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Kerry’s Story; Part Ten

By differential_Sloth


‘Who am yu? Yu awone? Am dewe hewd hewe?’ The mare doesn’t answer; all she does is look at you. ‘Am dewe hewd hewe?! Yu teww Bestest Tuffy nao!’ You raise your hoofie a little.

‘Eeee! Pwease nu huwt Kewwy! Kewwy am mummah!’

‘Am dewe hewd hewe?!’ You say again.

‘Kewwy nu hav hewd!!’ The mare called Kerry yells. ‘Nu hav hewd! Am onwy Kewwy an babbehs!’

‘If yu hav babbehs, den yu hav Speciaw fwend tuu! Whewe yuw Speciaw fwend?!’

‘Kewwy nu knu! Nu knu! He gu back tu hewd wong time gu!’

‘Yu jus say yu nu hav hewd!!’ You take a step closer. ‘Yu wie tu bestest-’

‘NU HUWT MUMMAH!!’ What was that? You look to the side and see a baby running right at you. ‘NU HUWT MUMMAH!! BIG WED GIV MEANIE BIGGEST-’

‘NUU!’ The mare grabs her baby and holds it close to her chest. ‘PWEASE NU HUWT BABBEH!! HE NU MEAN ID!!’ She yells. ‘PWEASE! KEWWY NU KNU WAT DU! JUS PWEASE NU GIV KEWWY AN BABBEHS HUWTIES HUUHUHUUUU!’

All you did was ask her a few questions. Hmm, is she a house fluffy? That would explain why she’s so scared, and the name she has. But, since when does a house fluffy do so well out here on their own? ‘Am mawe fwom hoomin house?’

The mare nods. ‘Kewwy fwom hoomin housie! Had Daddeh, bud he wan huwt babbehs su Kewwy wun way!’ You’ve heard that a few times.

‘Nu huwt Mummah meanie!’ Her baby yells again. ‘Weave famiwy awone!!’


You puff your cheeks out at him as big as they’ll go, and he puffs his right back. Ok.

‘Wat am in dewe Bestest Tuffy?’ One of the other toughies says.

‘Am onwy a mummah an hew babbehs,’ you tell him, ‘bud Bestest Tuffy onwy see one.’


You look back at the mare.

‘Pwease nu huwt Kewwy ow babbehs *sob* jus wan babbehs be safe! Kewwy nu hav hewd! Kewwy nu hav Speciaw fwend nu mowe! Kewwy nu wie!’

You look at her a bit more, and decide she’s not lying to you; no fluffy can lie like that. Well then, you’ve found out there’s no herd here, which is good. But there’s still the question of what to do with this mare and her babies, and only the Smarty gets to make that choice. ‘Yu stay hewe,’ you tell the mare. ‘Dah Smawty see yu soon.’ She turns and runs back in her nestie with her baby. You leave the bushie and tell one of the toughies to guard the way out. ‘Nu wet dat mawe ow hew babbehs weave.’ You tell him, ‘Dah Smawty say wat we du wif dem.’

‘Otay Bestest Tuffy,’ The toughie sits in front of the tunnel to the nestie, and you go to check out the rest of the safe place with the other toughie.


What’s going on?! What does that big scary fluffy want with you!? Why does he want to know if there’s a herd here, and where your Special friend is? What will he do to you? What will he do to your babies?!

‘Huuuhuhuu! Mummah, Fwowah hav wowstest scawdies!!’

‘Wunnie nu wike! Nu wike!!’

You curl around your babies, but other than that you don’t know how to make them feel better; you’re as scared as them!

‘Big-Wed nu hav scawdies!! Big Wed nu wet meanie fwuffies huwt famiwy!!’ Big Red isn’t scared, but that doesn’t make you feel any better; that fluffy was bigger than you, and there’s more than one of them out there!! What could he do if they decided to give you all hurties?! What could you do?!


‘Pwease nu be scawdies Mummah!’ Big red says. ‘Big Wed nu wet meanies huwt Mummah ow bwudda an sissie!’

‘Huuuhuhuu *Sob* uuuhuhuuuu!’


‘Wook babbehs, nyu safe pwace!’

‘Dah Smawty did it! Hewd am safe gain!!’

‘Fwuffy gun make bestest nyu nestie fow yu Special friend!’

All around you, the herd talks about how happy they are with the new safe place; even the old Special friends who lost their lastest baby seem happy, at least a little. The families rush off to claim their nesties while other fluffies find places to set up nummie dens, and safe places for the babies while their mummahs and Daddehs are away. Normally you’d organise it, and you will; but, you have something to deal with first.

