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The Giftgiver: Throwing Smarty A Bone

"I'm a damned good looking man," Steve Peterson told himself as he flexed in the mirror after his morning fitness routine. It was getting more and more difficult to lift the dumbbells and do the stomach crunches, things he used to do with ease. Steve had recently been diagnosed with HIV, and as a gay man he knew this could happen someday, especially since he'd been fairly lazy about using condoms. He hadn't developed AIDS yet, but the cocktail of anti-retrovirals he was on had bad side effects and made him feel like shit.

Steve was pretty pissed off about getting HIV. He came home early from work one day to find his long time lover Chuck balls deep in some pretty young twink, pounding him bareback. After throwing the twink out, Steve had a full and frank discussion regarding Chuck's sexual activities outside their relationship. He found out that Chuck had been cheating for about a year now, screwing at least two men a week, rarely using a condom. After Steve told Chuck to hit the bricks, he got an HIV test at his doctor's office. The instant HIV test came up positive. Then the more sensitive, more conclusive test also came up positive. Steve wanted revenge, but he didn't want to go to jail for intentionally infecting other men with HIV, so he decided to find out if he could pass it to fluffy ponies, who would then pass it to other fluffies and the men who liked fucking or abusing them.

He didn't have to work today, so Steve could devote the whole day to his new hobby, trying to infect fluffy ponies with HIV. He showered and dressed, then went downstairs to feed his own fluffy, a year old gray on gray earthy stallion he'd named "Cumstain." He opened the door to the saferoom, and said "Wakey wakey, Cumstain! Time to start the day!"

"Hi, Daddeh!" Cumstain greeted Steve after rousing himself from sleep. He got out of bed and walked over to his food bowl as Steve poured expensive, high-protein spaghetti flavored kibble into the bowl. "Cumstain wuv Daddeh! Tank you fow yummy nummies, Daddeh!"

"You're welcome, Cumstain! How are you feeling today, little guy?"

"Cumstain feew tiwed, Daddeh." Steve reached down and petted the fluffy and noticed his fluff was wet with sweat. It had been a month since Steve tested Cumstain for HIV with an instant HIV test he'd swiped from a doctor's office. He was surprised and pleased to find that fluffies were susceptible to HIV. Infecting Cumstain with HIV wasn't fun for Steve or for Cumstain. Steve had purchased a gun cleaning kit with various wire brushes for shotguns, and he stuck the 20 gauge wire brush up Cumstain's ass, pushing it in and out until the fluffy was bleeding from his ass. After shredding Cumstain's rectum, he injected his own HIV infected semen into Cumstain's ass over a couple of weeks. Then he waited a couple more weeks before testing him for the virus. Cumstain tested positive. His method worked.

Steve figured that he'd have to use the freshest semen possible, and that involved masturbating right into the syringe and waiting no more than ten seconds before squirting it into Cumstain's ruined rectum. He didn't do that for the other fluffies he tried to infect. He just didn't want to sodomize his own fluffy and sour his relationship with the animal. Abusing his ass with a wire brush was bad enough. As soon as Cumstain tested positive, he started bringing home strays for Cumstain to have "special huggies" with. Since it was winter, Steve quite often didn't have to go out to hunt for victims. They'd just appear on his doorstep begging for food or a "nyu daddeh," and it seemed he was in luck this morning. He heard that familiar tapping on his screen door.

"I'm just a hunk-a-hunk of burnin' love! A hunk-a-hunk of burnin' love," Steve sang as he walked to the door. He opened it, and on the other side of the screen door he saw a red pegasus with a pink mane, tail, and wings standing beside an orange unicorn with a green mane and tail. The pegasus was obviously pregnant. Steve hated pregnant women, dismissing them as "breeders," and looking with contempt at their smug, happy smiles. He especially hated pregnant fluffies. Everything in their little worlds revolved around their "tummeh babbehs," and they sang horrible, tuneless songs to their little parasites. Steve opened the screen door and shut it behind him, stopping the unicorn's attempt to push himself inside Steve's house.

"I didn't say you could come in! What do you want?" Steve asked the fluffies, expecting the standard plea for "nummies fow tummeh babbehs."

"Fwuffy haf biggest tummeh owwies! Fwuffy need nummies fow tummeh babbehs. Fwuffies nu can find nummies in cowd times," said the pegasus.

"Gif nummies, hoomin! Smawty haf tummeh owwies an' need nummies!" said the unicorn. Oh boy, a smarty, thought Steve. He really loved infecting smarties. They had herds, and would usually try to impregnate all the mares in their herds.

