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Hey, I just wanted to make it clear that this is only a short introduction to this new series to see if you like it.

Your name is Sugerrush.
You are a Purple fluffy filly with the prettiest hot pink main.
the meanie monster lady put you in this stupid can thingy!
There are also stupid dummy foals next to you.
But for some reason the invisible glassy wall wont let you get to them to give them forever sleepies!
Plus, you have to drink from this idiotic fake nipple on the wall, you have teethies though!
And possibly the worst of all, there used to be this dummy plug think that went on your poopie place.
But you got sick of not being able to poop so you bit it off.
Next thing you know, you close you eyes and relieve yourself.
It feels so good to be able to go poopies again!
when your done, the entire floor of the can is covered in poopies!
Uh oh! Human lady is approaching, fast.
What if she wont choose you cause your covered in poopies!?
You gotta clean them up, but... how?
You than remember when you where a little baby. Momma made your poopie brother num the poopies!
But, your pretty! Not poopie!
You start yelling at the poopie foal in the can next to you to clean it up.
He laughs at you and tries to look cute for the human lady.
You have no other choice..
You close your eyes and bend down to num the poopies.
you spit it out back onto the f'loor.
It tastes horrible!
But this time you prepare for the taste.
You begin to sob, salty tears mixing with the poopies making it all even worse..
“HAH HAH oh my god wheres my phone I GOTTA take a pic of this”
You look up to see the human lady laughing at you!
This is bad, really bad.
You puff your cheeks out at her, witch are now drenched in shit.
“meanie wady nu waff at sugawwush!”
she inspects you closely.
“ah, I see. A little 'bestest' baby. Nobodys gonna adopt you”
she instead takes a picture of you, cheeks half deflated, mouth covered in poop and eyes full with tears.
Instead, she presses a button and than a poopie foals can falls down into the depths of the machine...
you smile to yourself for a moment. That dummy is probably dead already.
The meanie lady bends down, does something, than comes back up with the poopie foals can in hand.
Your smile drops.
She begins to turn the top of the can.
It twisted and twisted till it opened!
Your mouth fell open.
She took the dummy out and hugged him close.
She turned around and began to walk away.
The foal climbed onto her shoulder and blew a rasberry at you.

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Hugboxing_Faggot: Eeeeeeh.

Canned foals never meet their mothers, they go straight from the womb to the can for maximum shelf life. They don't have direct contact with other foals either once they entered the can. And their asses aren't plugged, but connected to a tank that collects their shit. Fluffy foals being smart enough to determine their source of nutrition being artificial is questionable as well.

Sorry, but you've made some glaring mistakes there.
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Anonymous1: @Hugboxing_Faggot
it depends to what time it was then, if it was long after the PETA coup or not long after

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Hugboxing_Faggot: @Anonymous: I doubt that Hasbio originally had the intention to sell artificial pets that costs tens of thousands of dollars in vending machines where half of them dies before being sold.
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Anonymous2: @Hugboxing_Faggot:

How about a comment that isn't a knee-jerk lesson on canon as you see it? There's enough room for interpretation around the whole foal in a can concept for someone to play around with it without some pedant coming along and quibbling over details important only to him.

Can't believe anyone would consider minor variations on a concept to be "glaring mistakes". This is Fluffybooru, not an essay-writing contest.
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LORD: I like the story, but you made some mistakes like it’s physically impossible for fluffies to reach their own ass without braking it’s neck and how did Sugerrush get i’s name, fluffies can’t name themselves and the things Hugboxing_Faggot pointed out too.

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differential_Sloth: @Anonymous: His points on plugging and foals seeing each other are off point I'll grant you, but he's spot on about canned foals never seeing their parents. Especially being allowed to age to the point of growing teeth before they get packaged. A foal in a can company just wouldn't do it that way.

@LORD: Personally I think it's within reason for a fluffy to name itself and others, but nothing as elaborate as Sugerrush.

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Hugboxing_Faggot: @differential_Sloth: The contact part was about poopeh babbehs eating the shit of pretty foals. They spend their life inside that can right after being born, isolated from other fluffies and pretty much everything, hence they don't even get the chance to have their shit eaten by an unloved sibling.
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Anonymous3: Is the story supposed to be about a young fluffy put into a can as a sort of punishment/torture? Maybe that's why it doesn't fit the usual foal in can profile.
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LORD: @differential_Sloth: true i have read storys there fluffies have named themselves and others, but i have never liked the concept, i like the idea that humans are the only ones that can name them, making it more special for the fluffy to get a name and making it easier to know who has/had an owner.
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PaperCuts: @Hugboxing_Faggot: so now fluffies cant see through glass into the next can? you have kinda lost yourself there.
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PaperCuts: I made a new post that answers all questions in this

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backstubb: @PaperCuts: they can see the can above or below

To some of the excessive assumptions already mentioned above - the story is interesting.
The scene desperate-cheek-puffing just hilarious :)
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Anonymous4: This is one of the times im ok with a poopie babbeh not getting what it deserves for existing.
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HugboxingSadboxer: @Hugboxing_Faggot: Your comment is spot-on. The foal-in-a-can canon was developed by several authors over time, and they figured out what worked.

I would end this "story" thus:
>The foal climbed onto her new owner's shoulder and sang:
>"Open da doow
>Get on da fwoow
>Ewwybody wawk da dinosauw!"

It's also missing that certain something, that je ne sais quoi, that, hmm, oh yes!
>MFW I'm a bestest baby reduced to eating my own feces to sell myself to some laughing kid with an iPhone
>MFW I have no face.
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Anonymous5: It makes me sad that the other foal got love.
Hopefully the human lady will get stomach cancer and die.