‘Speciaw fwend,’ you say to her, ‘take babbehs an fin gud pwace fow nestie. Smawty be back soon.’

‘Otay Speciaw fwend. Cum on babbehs, fowwow Mummah!’ Your Special friend walks off with your babies, and you go to the big bushie. One of your toughies blocks the way in.

‘Yu nu wet dat fwuffy ow hew babbehs oud?’

‘Nu Smawty,’ the toughie tells you. ‘Nu wet oda fwuffies in tuu.’

‘Gud. Wet Smawty in nao.' The toughie steps aside, and you walk into the bushie; it's not long until you find the nestie with the fluffy mummah in it. She's curled up tight, with a few bits of colour near her leggies; those must be her babies. The mare looks up at you; her see places are full of sad water, and the fluff under them looks very wet.

‘Smawty’s Bestest Tuffy say dat yu nu hav hewd.’

The mare nods really fast. ‘Kewwy say dat! Kewwy nu wie!'

‘Den wai yu hewe?’

‘Kewwy jus wan safe pwace fow babbehs!’ she says. ‘Jus wan pwace fow dem tu gwow big an stwong! Nu mean make oda fwuffies maddies huuhuhuuhu! Pwease nu huwties!’

‘Smawty nu wan giv yu huwties,’ you tell her. ‘Bud Smawty nee knu wat du wif yu.’ The mare flinches.

‘Nu huwt Mummah dummeh meanie!!’ You turn your head and see a red talkie baby poke his head out of the mare’s fluff. ‘Nu huwt famiwy ow-’ The mare pushes him back into her fluff before he can say anything else. That was, impressive.

‘Pwease nu huwt Big Wed nice fwuffy!’ The mare says, ‘He nu mean id! He am onwy wittwe babbeh! Pwease nu huwties.’

‘Smawty jus say nu wan giv huwties,’ you tell her again, ‘bud yu caww Smawty Smawty, undewstan?’

‘Kewwy undewstan! Kewwy am sowwy nice Smawty!’

‘Gud. Su, yu onwy hewe fow safe pwace?' You talk to the mare a bit more; she tells you why she's here, where she came from, and that she's a house fluffy. That's a bit of a surprise; usually, house fluffies don't do well in the forest. This one managed to find a good safe place (though she probably got lucky) and build a decent nestie. Not bad.

When you’ve found out enough about the mare, you get up. ‘Yu an yuw babbehs stay hewe, Smawty gun tink bout wat du wif yu.’ She nods. You leave her nestie, find your Bestest Toughie and the next Bestest Toughies. When you’ve got them, you find a place away from the rest of the herd to talk.


You and your friends have finished your new nestie! The good thing about living with other stallions who don’t have Special friends is you can build a new nestie much faster than families can. Still, it doesn’t make the heart hurties go away-

‘Wat am day doin?’


‘Wook,’ your friend points at the big bushie next to the forever sleepies tree; you see some of the toughies close by to make sure no fluffy gets too close, or tries to get in.

‘Dat am jus Smawty’s nyu nestie,’ you say. ‘Ow nyu safe pwace fow babbehs.’

‘Nu, dewe am oda fwuffy in dewe.’

You both look at another fluffy who’s walked over.

‘Dah tuffies found oda fwuffy in dewe.’

‘How many?’

‘Tink is onwy a mummah an hew babbehs.’

‘She hav Speciaw fwend tuu?’ Your friend asks.

‘Nu tink su.’

You look at the bushies and think about the mummah and the babies inside. What will the Smarty do with them you wonder? If he thinks they'll be good for the herd, he might let them stay. If not, well, you hope the babies are big enough to walk and find nummies on their own.


‘Wat Bestest Tuffy and nex bestest Tuffies tink?’ They use their thinkie places for a moment.

‘Hewd wost wots a fwuffies,' one of the nex bestest toughies says. ‘Hewd hav woom.’

‘Id am onwy a mummah an hew babbehs,’ another of them says. ‘Nu tink she be bad.’ He’s got that right; soon-mummahs and new mummahs are easy to bring into the herd. They hardly ever make trouble, and if they do you just have to threaten to hurt their babies; works every time.

‘Bestest Tuffy wike dat Mummah’s wed babbeh,’ you look at him. ‘He nu scawde of Bestest Tuffy, an gun gwow weawy big; he be gud tuffy fow hewd.’ Another good point; he wasn’t scared of you either. Fluffies like him are hard to find, and you need as many as you can get out here. Anyway, it’s time to use your thinkie place. The toughies stay quiet while you do, and tell any fluffies who come close to go away. After a while, you decide what to do.