"Well, aren't you a pretty little thing!" Steve said to the pegasus, crouching down. "Do you have a name? How about a daddy?"

"Fwuffy am Heawt, an' Heawt nu haf daddeh nu mowe. Heawt wun away to haf babbehs, an' Daddeh nu wet Heawt come back home. Huuuu! Pwease be nyu daddeh?"

The unicorn didn't like being ignored. "Smawty wan' skettis NAO hoomin! Smawty haf big hewd, an' Smawty haf hewd gif you biggest owwies an' sowwiest poopies!"

"Is that so?" Steve asked. "Where's your herd?"

"Hewd hide in bushies. Dis Smawty's yawd nao! You gif bestest skettis nao ow hewd gif you wowstest sowwy poopies!"

Steve picked up the smarty by the scruff, holding his back end as far away as he could. He threw the fluffy hard into the corner of his porch against a brick wall, and it farted and spewed shit everywhere. "Ha! Smawty gif you sowwy poopies!" The unicorn was having a hard time getting up, probably because one of his back legs seemed to be broken. Steve picked up Heart the pegasus and carried her inside, setting her down in a half bath near the front door and shutting her in. The smarty could still be of some use, and he was easier to handle in his bruised and battered condition. Steve grabbed him around the middle and squeezed hard.

"Owwies! Why you huwt smawty? Smawty jus' twying to get nummies fow hewd." he said as shit squirted out of his ass. He'd already made a mess on the porch, so a little more wouldn't make much of a difference. Steve would hire one of the neighborhood kids to clean up the mess.

"Shut up, you little shitrat. You're lucky I haven't killed you yet." Steve said as he went inside to get a box. He got a plastic storage bin and put the smarty down inside then latched the lid to make sure he couldn't get out. He hauled the box back inside the house, then got some extra cheap kibble and bowls. Going back onto the porch, he set out bowls and kibble and made an announcement to the herd. "Please don't give me big owwies and sorry poopies! Come and have some food, and you can stay a while." He went back inside and watched a small herd of six fluffies, some carrying foals, come out of the bushes. A large earth stallion with light blue fluff and a gray mane and tail walked up to the porch, only slipping once on the ice on his way there. He went up to a bowl of food and picked up a kibble in his mouth. He chewed and swallowed carefully, then waved for the rest of the herd to come eat before digging in hungrily himself.

"Wet soon mummahs haf nummies fiwst!" he announced. Steve shut the door and went to check on Heart. He opened the bathroom door, and asked if she wanted a new daddy.

"Heawt wan' nyu daddeh! You be nyu daddeh?"

"Yes, I'll be your new daddy. I don't want to be that smarty's daddy, though, so you have to decide. Do you want me to be your new daddy, or do you want to live outside with that herd?"

Heart looked crestfallen. "Why you nu be Smawty's nyu daddeh too?"

"He threatened to give me sorry poopies, then he shit on my porch. I don't want a fluffy like that."

Heart thought so hard you could almost smell wood burning. "But Smawty am Heawt's speshuw fwiend!"

"Okay, I'll just take you back outside so you can be with the herd."

"NUUU! Heawt wan' nyu daddeh! Heawt wan' nyu daddeh mowe dan Heawt wan' smawty."

"Good choice. Now come meet my fluffy. Follow me to the saferoom." Steve walked to the saferoom, which was a large pantry, ten feet by six feet, and let Heart in.

"Daddeh find nyu fwiend?" asked Cumstain.

"Yes, this is Heart. Heart, this is my fluffy Cumstain."

"Cumstain am funny name fow a fwuffy," Heart said.

"No, it's the best name for a fluffy ever. Cumstain is a very good fluffy. Be nice to him, and he'll be nice to you. Now go hug him."

"Okay," Heart said, and walked over to Cumstain.

Cumstain hugged Heart and looked down at her crotchboobs. "Heawt haf big titties!" he said as the tip of his red rocket popped out. "Cumstain wuv big titties."

Heart looked confused. "What am titties?"

"He's talking about your milkie places, Heart." Steve said.

"Oh, yus, Heawt haf bestest miwkie pwaces fow making miwkie nummies fow babbehs!"

"Heawt haf tummeh babbehs?" asked Cumstain.

"Yus, Heawt haf bestest tummeh babbehs!" she exclaimed. "Tummeh babbehs need nummies. Can haf nummies nao?" she asked.

"Of course you can!" Steve said, and poured out some of Cumstain's high end kibble. Heart dug in immediately and made it obvious how starved she was. "Dese am gud nummies, Daddeh! Dese nummies am bettew dan nummies Heawt get fwom owd daddeh."

