!

„He did quite a number on you, huh?“

„Huuuu huuuu! Pwease cum back, nice mistah! Sabe babbeh again!“ your mother cries. The scary mister looks down to her.

„What do you mean, „““again“?“

„Huuuu, nice mistah sabe babbeh fwom poopie numming pwace befowe wen was widdle babbeh...“

„I see...“


You are Mike, and now you understand why Dave hates this little shit so much that he brought him here.

It‘s a shame, really. His colors would fetch a nice price if he wasn‘t a hellgremlin, and Dave mentioned that he was the one exception in a litter of snakefood, means he‘s worthless as breeder as well. But he‘ll make a nice example for future generations when you‘re done with him.

As for this foal...well, she‘s pretty much fucked. Literally and figuratively.

Being ravaged at such a young age likely damaged her reproductive system to a point where trying to fix it would be a waste of time and money, and even if it wasn‘t, the psychological damage is considerate. Dave could probably fix her, but why would you bother him with some random shitrat? Grinder it is.

You didn‘t notice how more and more fluffies joined the devastated mother. Some are trying to console her, others look at you with teary eyes.

„What?“ you ask them coldly.

„P-Pwease scawy mistah...sabe babbeh!“ a random stallion asks you.

„Why should I?“

„Is gud babbeh! Nu wan gud babbeh gu foweba sweepies!“

„Is this your foal?“

„N-Nu...buh knu since am widdle chiwpie babbeh...“

„Pwease sabe babbeh!“ a mare that consoles the crying mother interjects.

„Huuu huuu, pwease!“ another mare yells.


Their love for this foal, which isn‘t even theirs, appears to be stronger than their fear of you. Normally fluffies are selfish and cruel, domestic and feral alike. Could their shared misery have formed a strong social bond among them? You leave the barn with the foal without saying another word.

It‘s broken and worthless at this point, but learning more about the social structure your breeding stock has formed seems worth fixing the damage this thing has suffered.

You quickly bring it to your lab. A particularly light anesthetic is all it takes to knock the foal out. You grab you trusty scalpel and open its abdomen. As you expected, the uterus is completely destroyed. Luckily removing it is much simpler than it would be with actual animals. Some medical gel specifically developed for fluffy ponies should prevent infection and accelerate the healing process.

The entire process takes you roughly an hour, the foal should have recovered enough to return tomorrow. You‘re going to install a wireless camera in the meanwhile, should be interesting.

After depositing the foal in a box next to your future trainer fluffy and his lot, you go to your shed. An example has to be made, and you already got something in mind.


You‘re the bestest little fluffy, and life isn‘t fair!

Not only did you not get the life you deserve and ended in this terrible place, you didn‘t even get good feels! Your no-no‘s hurt worse than ever before, and it drives you crazy! It can‘t get any worse than this…

A forever passes and the scary mister returns. Only now he‘s wearing some weird green not-fluff over his non-hoofies and some more that covers his chest, belly and leggies. He picks the bucket with you in it up and goes back to the big housie.

When he puts you down, you hear him talk.

„Listen up, shitrats!“ he yells and gives you bad upsies.

„This is a REALLY bad fluffy right here!“

All the dummies come closer and look at you. Most look scared or confused, and you can hear mubling, asking why you‘re a bad fluffy.

„HUUUUUUUUUU! BAD FWUFFY GIB BAD SPECHUW HUGGIES TU WASTEST BABBEH!“ a blue unicorn mare with green mane yells.

A collective gasp goes through the room, and you can hear angry whispers of „foal fiddwer“ and „munstah fwuffy“.

You‘re not bad! The world is bad! To you!

„You all know what happens to bad fluffies here.“ the scary human says, and all the dummies gasp and twitch.

„But this one is so bad, it‘s something else. He hurt a good little „babbeh“ so bad that she will never be a mother when she grows up.“

„B-Babbeh gwow up?! Nu hab foweba sweepies?!“ the blue mare asks nervously.

