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MostlyHereToLurk: Gif dat fwuffy owwies! WITE NAO!
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Anonymous1: Let no one say you're not self-aware.
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ElCuCuyfeo: Give in to your anger, let the hate flow through you....

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Fluffwit: Boot it across the pavement!

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Guzziman: how 2 mak dark and edgier

turn everything balck even the fluffeh

red eyes, even the sclera, especially if it makes you look tired and pissed

two colored hair, black and red is best mkay

super anime oc powers donut steel to the max

I think that covers how to make things edgy and retarded but then again, Darky is the master of that shit.

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babbehteef: 1. It's too early in the morning on a weekend
2. Looks like she's sleep deprived
3. Hasn't had her coffee yet
4. Officemates and boss were being total bitches

Yeeeeeeeeep kick that smartly across the street.

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babbehteef: > gu back to devian' awt
> stoopie downut steew
> weetawd

My sidoes LOL
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Gardel: Did I miss something?

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Disintegral: > not eben edgy no mow
> gu bak tu devian' awt

Does not compute.

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Waaaghlord: Works every time...
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Anonymous2: Don't kick, Stomp, Turn him into a bloody pulp right there where you can see. Don't kill him, make him hurt. Have him beg to die and then nurse him back to health so you can stomp him again
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Nocturn: Drano!!! Drano enema!!

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Hypertripp: Kill mode engaged.

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Guzziman: @Disintegral: That's right!