The only thing worse than these scary fluffies asking you all these questions is waiting to find out what they’ll do with you! If they’re so mad you’re here, why are they making you stay?! Why don’t they make you leave if they want this place so bad?

‘Huuhuhu Wunnie hav wowstest scawdies!!’

‘Fwowah nu wike nyu fwuffies!! Scawies!!’

Hearing your babies, two of them at least, have such bad scardies gives you awful heart hurties. You feel so helpless and small, like in the tiny houise at the shelter when you figured out what Daddeh had planned for your babies! It feels like the bushie is getting smaller all around you!! Tight scardie hurties make it hard to breathe, and it feels like you'll make scardie poopies-

‘Mawe wook at Smawty.’

They’re back. You lift your head and see the big brown fluffy with the missing see place. Next to him is the black pointy fluffy with the orange mane, the one who calls himself Smarty.

‘Smawty knu wat tu du wif yu nao.’

A cold and empty feel goes through you; this is it, they’re going to-

‘Smawty say yu an yuw babbehs can be in hewd.’

W-what? It’s a long time before you speak again. ‘Nice Smawty nu wan giv Kewwy an babbehs huwties?’

‘*Sigh* nu dummeh.’ For a moment you’re scared you made him angry. ‘Smawty tink yu an yuw babbehs be gud fow hewd, an hewd nee gud fwuffies. Yu wan be in hewd?’

You don’t even use your thinkie place before you answer. ‘Yes nice Smawty!’ you nod really fast. ‘Kewwy be in hewd! Kewwy an babbehs nu wan weave nice safe pwace-’

‘Gud, bud yu wisten nao!' You stop talking, and the Smarty leans a little closer. ‘Yu am in Smawty’s hewd nao; dat mean yu an yuw babbehs fowwow Smawty’s wuwes, an du wat Smawty say. If yu nu du dat,’ he gets a scary look on his face, ‘yu get huwties. Mawe Undewstan?’

‘Yes Smawty, Kewwy undewstan! Kewwy an babbehs be gud an fowwow wuwes!!’

The Smarty looks at you for a few more moments; ‘Gud. Nao, fowwow Smawty.’ He and the scary fluffy turn around and leave the nestie. Well, you said you’d do what the Smarty tells you to do.

‘*Gulp* Fowwow Mummah babbehs,’ you get up from the nestie. ‘Id, id gun be otay; Mummah pwomise.’ Runny gets up, but Flower doesn’t move.

‘Nu wowwie Fwowah sissie,’ Big Red walks up to her. ‘Big Wed nu wet meanie fwuffies huwt yu; Big Wed Pwomise.’

‘Huwwy up!’ You think that was the scary fluffy.

‘Nao babbehs!’ Flower gets up and follows you out of the nestie with her brothers. The walk through the little tunnel to the outside feels likes it takes a forever. When you get out, you see fluffies all around you! You see fluffies on their own and families with babies. Some are little likes yours, but others are big, and a few look like they're-

‘Hewd Wisten tu Smawty!’

Every fluffy stops what they’re doing and turns in your direction.

‘Dis Fwuffy an hew babbehs am n hewd nao!’ The Smarty says. It feels like every fluffy is looking at you; hot prickly feels go all over you, and your hear places try to hide. You wish you could dig a big hole and-

‘Speciaw fwend?’

That voice; it can’t be-

‘Speciaw fwend!!’


You and your friends didn’t get to rest after you finished your nestie. Once you were done, a toughie came over and told some of you to help build one of the new nummie dens, and the rest of you to dig a new poopie place. ‘Nu put id cwose tu wawa gain dummehs!!’ The toughie yells. You wish they wouldn’t yell at you about anymore; you weren’t the one who the picked the spot!

One of your friends finds a spot for the poopie place far from the long water, but it’s no time at all until the Smarty calls the herd over. ‘*Sigh*’ You run back to hear what he has to say; when you get there a bunch of fluffies are in the way, so you can’t see what’s happening.

‘Hewd Wisten to Smawty!’

A fluffy in front of you moves; you walk up for a better look at-

‘Dis Fwuffy an hew babbehs am in hewd nao,’

Your nummie place falls open. Next to the Smarty, you see a fluffy with blue fluff and a black mane. There’s only one fluffy you know who looks like that!! ‘Speciaw fwend?’ The fluffy looks up, and once you see her face you know it’s Kerry! ‘Speciaw fwend!’ You push through the fluffies in front of you and run to her as fast as you leggies will take you! You can’t believe it, you never thought you’d see her again!! You’re so happy-

‘Wat yu duin dummeh!!?!’

