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´╗┐Love Hurts

By Deadweight

Mayfield Township is a small hamlet between Traverse City and Kingsley, you can drive past it in under three minutes. With a population of maybe 1,100, it is a speck on the map with a lot of farmland. It is surrounded by woodland and isn’t exactly a bustling community, the trees rustle along the edge of the highway as several young fluffies emerge and look across the street to the Mayfield Country Store.

“Fwuffeh smeww nummies ovva dewe, mebbe hoomins gif nummies!”

An optimistic blue and pink pegasus speaks up as her sisters all babble in agreement.

“Nu! Mummah say hoomins am meanies, nu can gu ovva dewe!”

A pale green and red unicorn stallion voices his protest, sighting the lessons taught to them by their mother. She died after being attacked by a coyote in the woods, leaving her four children on their own. He witnessed the terror in her eyes as her skull was crushed and it has made him an easily frightened and cautious creature, his sisters are hesitant but hunger drives them to take a risk.

“Nu be scawedy, bwudda. Jus stay wif sistuhs an den get aww da nummies!”

He is shivering with fear, but his rumbling tummy and his encouraging sisters spur him on. He swallows hard and they make a dash for it, crossing the two lane road and running for cover behind the house next to the store.

“Haf haf haf, dat was scawy! Huuhuu, sistuhs suwe bout dis?”

His three sisters hug him tight as he sniffles and they all poke their heads around the corner to watch the store, people come and go carrying bags of beverages and snacks. They watch with drool coming out the corners of their mouths, it has been a day since their last meal and the blue and pink pegasus nudges them and points to the back of the building.

“Wook! Wotsa nummies back dewe! Wet’s gu!”

She has spotted the trash cans behind the store and rushes off with her sisters in tow, the stallion goes wide eyed in fear and dashes after them with his heart thudding.


“Nu weave bwudda!”

They move quickly and sniff at the trash can, they pool their strength and push at it until it topples and spills on the ground.


They squeal in delight at the heap of discarded snackfoods and scraps, the four of them dig in and groan in satisfaction as they fill their aching bellies.

“Hey you little fuckers! Get outta my trash cans goddammit!”

Tim Hodgkin, owner of the store comes around the corner when he hears the cans tip over and shouts at the foursome.


“Wun away fwom meanie hoomin!”

The stallion absolutely panics and pisses himself as Tim approaches with an angry glare, he runs for it and manages to wriggle into a small space under the buildings siding with his sisters behind him. Tim kicks at the siding and yells some more.

“You little fuckers better stay outta my trash, I’ll skin you shit-rats if you make another mess!”

They huddle together in a pile and shiver in fear, the stallion sobbing inconsolably until Tim picks up the can and heads back into the store. They pile together and hug their sobbing brother tight between them, frightened but at least their hunger is sated for now.


Pastor Mark has run the Mayfield Chapel for years and is a well respected member of the small community, he has locked up for the night and heads to the store to grab a few things before heading home. As he sets his items on the counter, he can tell something has Tim upset.

“Something wrong, Tim?”

He grumbles as he bags the items and nods to the back of the store.

“Found some damn fluffies digging through the trash out back, disgusting little freaks!”

Mark frowns and shakes his head.

“Now now, Tim. We are all gods creatures.”

Tim scoffs and grumbles.

“Those things ain’t from god, they are a menace made in a lab!”

Mark smiles and pats his shoulder.

“All life serves a purpose in the eyes of the lord, Tim. Even if he didn’t make it.”

Tim rolls his eyes as Pastor Mark purchases an additional loaf of bread, he knows he won’t get anywhere on a sanctity of life argument today. Mark smiles, takes his bag and walks out. He hums to himself as he walks around the back of the building until he hears the faint cries.

“Huuhuu, miss mummah. Am su scawed!”

Pastor Mark crouches near the hole in the crawlspace and smiles.

“Hello? Do you need help?”

The cries go quiet as a purple and cyan unicorn meekly pokes her head out, Mark smiles as she looks at him fearfully.

“Do not be afraid child, I mean you no harm.”

He reaches into his bag and she flinches, he eases the loaf of bread out and tears a few hunks up placing them near the hole.

“Please, eat. You must be very hungry, I promise I won’t hurt you.”

