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Sugerrush's past.

Sugerrush was born in an alleyway, and originally named 'Bestes babbeh' by her mother.
Around the time she opened her eyes a human came and took in her and her family.
He renamed all of them, (how she got her unique name) and gave them a home.
But one of the rules was no favorite babys so Sugerrush could no longer be the bestest.
Sugerrush did not like this so her and her mother ran away one morning when brought to the park.
Her mother was killed by a cat but before it got to her a human scared it off.
The human took her and donated her to Foal in a can™.

This is just a fast skim over of Sugerrush's past. I will be making another, more detailed story on this soon.

Any more questions? Please ask in the comments!


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differential_Sloth: It covers the name question, but you've just raised a new one; why would foal in a can accept donations?

Head-cannons vary, but foal in a can pretty much always has wear-houses full of mares pumping out stock. There's zero reason for them to accept a donated feral.

Not trying to completely shit on your idea, but it'll be easier for you use a shelter setting instead.
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PaperCuts: @differential_Sloth: alright, remember, this is s a WIP story. im open to suggestions like this.
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TheFoalFryer: Will there be cannibals?
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LORD: @differential_Sloth: l 100% agree with you, it’s the perfect setting for a shelter story, i say go for that instead of foal in can setting
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HugboxingSadboxer: @LORD: There was some long running story about some shelter long ago. Went on for fucking ever. What was that?
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LORD: @HugboxingSadboxer: i don’t get it, what do you mean by that?
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Anonymous1: Maybe you could instead have a foal-in-a-can machine that is owned and operated by hugboxer types who want to "give older fluffies a chance" and operate it as a bleeding heart no-kill alternative to the "get adopted or you get ground into skettis" approach. That would explain why the fluffies in their containers are not of uniform age or condition.

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Hugboxing_Faggot: @Anonymous: Or better yet, make it some hipster art project, would explain why a poopeh babbeh was in there as well. Maybe add some pillow fluffs, abused fluffies, soon mummahs and so on for good measure.

I highly doubt that any hugboxer would operate a foal in a can machine, especially when he cares for the fluffies inside. But an artists motives can range from trying to send a message to elaborate abuse.
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Anonymous2: I hope we get to see a detailed account of Sugarrushes suffering in the can. Better yet, why not make real fluffies?.
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PaperCuts: @Hugboxing_Faggot: actually, brown foals are put in due to the fact that hugboxers feel bad for them, thus buy them. hasbio caught on to this and decided to put more brown foals in shops and vending machines.
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LORD: @PaperCuts: maybe in your headcanon, but in the default headcanon it would not make any sense from a business perspective, i mean not all hugboxers would buy a brown fluffy just because he feel bads for it, i can however see some extreme Hugboxers do that.
Also brown fluffies is better used as a litterpal then as a pet
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PaperCuts: @LORD: okay, but i already knew that. but in my head cannon its different.
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LORD: @PaperCuts: hey it’s cool, you do you.
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Anonymous3(1): Is there truly such a thing as a "default headcanon"? Seems more like a bunch of suggestions that people can go with or not as they see fit, so long as they can structure an interesting story around it.

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differential_Sloth: @Hugboxing_Faggot: Agreed. There's nothing remotely hugbox about foal in a can.

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Hugboxing_Faggot: @PaperCuts: Does Hasbio still exist in your headcanon?

Most common stance is that they went bankrupt after the outbreak and lost all rights to fluffies, that's why everyone can do with them whatever they like. Breed them, sell them, modify them, use the Fluffy brand and so on.

The foal in a can machine theme also stems from the idea that they are utterly worthless and hence selling them like bubblegum machine toys pays off. It wouldn't make sense for Hasbio to sink God knows how much money into creating them only to sell them for single digits in a way where half of them dies before being sold.

Fluffies were meant to be premium pets and cost tens of thousands per sterile fluffy. Then PETA raided a research facility and freed hundreds of breeders that were still in development and escaped into the wild. Some where caught and returned, others became the foundation of the first fluffy mills, yet others managed to survive in the wild and the rest either got adopted by random people or simply died.

The ones that survived in the wild grew rapidly in numbers and caused more and more damage. Hasbio was completely fucked of course, surrendered the rights to fluffies to the US government and went out of business.

Premium GMO pet/"biotoy" got out of control, turned from premium product to cheap and disposable pet/toy and ultimately into a pest. Them being fair game is the result of Hasbio lawyers making the case that they're breathing toys rather than animals before shit hit the fan.

That is the generally accepted origin story of fluffies and one of the few things everyone seems to agree on. But that's just a heads up, do your own thing if you like.
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PaperCuts: @Hugboxing_Faggot: @Hugboxing_Faggot: this IS mt head cannon, so stpp acting like i gotta do this than that, that this again. my headcannon, not yours.
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PaperCuts: @PaperCuts: i respect the fact that you want me to be aware of this while i make it, but for the love of god let me do my own thing

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Hugboxing_Faggot: @PaperCuts: Well, excuse me for giving you some basics about the fluffy universe.
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PaperCuts: @Hugboxing_Faggot: i know about the fluffy universe, i have been on this site for a year, half of it being an anonymous.
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Anonymous4: Will there be cannibals in the future
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Anonymous5: Digging the idea of 'bestes babbeh' falling from its pedestal. Growing up believing it was special, even better than other fluffies... Only to be shown, time and time again, that there's nothing particularly special about it. Even more hated than the average fluffy.

Personally I think the shelter idea would be perfect. Allows different fluffy ages, names, and you can even have Sugarrush interact with other fluffies (maybe she bullies other foals? Gets bullied or punished? Lots of potential)

She could still be born feral, but taken in to be sold because of her good colors.

More possibilities with shelters in general,IMO
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HugboxingSadboxer: @PaperCuts: When someone takes the time to explain the fluffy basics to you, you should just thank them and move on. You're acting like some surly kid who just hit puberty. You're not exactly writing the Great American Novel here. Headcanon posts are generally garbage posted by people who are completely deficient in any kind of expository writing skills.

If you don't understand that, get your seventh grade "language arts" teacher to help you with the dictionary.