-you completely forget the Bestest Toughie is there until he stops you right in your tracks. Before you can explain, he yells in your face.

‘Wat yu tink yu doin dummeh?!! Dah Smawty am tawkies!!!’

‘Pwease nice Bestest Tuffy, fwuffy nu mean be bad,' you try to tell him, ‘bud dat fwuffy am-'

‘Speciaw fwend? Am dat yu?’

The Bestest Toughie looks back at Kerry. ‘Yu say dat yu nu hav Speciaw fwend!’

‘Nu, Kewwy say dat he gu back tu hewd!’

‘Fwuffy cum hewe nao!’ The Smarty yells.

You walk around the Bestest Toughie and stand in front of the Smarty; even though he’s smaller, the Smarty scares you more than the Bestest Toughie ever could! He looks at Kerry, then back to you; ‘Dat mawe am yuw Speciaw fwend?’

‘Yes nice Smawty!’ You nod really really fast. ‘Dat am Speciaw fwend, fwuffy nu wie!’

He looks back at Kerry; ‘He nu wie?’

‘Nu nice Smawty fwuffy,’ she says, ‘Dat am Speciaw fwend! Kewwy hewp him get in yawd cause he was wookin fow twash can an-’

‘Nu mowe tawkies!’ The Smarty yells; what’s he going to do? You didn’t get permission to have a Special friend, but Kerry wasn’t in the herd at the time! You wouldn't have had to ask then right? Other fluffies have gotten Special friends from outside the herd before, and they didn’t get in trouble! It feels like a forever before he speaks; you feel scardies all over, and all the fluffies looking at you feel like lots of little burnie hurties!

‘*Sigh* Otay,’ the Smarty says at last. ‘Smawty nu tink yu wie; yu two stiww be Speciaw fwends.’ He takes a step closer to you. ‘Make suwe day knu aww dah wuwes.’

‘Yes nice Smawty! Fwuffy du dat! Fwuffy make suwe!!’

‘Gud.’ He looks at the herd. ‘Dat am ewyting; hewd wowk gain nao!’ With that, the herd goes back to what they were doing; all of them except for you and Kerry. You look at each other for a long time, like neither of you can believe the other is real.


You run up and give each other huggies as hard as you can!!



You hug her harder than you’ve hugged anything in your life! ‘Fwuffy tink newa see yu gain! *Sob* miss yu su much uhuhuhuu!’ You don’t care who sees you make sad water.

‘Kewwy miss yu tuu Speciaw fwend! *Sob* w-was su scawies!!’

‘Mummah?’ You don’t notice the voice at first. ‘Mummah who am dat?’

‘Wai Mummah makin sad wawas?’

‘Nu make Mummah saddies meanie!!’

You look at where the voices are coming from and see, babies. You feel strange hurties in your chest. ‘Am.. am day...’

She nods, then lets go of you and walks over to them. ‘Speciaw fwend, dese am babbehs; Kewwy an yuw babbehs.’

You try to speak, but your nummie place goes all dummy on you.

‘Uhh, Babbehs, dis am yuw Daddeh.’

The babies, your babies, look at you with funny faces. The pink one with a purple tail looks back at Kerry. ‘Daddeh?'

‘Yes Fwowah, he am yuw Daddeh.’

‘Daddeh?’ The blue wingie baby walks over and looks at you. Then he gets a big smile on his face. ‘Wunnie hav Daddeh nao!’ He sits up. ‘Wunnie wan Daddeh huggies!’ It takes a moment for your body to listen, but you pick him up and give him a big hug. ‘Yay Daddeh huggies! Wunnie Wub Daddeh’ he hugs you back. It feels like all the happies and saddies in the world mixed together with warmies and prickly feels and-

‘Wai yu nu wif Mummah?’ The last baby’s voice snaps you out of it. You look down and see him in front of you; the first thing you notice is how he has colours like you and Kerry, and how big he is! But then you notice the mad look on his face. ‘If yu am Daddeh, den wai yu nu wif Mummah?’ He asks. ‘Wai yu gu way? Wai yu nu hewp Mummah?!’

What are you supposed to say? How can explain Kerry’s scary human Daddeh, and the special lump stompies, and the herd’s big move and-

‘Nu Big Wed! Bad Babbeh!’