The unicorn looks at the pile of bread and then up at Pastor Mark, she looks back at her fearful siblings and then tentatively reaches for a piece of bread. She snatches it up and ducks back into the hole, Mark smiles and waits patiently. The unicorn emerges accompanied by her sisters, the blue and pink pegasus and the yellow and orange earthy.

“M-mistuh haf nummies? Nu wan gif huwties?”

Mark lays out more bread and patiently watches as they eat, keeping his distance.

“I am a man of god, I do not wish to harm any living thing. It is my sworn duty to help the needy and you are in need, this is not a safe place for you and I can offer you shelter.”

He watches them eat and the blue pegasus drags some bread into the hole he drops more bread as he listens closely.

“Bwudda, pwease nu be scawed. Mistuh am nice an haf nummies! Him kno sky-daddeh!”

The pegasus steps out with the green unicorn hiding behind her, he peers over her haunch at Mark and shivers. The sisters all surround him and coo and nuzzle while reassuring him, they convince him to step out of the hole and eat some bread. Mark holds out his hand with bread in his palm and the earthy steps close and nibbles it, he gently reaches out and pets her and she coos and nuzzles his hand.

“Please, you should all come with me. At least come take shelter at the chapel for the night, I promise I won’t hurt you.”

The sisters all share a look and then look at their brother who hides behind them nibbling bread, they gather near and hug him as they talk.

“Bwudda, kno yuu nu wike hoomins buh mistuh gif nummies an haf nice housie! Pwease, wet’s gu wif mistuh!”

He looks at his sisters, the road has been long and hard since the death of their mother and he knows they try to be brave for him. He looks to the smiling man and swallows his fear as best he can, sniffles and nods.


The Mayfield Chapel is a humble building, little more than a few pews and a podium. Pastor Mark leads the foursome inside and turns on the lights, he rifles through the donation box and finds a few blankets.

“Here we are, these should keep you warm tonight.”

The three sisters look around the room in awe, but their little brother hides under a pew after spotting the crucifix at the altar.

“Huuhuu, dis pwace am scawy. Nu wanna stay hewe!”

Mark goes into the back and retrieves a box of doughnuts left over from the last AA meeting and sets them on the floor, the sisters gasp in surprise at the colorful food and summon their brother.

“Bwudda! Come wookit da pwetty nummies!”

The sugary smell draws him from his hiding place, his sisters offer him a pink doughnut and he eagerly devours it. They get him to join them in the blanket nest and they curl up together around him, Mark finds an old nightlight and plugs it into the wall.

“You all stay cozy and sleep well, I will be back in the morning to see how you are doing. Sleep well, children.”


The next day, Pastor Mark returns to the chapel early to find the foursome still asleep. They rouse as he begins turning lights on and getting the place ready for his congregation, his flock isn’t large but he still puts forth an effort.

“Hewwo, nice mistuh! Had bestest sweepies!”

Mark smiles down at the smiling yellow mare and sets down a paper bag.

“Well good morning little one, I’m glad you rested well. I brought you all some food and a few things, how are you doing my son?”

He looks to the skittish green unicorn who swallows and manages a slight smile.

“Bwankies was soft an wawnies, had gud sweepies. F-fank yuu, nice mistuh.”

Mark smiles and pets him gently, the unicorn flinches but then relaxes and coos a little. Mark reaches into the bag and pulls out a large container of oatmeal he made for them and they dig in, squealing happily as Mark reaches into the bag and pulls out four tiny white garments.

“Now I know you aren’t used to being around people but if you want to stay, I could use help with my parishioners. I made these little gowns for you to wear if you would like them?”

The blue pegasus looks up from her meal and sniffs the gown, smiling at Mark.

“Nice mistuh make cwothes fow fwuffeh? Wan twy!”

Mark gingerly slips the gown on her and she squeals in delight.

“Pwetty! Wookit nice dwessy!”

The others look at her and then beg Mark for their own gowns, he slips them on and they bounce around all happy as their brother reluctantly agrees to wear one too. The sisters hug him tight and tell him how cute he is and he smiles bashfully.

“Now you all need some proper names, hmmm, how about Mary, Claudia, Julia and Abel.”

Mary the blue pegasus goes wide eyed, as do her sisters Claudia the yellow earthy and Julia the purple unicorn before uttering in unison.