"Aftah Heawt finish nummies, Heawt wan' to pway baww wif Cumstain?" Cumstain asked.

"Yus! Heawt wuv to pway baww!"

They seem to be getting along pretty well, thought Steve. After a few hours, Steve would give Cumstain the go ahead to pound Heart like a piece of pizza dough. If she's reluctant, Steve could always threaten to rip her wings off. It had worked in the past with pegasi. Now he had to go take care of that smarty. Steve shut the saferoom door and went to the foyer where he'd left the smarty in a plastic bin. He picked up the bin and carried it upstairs to the bathroom. He shut the bathroom door and opened the bin, and the ugly smell of fluffy shit hit him hard, so he turned on the fan.

"Wet smawty go dummeh hoomin!"

"Shut up or I'll break one of your other legs," Steve said, twisting the smarty's broken back leg.

"OWWWW!" cried the smarty. "Why huwt gud fwuffy? Fwuffy jus' twying to find nummies!"

"I'm hurting you because you're an asshole with no manners. I gave Heart to my fluffy to play with. He's playing ball with her right now."

"Gif speshuw fwiend back!"

Steve just ignored him and squeezed his midsection hard, causing the last of the shit to flow out, punctuated with a loud fart. He picked up the smarty and put him in the bathtub, turning on the cold water.

"Wawa bad fow fwuffy! Nu wan' cowd wawa!"

"If you shut up and let me bathe you, I'll use warm water, okay?"

"Okay," the smarty said, giving Steve the stink eye as he washed the smarty with shampoo.

Steve stopped for a moment to get a Fleet enema out of his bathroom closet. He held the smarty down, putting pressure on his bad leg, and shoved the enema up its ass.

"Dat poopie pwace! Poopie pwace nu fow anyfing but poopies! Leaf poopie pwace awone, munsta hoomin!"

Steve emptied half the enema into the smarty and held him down for a minute to let it do its work. He then squeezed the smarty's abdomen, and shitty water poured out of his ass. He shoved the enema back in and emptied it into the smarty's beleaguered butthole. This time after pushing on the smarty's abdomen, the water ran clear. He was empty. Steve then washed, rinsed, and repeated and checked the smarty's butthole for tightness by sticking his finger in it.

"NUUUUUU!" cried the smarty. "Leaf poopie pwace awone, munsta! Why you huwt poopie pwace?"

"Do you like special huggies, smarty?"

"What? Yus, smawty like speshuw huggies. Dat am dummie ting to ask!" The smarty was reduced to a soaked, emaciated, bruised and battered fluffy, but he still had his bad attitude. Steve would take care of that. He got a towel and dried the smarty off, then set him down beside the sink and blow dried his fluff. In a few minutes, the smarty was looking pretty good. It was now sexy time.

"You stay right where you are, fuckchop," Steve told the smarty.

Steve pulled off his tracksuit pants and lubed up with some Astroglide. He began stroking his larger-than-average pork sword, thinking of the last twink he buggered, how tight his little pink butthole was, how muscular and protuberant his buttocks were, and Steve popped a boner. He got a velcro cockring out and put it on. He wasn't sexually attracted to fluffy ponies at all, but he could use his imagination and a cockring to stay hard. The smarty saw in the mirror what Steve was doing and screamed in terror.

"SCREEEEEEE!" cried the smarty, and he tried to figure out how to get down without hurting himself more. Steve slapped him hard on the side of the head and then held him down. The smarty's tail was firmly between its legs.

"Lift your tail, shitrat."

"NUUU! Nu wan' bad speshuw huggies! You am munsta!" Steve just slapped the smarty again then twisted his broken leg.

"Looks like you want things done the hard way," Steve said, jerking the smarty's tail out of joint and holding it down against his back. The smarty tried to make some sorry poopies, but only managed to fart. Steve looked in the mirror as he slipped his dick into the smarty's browneye, laughing as he went "ENF! ENF! ENF! HAHAHA!" He could feel the smarty's anus tearing with what was probably one of the most painful experiences of this beast's short life.

"Waaaahhhh!" cried the smarty as Steve began to sing "My Way."

"And now, the end is near..."

"Huuu huuuu!"

"...and now I face the final curtain."

"Chirp...chirp...chirp..." The smarty was reduced to a chirping mess as Steve continued to pound away and sing his best Sinatra impression. When fluffies said that they were for "hugs an' wuv," they never could have imagined this kind of "wuv!"
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