He turns and looks at Kerry. ‘Huh?’

‘Nu tawkies tu Daddeh wike dat!’

‘Bud he am meanie! Nu hewp mummah fin nummies ow-’

She walks over and bobs him on the smelly place; ‘Daddeh nu am meanie! Nu say dat boud Daddeh!!’ You see more sad water in her see places. ‘He am gud fwuffy! Nu mean gu way an weave Mummah awone! Was, was Kewwy’s Daddeh’s fauwt!’ Big red looks at Kerry with his hoofies over his smell place; you think you see some sad water in his see places. ‘Daddeh am gud fwuffy Big Wed,’ Kewwy says. ‘He nu mean gu way. He sowwies.’

You are sorry. Sorry you ran away and left Kerry to deal with her scary Daddeh on her own, sorry you weren’t there to help her escape (however she managed that), sorry you weren't there to help her take care of your babies...

‘Daddeh? Daddeh wai makin sad wawa?’

You look down at Runny; you see the little patch of red fluff on his head where his mane will grow, and his teethies. You can’t help but think about how much you missed, and how long you weren't there to help. ‘*Sniff* Huhuhuhu Daddeh sowwies! *Sob* Nu mean gu way an be wazy Daddeh huuhuhuuu!’

‘Pwease nu cwy Daddeh! Wunnie nu maddies!’

‘Nu cwy Daddeh! Fwowah nu wan Daddeh be saddies!’ She runs over and gives you huggies too, and so does Kerry. Then, you feel something else hug you leggie; you look down and see Big Red.

‘Big Wed sowwies Daddeh,’ he says. ‘Big Wed nu mean id *sniff*.’

‘I-id am otay, Daddeh nu maddies.’ For a long time give each other huggies. You can’t believe it, you have a family! You don’t have to all alone any-

‘Can yu fwuffies move?’

You turn and see a bunch of fluffies, the diggers and nestie builders. ‘Wat fow?’

‘Smawty say dat bushie am nyu babbeh safe pwace,’ he points at the big bushie with his hoofie. ‘Nee make it befowe dah dawk-time.’

‘B-bud dat am Kewwy’s ne-’

‘Dat am wat Smawty say,’ the fluffy tells her.


‘Nu Speciaw fwend,’ you stop her. ‘Nu make Smawty maddies.’

Kerry looks like she wants to argue, but she hangs her head. ‘Otay.' With that, you move out of the way and let the fluffies get to work.

‘Huuu nestie,’ You see sad water in Kerry’s eyes.

‘Nu wowwies Speciaw fwend!’ A strong feel goes through you; now’s your chance to make up for not helping her and your babies all this time! ‘Fwuffy gun make bestest bestest nestie fow famiwy! Fwuffy pwomise!!’ She looks at you and gets a big smile on her face.

‘Otay Speciaw fwend, famiwy make nyu nestie! Cum on babbehs!’

With a new feeling of purpose, you lead your family off to find a spot to build your nestie.


It takes longer than you’d like to find a pace to build a nestie for your family; since you had no idea you even had a family until a little while ago, you stopped looking when your friends found a good place! Most of the really good places have been taken, but you won’t build a nestie far from the safe place. It takes a while, but the search pays off; you find a spot by some small bushies and a tree. It’s not perfect, but you can make it perfect!

‘Otay, dis am pwace fow nyu nestie!’ You say to your family. ‘Hewp Daddeh get in bushies!’ Together, you pull away branches until there’s a way in. ‘Otay, nao Daddeh make nestie!’ You scrape away the grassies and small plants under the bushie with your hoofies until there’s only dirt. Then you start to dig; you go fast, but stop when you hear one of your babies scream.

‘Scree!’ You spin around, but it turns out to be nothing; Runny was too close and got hit by the dirt on accident.

‘Nu be tuu cwose babbehs,’ you tell them. ‘Daddeh nu yu get huwties.’

‘Bud babbehs wan hewp!’

‘Big Wed nu wan du nuting!’ He yells. ‘Wan hewp Famiwy!’

‘Kewwy nu wan Speciaw fwend du ewyting.’

‘Otay, Speciaw fwend and babbehs can fin tings tu make nestie,’ you tell them. ‘Daddeh keep diggin.’

‘Otay Speciaw fwend. Fowwow Mummah Babbehs!' Kerry and the babies leave, and you keep digging. Even though you're used to this stuff it's hard work, especially since you're sleepies from digging you did before! But you keep going, determined to make up for not being there for your family! It's not long before you're properly underground; you dig forward to make some room to move, then carve it out so it can fit all of you.