“Fank yuu daddeh, wuv nyu name!”

Abel the green unicorn more mumble his response, still wary and skittish. Mark finishes preparing for his congregation and soon people start turning up, the sisters all rush to meet them as they enter.

“Hewwo! Su happy tu haf yuu in sky-daddies housie!”

They are surprised to see fluffies greeting them, but are enamored of their sunny dispositions and adorable gowns. More people arrive and fill the pews after being greeted by Pastor Mark and the sisters, Abel is getting nervous as more people crowd into the building and hides behind the altar.

“Huuhuu, tuu many hoomins! Abew nu wike!”

Mark notices him cowering and so do his sisters, they come over to hug on him and Mark ushers him into a little closet with a blanket pile.

“It’s alright Abel, you can stay here and watch. I’ll leave the door open a little, you just relax.”

Abel sniffles and nods as Mark goes to start his sermon, the crowd comes to attention and the fluffies watch as Mark draws their attention with his words. It all goes well and the crowd gathers afterwards to speak with Pastor Mark, several children gather to pet and fawn over the sisters who coo and enjoy the attention. One little girl spots Abel peering out of the closet and alerts the other children.

“Look, another fluffy! So cute!”

Abel peeps and backs into the closet as the children rush over and throw the door open, they reach in for him and he scrambles in fear as several pairs of little hands paw and pet at him.


“Nu huwt Abew! Tuu scawy!”

Pastor Mark turns to see Abel rush from the closet and bolt through the crowd, he rushes out the front door and his sisters chase after him with Mark not far behind.

“Bwudda! Come back!”

Abel scrambles around more people gathered outside and runs around the side of the building, he ducks behind the shed around back and cowers with his hooves over his eyes.

“Huuhuu, meanie wittwe hoomins su scawy! Abew nu wike hoomins!”

The sisters come find him with Mark right behind them, they gather to hug him and calm his shivers while Mark cautiously keeps his distance.

“Bwudda nu be scawed, wittwe hoomins nu mean tu gif huwties! It be otay!”

Mark frowns as Abel continues to sob, he wants to help this poor creature but realizes his fear of people will make it impossible for him to be inside with all the flock. He looks around and comes up with an idea, he opens the shed and clears a space.

“Abel, I’m sorry for letting that happen. I don’t want you to be afraid my son, you don’t have to go back inside but I don’t want you to run back into the woods either. Would you feel safe if I make you a nice place to live out here?”

Abel looks up at Mark’s soft smile and then cautiously moves over to check out the shed, he sniffs and pads around before looking back at Mark with a tearful nod. Mark smiles and pets him gently.


A couple days later Mark has finished setting up Abel’s little nest, he got a plush little bed for him and set up a little spot with some plywood set up around it to give him a sense of security. He also installed a doggy door so Abel can come and go if his anxiety gets to be too much, the sisters are all very encouraging of their brother as he acclimates to his new home. Most of the time he is calm and even wanders the yard nibbling grass, but when the parishioners begin filing in he flees to his safe place and shivers in fear of people pawing at him. His paranoia around people never goes away and Pastor Mark is the only human he lets near him, his sisters continue to work in the church and then share a fluffpile with him in the shed at night. This goes on for weeks until one night a storm rolls in as the foursome sleeps.



“Bad woud noisies!”

A bolt of lightning lights the night up followed by a crack of thunder that rattles the shed, Abel flies into an absolute panic as the sisters cower in fear and hug him tight. Rain pours down from the heavens and beats noisily upon the roof as they all tremble at the loud storm, the doors swing open just as lightning again flashes over the sky.


“Nu huwt fwuffeh!”

Pastor Mark steps into the shed in a slicker with a flashlight and crouches down to check on the siblings.

“It’s alright children, I am here. The storm is getting worse and I think you should all come home with me for the night. It is safe and warm there, come with me.”

Mary is eager to go with Pastor Mark and so are Claudia and Julia.

“Bwudda, wet’s go to nice safie housie!”

Abel is terrified beyond reason by the storm and shivers as he backs into a corner.

“N-nu! Tu scawy! Woud noisies and bwight fwashies gun gif Abew wowstest huwties!”

The sisters are conflicted, they love Abel with all their hearts but the storm is raging and Pastor Mark’s safe warm house is so inviting.

