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Micron: Watercolor is a great much impressive. Handwriting is fancy but I cannot read. Are you a doctor, perhaps?

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MostlyHereToLurk: This is pretty nice (can't read the handwriting, tho) but the legs might be a little too long for a fluffy.

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pillows: 'Expensive to ruin!
Genetic fuckery, _____(making?) gems a part of their skeleton(?)!

Designer Jewel

(Sev's?) fluffies!'

Did I get it right?

I'm digging the long legs. Gorgeous.

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StargazerBlues: @Micron: No but I do work in healthcare sector.

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Waaaghlord: How do you farm the jewels?

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babbehteef: @Waaaghlord: surgery?
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