By the time you need a rest, you’ve carved out a den big enough for two fluffies, but you want to make it bigger so there’ll be room for your babies. A little place for extra nummies would be nice too, but you can take care of that when you’re not so sleepies. You crawl out and lie down on the grassies, just in time for your family to get back.

‘Kewwy an babbehs am back Speciaw fwend! Hav tings fow nestie!' You lift your head, and see Kerry and your babies carry and drag a bunch of long grassies and small branches over. Kerry comes up and shakes off the branches balanced on her back. ‘Du Speciaw fwend wan Kewwy an babbehs tu hewp make nestie nao?'

‘Nu Speciaw fwend,’ you tell her. ‘Fwuffy stiww nee dig mowe.’

‘Can Kewwy an babbehs hewp?’

‘Nu, wet fwuffy du id Speciaw fwend.’ You don’t want her or the babies to dig yet; it’s too easy for things to go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. ‘Fwuffy du mowe when nu hav huwties nu mowe.’

‘Otay,’ Kerry lies down next to you. ‘Kewwy giv Speciaw fwend huggie fow owwies.’ She gives you huggies, and you nuzzle her.

‘Mummah, Daddeh, can babbehs pway and spwouwe?’ Runny asks.

‘Otay babbehs,’ Kerry says, ‘be cawefuw.’

‘Otay mummah!' Your babies run off. Part of you wants to follow them, both so you can play with them but also keep them safe. It should be fine though; there are lots of fluffies about, and the toughies will make sure nothing bad comes to the safe place.

‘Wub yu Speciaw fwend,’ Kerry nuzzles the top of your head. ‘Kewwy su happies yu back.’

‘Fwuffy happies tuu Speciaw fwend.’ You move a little so you can give her proper huggies. You missed this more than anything in the world.


You lie with your Special friend on the grassies for a long time; you don't talk, just give each other huggies and the nice not-huggies that’s called “nuzzling.” It’s like it was back in your outside housie, but you don’t have to worry about Daddeh finding you. It’s so nice to have your Special friend back. Your babies are great, but you’ve missed having a big fluffy to spend time with, especially one you love as much as him.

‘Mummah! Daddeh!' You open your eyes and see Runny, with another baby following him. When he gets closer, you see it's a wingie baby like Runny, but he's got orange fluff and a green tail. ‘Wook! Wunnie make nyu fwend!'

‘Dat am gweat ting Wunnie!’ You say as they run over. ‘Wat Wunnie an nyu fwend duin?’

‘Babbeh an Wunnie fwend am pwayin huggie tag!’ Runny’s friend says, then hugs him and runs off. ‘Wunnie fwend am id!’

‘Dat nu faiw! Wunnie gun getchu!!’ You watch Runny chase his new friend and feel really happy; he’ll have so much fun playing huggie tag with a baby who’s as fast as him.

‘Daddeh wook! Fwowah fin pwetty ting fow nestie!' You turn your head and see Flower coming over with a pretty flower. She puts in down in front of your Special friend. ‘Nao nestie can be pwetty!!'

‘Dat make nestie weawy pweety Fwowah babbeh,’ your Special friend says. ‘Fwowah am gud babbeh!’

Flower gets a really big smile on her face. ‘Wub Daddeh!’ she runs up and gives your Special friend huggies, and he gives her huggies too. It gives you such big heart happies, but you have some saddies too because he didn’t get to be there when they were little. He didn’t get to see them open their see places, or hear them make talkies for the first time. Also, your Special friend doesn’t know about-

‘Wet Big Wed gu meanie!!’

You, your Special friend and Flower look at the noise;

‘Dat am famiwy’s nestie!! Wet hav back!!!’ You see two fluffies walk over; one of them has Big Red in his nummie place.

‘Dis am yuw babbeh?’ The other fluffy asks.

‘Uh-huh,’ you say, ‘Dat am Kewwy an Speciaw fwend's babbeh.’

The fluffy holding Big Red puts him down in front of you. ‘Keep him hewe,’ he tells you. ‘He keep twyin tu stahp fwuffies makin safe babbeh pwace.’ The fluffies walk away; Big Red tries to run after him, but you grab him.

‘Wet Big Wed gu Mummah! Nee stahp meanies!’

‘Nu Big Wed,’ you tell him, ‘dis am nestie nao.’