“Pwease bwudda, nu be scawedy! Mistuh Mawk nu gun wet nuffin happen! Pwease come wif sistuhs!”

Abel looks up at Claudia as she pleads with tearful eyes, trying to be brave for her brother despite her own fear. He looks up at her and his other sisters, then to Mark who holds his hands out inviting them to safety. The storm rumbles on as Abel’s heart thuds, he swallows his fear and tries to summon all his courage to be brave for his sisters, nodding and moving towards Pastor Mark. He gathers them up in his slicker and ventures out into the rain, they huddle together as rain pelts Mark while he moves across the law. Abel’s heart is racing a mile a minute as more thunder rumbles in the distance, they are almost to Mark’s house when a huge flash of lightning turns night into day and a bone jarring thunderclap reverberates through the air.



“Nu wike!”

Abel begins to squirm in panic as his sisters try to calm him down, Mark tries to hold onto him but he wriggles loose and falls to the ground out of the slicker.


“Nu wike bad wawa!”

Abel lands in a puddle and flips out as he bolts across the lawn back to the shed, sobbing as the rain beats down on him and rushing through the doggy door.

“Bwudda, come back!”

Julia tries to jump after him but Mark grabs her and turns towards the house.

“No my child, no sense in you getting wet too! Let’s get you all inside and I will come back for Abel!”

Mark heads into his house with the sisters and gets them set up in his living room, he heads back out to retrieve Abel and finds him cowering and shivering wet in the shed.

“Abel my son, please come with me and we can get you all dry.”

He reaches for the frightened fluffy and he recoils from his touch.

“NU! Am tu scawy! Jus wan stay safies an awone!”

Mark frowns at the teary eyed fluffy and pulls out a dry towel from his slicker, he wraps the shivering damp unicorn in the towel and pets him gently.

“There there my child, it will be alright.”

Mark sits with him awhile drying him as he sniffles and whimpers before finally falling asleep, he bundles him up and turns on the night light before slipping quietly out and back to the house. The sisters wait anxiously for him and gather round looking for Abel, Mark sighs and shakes his head.

“He won’t come in, but he is sleeping now. We will check on him first thing tomorrow, don’t worry.”

He gets the three sisters to sleep in a nice warm pile of blankets, but he sits up in the den worrying about Abel before finally drifting off.


The next day the four of them go out bright and early to check on Abel, they find him curled up in a corner asleep and sucking his hoof. Mark brings him some warm food as Mary gently wakes him.

“Bwudda, is bwight time. Scawy stowmy aww gone, wan come outsies?”

He rouses from sleep with a weary look, his eyes bloodshot and fluff a little matted from drying in clumps. He nibbles the food and shivers with an ache in his bones.

“N-nu, evyting out dewe su scawy! Abew jus wan be safies away fwom aww da scawy fings!”

Claudia frowns and nuzzles him as he sniffles, Mark crouches and pets him as he flinches. He pulls out a comb to try and work some of the knots out his fluff, it snags and gives a tug that sends Abel into a panic.


“Nu huwties! Weave Abew awone!”

He scrambles under the towel and blankets and sobs as the sisters try to console him, Mark tries to soothe him and pet him but he just nestles deeper into the blankets.

“Gu way! Abew nu wan huwties ow outsies! Huuhuu, jus weave awone!”

Mark sighs and ushers the sisters away, knowing Abel needs to be alone for now.

“Come along my children, it’s time to get ready for the sermon. I will bring you some lunch afterwards, Abel. Be well, my son.”

The sisters pout, but follow Mark. They all worry deeply for their brother’s well being, but there is nothing they can do for him right now.


The day goes well and the sermon ends, Claudia runs out to the shed to check on Abel and finds him in a fitful sleep. Mark urges her to let him rest and leaves a bowl of soft oats for him. Days pass and Abel become increasingly withdrawn, he will not leave the shed for any reason and has a panic attack at the sound of anyone outside. He tolerates the presence of his sisters for short visits but he just wants to sleep all the time, he only lets Mark near long enough to leave food. He brings him a litter box since he won’t leave the shed to relieve himself. It’s also become obvious he is sick from getting wet in the rain, the sisters all worry over him and continue to try and convince him to come to Mark’s house.

“N-nu, Abew nevva goin outsies evva! Jus tu scawy!”

