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Fluffus: Had some time. Inktober theme for day eight is ”Star”.
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Anonymous1: @Fluffus: hey, uh, hate to be a bitch but any news on your comic? I'm dying to see more!
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Pinkyfluffy: Whats in hair?
In the back?
A pimple ? :)
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Inky_little_fluff: @Pinkyfluffy: I think its a wing stub

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Disintegral: I was hoping you'd do this one. Still holding out for a continuation of Star's story too.

@Inky_little_fluff: Yup, Star's an alicorn who lost his wings. Not sure if he ripped them out himself, but it let him disguise himself as a unicorn and take control of a herd.

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Waaaghlord: The traitor will be once the betrayed!

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babbehteef: This is beautiful!!

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guodzilla: @Fluffus: Get rid of the moon and add more stars in its place, and this could pass for a Christmas pic.
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Anonymous2: The moon does seem to overpower the star. Maybe if it was lower in the sky and not full?

It shone, pale as bone, as I stood there alone,
And I thought to myself,
How the moon that night, cast it's light, on my true heart's delight,
And the reef, where her body was strewn.
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Fluffus: @guodzilla: Star is a great star to navigate by.

@babbehteef: Thank you, and right back atcha.

@Pinkyfluffy: I was going for vestigial second head, but then went for wing stub : )