‘Bud owd nestie am-’

‘Hewd nee safe pwace fow babbehs Big Wed,’ your Special friend tells him. ‘Dewe nee be pwace fow babbehs tu be when dewe Mummahs an Daddehs nu am in safe pwace.’


‘Daddeh am makin nyu nestie fow famiwy Big Wed,’ you tell him.

‘Den, den Big Wed hewp make nestie tuu!’ He says. ‘Big Wed hewp!’

‘Nu Big Wed, yu am-’

‘Big Wed can hewp finish nestie,’ your Special friend says. ‘Daddeh nu wet him get owwies.’ You’re not sure, but your Special friend seems to know what he’s doing, and you trust him.

‘When can hewp finish nestie?’ Big red asks.

‘When Daddeh nu hav huwties ow sweepies nu mowe,’ your Special friend tells him. ‘Daddeh nee wittwe mowe time.’

‘*Sigh* Otay.' Big Red walks over to him. ‘Big Wed giv Daddeh huggies fow hewp owwies gu way!' You feel big heart happies to see your family together. Soon after, your Special friend's hurties go away enough for him to go back to work on the nestie. He and Big Red go in and you follow after them. This is the first time you've seen the nestie and even though it's dark, it feels nice and safe and cosy.

‘Daddeh gun keep diggin,’ Your Special friend says. ‘Speciaw fwend an babbehs giv nestie stompies, an den make beddie.’ He scrapes at the walls while you, Flower and Big Red stamp on the ground to make it flat and hard. It’s hard work, and it’s not long until Flower says she has to stop because her hurties are too bad.

‘Id am otay Fwowah,’ you tell her. She goes to lie down while you and Big Red stamp down the nestie. A little bit later you see Big Red’s having a hard time, but he doesn't stop until you tell him to go have a rest. Now it’s just you stamping down the nestie while your Special friend does more digging. It feels great to work with him on something for your family.

After a lot of work, you ask your Special friend to check if you can build the beddie. ‘Dis am gud Speciaw fwend,' he says. ‘Nao can make beddie. Kewwy an babbehs du dat, and Fwuffy hewp soon.' You go with Flower and Big Red to get all the stuff you gathered for the beddie and drag them into the nestie. You put it on the ground and arrange it into the right kind of shape. Soon though, you realise you don't have enough stuff.

‘Cum on babbehs,' you say, ‘nee fin mowe tings fow nestie.' You Big Red and Flower go look for more things. Along the way, you find Runny and tell him to stop playing with his new friend and help you. Together you look for more long grassies and other things that make good nesties; some nice fluffies help you out, and after a while you find plenty of good stuff. You take it all back to the nestie, and work out a new way to get this done; you go find stuff, and your babies take it into the nestie.

You make four or five trips to find stuff for the beddie; when you come back on the last one your Special friend comes out to meet you. ‘Famiwy can make beddie nao Speciaw fwend.’ He says. ‘Cum hewp.’ You follow him inside and all of you work on the beddie to make it just right. It takes a while, but when you climb on to test it out, you find it's about right. Nowhere near what your old beddie at Daddeh's house was like, but having your Special friend and your babies with you makes up for it.

Lying in the new beddie with your Special friend and your babies, you feel a big warm kind of heart happies. Being a mummah with your babies was great. But now you’re a proper family, it’s so much better. You could go to sleep right now, but Big Red says ‘Big Wed hav bad Tummeh huwties. Can wook fow nummies nao?’

‘Otay,’ You get up from the beddie. ‘Cum on babbehs, we gu fin gwassie nummies.’

‘Speciaw fwend nu nee num gwassie nummies,’ Your Special friend says. ‘Wait hewe, Fwuffy gu fin bestest nummies fow famiwy!’ Your Special friend leaves the nestie before you or the babies can say anything.

‘Whewe Daddeh guin?’ Runny asks.

‘Mummah nu knu,’ you tell him. ‘Bud Mummah an babbehs stay hewe tiww he back.’

‘Otay Mummah,' Runny says, then gets up. ‘Wunnie spwouwe nestie!' He and flower walk around the nestie and look at everything their Daddeh did. Big Red stays with you though; you think he made himself too sleepies helping make the nestie and the beddie, poor thing. You give him some huggies to make him feel better. The two of you lie in the beddie until your Special friend comes back with something in his nummie place.

He puts in down near the beddie for you and Big Red to look at. Runny and Flower come over too. ‘Wat am dese Daddeh?’ Runny bats at something on the branch that looks like a little ball.

