amputated duct_tape explicit mare suffocation


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CandylandCoffin: Honestly I cant wait until I fucking find my drawing tablet again,,, its irritating, drawing with a laptop mousepad,
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CobaltThoriumWhoopse: You draw better with a freeking touchpad than I could dream of on any tablet.
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Anonymous1: Hey that's a first actually silencing the screams.
Oh wait it's suffocated already.
*whip whip whip*

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Disintegral: This looks like daddeh took a weggie off for ease of access, if you know what I mean.

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VaniIIa: Hey if you think that's bad, I don't even own a drawing tablet! I'm stuck with a mouse. And I can't even be assed to get a good drawing program so I'm stuck with ms paint.

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Waaaghlord: And the fluffy gonna screee screee screee scree scree but you take it off, just take it off!

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babbehteef: this is pretty good for a trackpad doodle. :D
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