„She‘ll live, thanks to me. For I can give life as easily as I can take it away, but only if one is worthy.“

The dummies are just staring with open mouths. What the fluff?!

„Nuuuuu! Nu sabe dummeh babbeh! Sabe bestest fwuffy!“ you scream in anger. What does this little enfie toy have that you don‘t?!

The crowd grows angry.

Shouts of „nu sabe munstah fwuffy!“ and „gib wowtest huwties tu babbeh enfer!“ fill the room.

„So you agree that bad fluffies deserve hurties and forever sleepies?“ he asks the angry fluffies.

They absolutely do, but not you! You are the best fluffy!“


What are these dummies saying?! They WANT him to hurt you?!

„As you wish, justice will be served.“

The scary human puts you back into the bucket and leaves the big housie again. The monster peeks into the bucket and smiles.

„Ou hab fwuffed up nao.“

You make scaredy pee pees…

The human comes and goes several times. He then takes you out of the bucket, puts you on a wooden thing and spreads your leggies. You don‘t know what‘s happening, but you know it‘s bad.

„Fwuffy am sowwy! Pwease wet fuffy SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!“

Your upper right leggie has the worst hurties ever and is stuck! The scary human has driven a metal thingy into it and hits it with a hammer over and over. You try to pull it away, but that just make it hurt even more!

You scream and cry until he stops. You hope it is over now, but then the does the same thing with you other leggie! And after that, both your lower leggies at once.

Then he lifts the wooden thing up. All the dummie fluffies cheer for the pain you suffer.

„Huuuu huuuuu...pwease nu mowe! Fwuffy am sowwy!“

The scary man smiles again and fiddles around with a big box that has lots of not-sketties attached to it.

He takes one of the smaller ones and…


He rammed it into your no-no stick! It hurts so bad, and your no-nos hurt even worse than before now! You didn‘t think that was even possible!

He proceeds ramming more of these things into your poopie place, your chest, your tummy, your leggies and your nose. Then he stares into your face.

Any last words, shitrat?

„W-Wan die...“

His scary smile grows even wider now…

„Request denied.“

He then rams the biggest not-skettie down your throat and does something with the box where all the not-sketties come out of. It begins to buzz and a surge of pain rushes through your body. It‘s pure agony.


Well...you‘ve just crucified a fluffy. And put it on life support. Not just any life support unit, mind you. It‘s one of the early prototypes that does what it‘s supposed to, but in such an unrefined fashion that it causes great pain in the process.

Normally you wouldn‘t bother. If you‘d make such a fuzz everytime some little shit rapes a foal, you‘d get little else done.

Still, it will be interesting to watch how the „community“ will react to this act of brutal justice and the breathing, agonized reminder of what happens to those that anger you. And it will be even more interesting to watch their reaction when you return the violated foal tomorrow.

So far you‘ve taken the approach of an uncaring overlord that does as he pleases. But they appear to be smarter than you gave them credit for so far. Let‘s see how they react to a „demigod“ that can be as kind as he can be cruel.
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Hugboxing_Faggot: Wanted to tie up some loose ends before carrying on with the interesting stuff, accidentally created a sub-story in the process.

Shit happens, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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GewawtofWivia: I'm really looking forward to where the story goes from here to be honest. I just wanna say thanks, Hugboxing Faggot, for sticking around and writing these.
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Anonymous1: Gotta say im always more and more interested to see what your next story contains good job as always
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Kellergle: Whether you're writing abuse, hugbox, sadbox, or some combination, you excel in its execution. Its really impressive just how well you can play in all sides, and how well you make them work with each other.
You're pretty good at humanizing fluffies, presenting them as rounded creatures with all the emotional range of their creators.
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LORD: A satisfied end for that shit rat, stuck in an endless loop of pain that will never go away
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Anonymous2: Best WriteFag on the site. Hands down.
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Abuser_McCuckold: Very cool and good. Crucify all the shitrats!
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