‘Dese am bewwy nummies!’ Your Special friend says, ‘Bewwy nummies am bestest nummies ewa!’ Flower and Runny don’t seem sure, but Big Red gets up, pulls a Berry off the branch and nums it.

‘Dat am bestest nummie ewa!!!' He pulls another berry off the branch; Runny and Flower try them too. You try some too, and they're so good! They're not as good as sketties, but they're sweet and feel really nice when you num them; you wish you could have found these when you were on your own!

‘Daddeh am bestest Daddeh!’ Runny says. ‘Fin bestest nummies!!’ You see your Special friend get a really big smile on his face.

‘Daddeh su happies Wunnie babbeh wub nummies!’ He says.

‘Fwowah wub nummies tuu! Fwowah wub Daddeh!!’

‘Big Wed wub Daddeh tuu!’

You wonder what kind of heart happies he has; if they’re anything like yours they must be some of the biggest he’s ever felt. Together you num the berries off the branch, and after they’re gone you and your Special friend eat all the leafy nummies. Your Special friend adds the branch to the beddie, then settles down next to you. The babies cuddle up to both of you, and not long after they go to sleep. It’s been a big bright-time for them, for all of you; even if it’s not the dark-time yet, a good sleep is just what you need. You make yourself comfortable and cuddle a little closer to your Special friend. You close your see places, but before you go to sleep-

‘Speciaw fwend?’

You open your see places. ‘Yes?’ You say in little wordies so you don’t wake the babies.

‘Speciaw fwend nu am maddies fwuffy giv yu tummeh babbehs aftah say nu tu?’

You remember all those bright-times ago when you told your Special friend not to put tummy babies in you, but he did anyway. Daddeh was so mad, and the bright-times after that were hard, and full of saddies. But, now that you’ve had your babies, and together as a family…

‘Nu Speciaw fwend,’ you tell him. ‘Kewwy nu maddies; babbehs an Speciaw fwend am bestest tings Kewwy hav nao.’ You nuzzle him. ‘Kewwy wub yu Speciaw fwend.’

‘Fwuffy wub yu tuu speciaw fwend.' He nuzzles you back. ‘Wub yu an babbehs. Wub famiwy.' He closes his see places, and not long after you hear him sleeping. You settle down to sleep too, but before you do you think about all you've been through. There's been so many saddies, scardies and heart hurties; you've lost your old housie and all your toys, you don't think you'll ever have sketties again, and you'll probably never see your best friend Franky ever again. You won't see Daddeh again either.

You don’t know why, but part of you can’t help but miss him; even if he wanted to hurt your babies, you can’t forget all the fun times you had. How much he loved you, and how much you loved him. But, you’ve got a family now; you have three good beautiful babies, and your Special friend is back! You’ve got a nice new cosy nestie, and you live in a herd where you can make lots of new friends. ‘*Yawn*.' You close you see places and lie your head down, surrounded by your family.

Maybe everything’s going to be fine from now on.


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Anonymous1: Ugh, disgusting. Make those little shits suffer! Preferably from competent abuser's hand.
Great writing though.
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Nuuu: Yay, a new part. Kerry's annoyance level went down, I like that.
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CwinicawDepwession: Fuck yeah new Kerry! I like the way you wrote the herd, believably experienced and capable of surviving but still pretty fuckin' stupid. Can't wait for the next part, my dood.

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differential_Sloth: @Anonymous: Patience my dear anon, I'm simply setting up the dominoes.
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Anonymous2: >Maybe everything’s going to be fine from now on.

Aaand now it's jinxed

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Ceron: This is really good but I'm worried about those fuckin berries they ate now
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Fluffus: @differential_Sloth: I still hope Kerry and her kidsbabys will be OK. You went and made me care for them : )

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differential_Sloth: @CwinicawDepwession: Odd. I keep expecting people to say I've made them too intelligent.
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Anonymous3(2): @differential_Sloth: I reckon that the older a herd are the smarter they are as a whole, since they would have enough lived experience such as surviving winters, where to forage, what animals to avoid, etc. These herds don't usually die off from stupidity, either a young smarty takes over and disregards the collective knowledge leading the herd to eventual doom, or they are quickly wiped out by humans(pest control, abusers, poachers, etc).
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Anonymous4: "diabetes_warning"
Their doom will be all the more pleasing.
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Fluffwit: I almost feel a bit bad knowing that shit's gonna hit the fan real fast, probably.
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sadbag: I'm such a hugboxing faggot I wish this was the way it ended. :P
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FluffyFluff: Same here, but I sense a plot twist
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Anonymous5: A good writing, a good storytelling.