Mark tries to give him medicine but Abel doesn’t trust it, his fear has a deep grip on him. Every day after services, the sisters return to their brother to comfort and try to coax him out. His health is rapidly deteriorating and Mark has resorted to trying to slip medicine into Abel’s food, but he always seems to find it and eat around it. He can barely sit up or keep any food down within a week and his words are weak and repetitive.

“Su scawy, nu wike. Jus wan be awone an safies.”

One day, Pastor Mark comes into the chapel to find the sisters sitting at the base of the crucifix and pleading with it.

“Huuhuu, pwease sky-daddeh, hewp bwudda! Jus wan bwudda tu be happeh an nu haf sickies ow heawt huwties!”

Mark’s heart breaks for the little fluffies who pray desperately for their brothers well being, they see him and rush over to hug his legs as he crouches to pet and hug them.

“It will be alright little ones, the lord listens to all his childrens prayers.”

He tries to reassure them but knows things look grim, all he can do is be there for his poor little flock.


The next day Mark tends to his congregation, Claudia, Julia and Mary help pass the collection plate and hand out hymnals. It goes well and soon after the sisters go to dutifully check on Abel while Mark shakes hands with his parishioners.



Mark rushes to the shed when a trio of piercing wails fill the air, he bursts in to find the three of them sobbing and surrounding Abel.

“B-bwudda! Pwease wakies! Nu time fow foweva sweepies! Nu weave sistuhs!”

Mark feels his heart sink, Abel has succumb to his illness. His fear of the world and his sickness were too much for him and he has slipped the mortal coil. He kneels to gently wrap his limp form up in the blanket and the sisters hug at his legs and sob uncontrollably as he gently strokes their fluff.

“There there, I know it’s sad but his suffering is over. He will be with the lord now.”


Mark finds a nice wooden box in storage and places Abel inside, he digs a hole in his yard near some flower beds and fashions a grave marker. He holds a service for the poor fluffy as his sisters sniffle and look on with teary eyes.

“Abel was a good fluffy, an innocent with a heart full of fear for the world. He was taken too early from us but he is at peace now, we will always remember our dear brother. May you be at rest and find your happiness, amen.”

The sisters sniffle and hug each other before they gather round and brush their hoofs against the marker.

“Guhbye bwudda, wuv yu foweva.”


The sisters grieve for their brother and mourn his loss every day, but they find peace in helping Pastor Mark with the sermons. His is proud of them, they are strong and though their hearts ache, they remain stoic and put on smiles for the congregation. As the parishioners gather one day for the sermon, Pastor Mark smiles somberly out at the gathered and takes a deep breath before he starts.

“Today I want to talk about loss, we have all experienced it and know its pain. But the lord is always with us, his love will be a guiding light in trying times. Our loved ones are at peace in his eternal grace and love and we will be reunited with them all one day. So remember when that ache of loss fills your hearts, they are always with us in our trying times.”

The flock solemnly soaks in his words, he looks to the sisters and finds them smiling at him with tears in their eyes and hope in their hearts.

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deadweight: This one took me quite some time to finish as it was rather personal to me. My Uncle recently passed away and I wrote this as a sort of catharsis, I hope you enjoy it. i hate to even bring it up but I have set up a GoFundMe for the funeral expenses and if anyone is SERIOUSLY interested in helping out, give me a pm for the link. I don't expect anyone to donate but I'm just putting it out there, stay tuned for more and I should have a new story up soon!

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Basswhooper: Dude, this was beautiful. Achingly sad, yes, but still beautiful. I'm broke as a broke-dick dog, else I'd contribute to your Uncle's fund.

God's peace be with you, man.
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deadweight: @Basswhooper: Thanks man, I appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed.
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BuzzsawMD: wow this made me feel a bit sad by the end of it its a nice story.
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deadweight: @BuzzsawMD: Thanks, I try
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Anonymous1: L O S S
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Anonymous2: This was beautiful. I’m sorry for your loss.
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ElCuCuyfeo: It was nice
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Abuser_McCuckold: Something thats not abuse.. That i enjoyed?! What have you done to me?
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Anonymous3: I was expecting that priest to abuse them but this was actually a beautiful story.
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deadweight: @ElCuCuyfeo: @Abuser_McCuckold: @Anonymous: Thanks all, means a lot to me