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Part Three: "Patheticism"

It's been a week since Angel ran away.

Life without that demanding little brat has been so much easier.

You were actually able to sleep at night!

And, as promised, you did get a cat for your daughter, Gabriel.

A magnificent cat of white coat, whom Gabriel christened "Kanna"

You cleared out Angel's old saferoom on day 2, pawning away all of her expensive fluffy stuff, and now you have a new work office.

You really are getting attached to Kanna. She never whines or complains unless she's genuinley hungry, she's a lot easier to take care of, and her love, like any loyal animal, is unconditional.

Your wife, Gina, should be home tomorrow. Right now, your lying on the couch with Kanna on your lap, purring.

That was, until you heard scratching coming from your back door. Curios, you picked yourself up and trudged to the backdoor, and opened it.


You stare at what's at your feet.

Angel, her mane and tail ruffled and messy, was at your feet, staring up at you, cheeks puffed out, with the same sickening bratty scowl on her face as a smarty.

Next to her was a scowling blue unicorn stallion, and behind the two of them, were three slightly bigger fluffies, obviously supposed to be "toughies".

You take a closer look at Angel, and you see, wriggling in her back fluff, are three chirping foals.

"DUMMEH HOOMIN! WISTEN TU SPESHUW FWEND! YU GIF AWW DA NUMMIES AN' WAWM HOUSIE, DEN YU WEAVE!" Squeaks the unicorn, obviously the smarty, waddling forward.

You stare at the toughies behind them. They seem so serious. They have that stupid look of pathetic determination in their piggish eyes. Angel notices your stare, and smiles smugly at you, obviously thinking that you were frozen in fear.

"Hee-hee, dose am toughie fwends! Dey am stwongest fwuffies in da wowdie! Dey gon' gif 'ou biggest, sowwiest owwies an' fowebah sweepies!" Angel squeaks.

"So, let me get this straight, Angel. You act like a spoiled brat, bully my daughter into giving you what you want, run away, and now here you are telling me that if I don't give your pathetic excuse of a herd our house, you'll kill me?"

Most of those words seem lost on the fluffies' tiny brains, but they seem to get the jist of it.

"Yus!" yells the Angel, as her dumbass mate, the smarty ,waddles forward some more.

While the smarty "confronts" you, Angel plops down on her fat ass, cooing to her babies.

"Coo-coo, nu cwy, gud babehs. Speshuw smawty fwend am gonna get nyu housie fow hewd, an' nummies fow miwkies!"

You stare down at the smarty fuck in front of you. He stares up at you.

It's like the most pathetic western ever.

"GIB HOUSIE NAO, HOOMIN!" The smarty yells, stamping his hoof like a spoiled child. Yeah, you get what Angel sees in him...

"Your not getting this fucking house, you little bitch" You say, leaning up against the doorway.

The smarty's face contorts in tiny anger. "GIB HOUSIE OW HAF BIGGEST OWWIES!"

You raise an eyebrow at him. "Do you really think you're able to do that, tough guy?"

"Yus! Am stwongest, bwavest smawty an' am gon' gif yu OWWIES!"

"Well come on then, Muchacho. First hit's free! Give it your best shot!"

The smarty charges (waddles) up to your leg, and starts batting your leg over and over.

"Hee-hee, Gibbin' yu owwies, dummeh! Yu gon' go fowebah sweepies..."

Ten seconds pass. He's getting slower.

"...Smawty am suuuu stwong... Hoomin mus' be fowebah sweepies nao..."

Twenty seconds. He collapses, exhausted.

"*pant* ... H-hoomin am fowebah sweepies nao... Hee-heee, am bestest smawty..."

Did he seriously think he just killed you?

You tap your foot. "You done?"

The smarty chirps in surprise before looking up to see you staring down at him, indeed alive.


"No. No you didn't"

While you leave the smarty to his existential epiphiny that he, in fact, NOT the greatest thing in the universe, you turn to the toughies, who are staring in shock that their all-knowing all-powerful smarty wasn't able to bring me down, and Angel, who is also dumbfounded that her plan to take over the house wasn't working.

You look at the sad, sorry mass of fluff in front of you.

To think that these things could even be considered worthy of being called "pet".

My god, what were you thinking?

Suddenly, the toughies yell out their battle cries (pathetic squeaks) and run at you.

You quickly react, stepping forward and yanking one of them up by their neck fat.

You hold him up to your face as he flails.


You silence the pathetic little creature by grapping it's fat neck, and winding up your arm.

"Ally-oop!" you say as he suddenly hurl the toughie across you yard.

"SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" He screams as he sails through the air.

"He's going... going.... going..."

The toughie flies over the fence, and you hear a vicious thump, a crack, and then agonized chirping coming from over the fence.

"Aaaaand gone"

The fluffies stare at you, horrified at what you had just done.

You close the backdoor behind you. "So, who's next?"

The fluffies break into a panic. They begin to scurry in all directions like the confused little miscreants they were. Angel completely abandons her babies, lying on the patio, and waddles in circles like an idiot.

You take a glance at one of the other toughies, cowering in a ball with his flimsy hooves over his eyes, chirping like a baby.

You yank that one up roughly by it's blubber as it babbles like a mentally confused whale, and hold him up.

"Alrighty, fellas. You and your incredibly intelligent smarty came here to take this house? Surely these little guys must trust their smarty right? Come on, save him! Save him!"


The smarty stops for a moment and stares up at the pathetic creature in your grip, before waddling in the opposite direction.

"Huuu, sowwy tuffy fwend! Too scawy!"


You observe the situation. This smarty is cowardly even by fluffy standards. He is clearly unloyal and will easily abandon his herd. Hmmm, we can work with this.

You slowly put down the toughie in your grip, and locate the other one, who was trying to turn invisable with his hooves. Idiots.

You round the two of them up as the smarty and Angel continue their idiocy.

"Wow, toughies! Looks like your smarty doesn't want to help you!"

The two toughies look hurt.

"W-wha?! Bu-buh smawty nee' tuffy fwends! Smawty am bestest, stwongest smawtyest smawty, an-"

You cut off their toddler-like blubbering.

"But he just refused to help you! I told him to save you and he ran away? Whaddya think that means?" You say, in a mockingly serious tone.

Some small cogs begin to slowly spin in the toughie's tiny brains.

"S-su smawty nu wike tuffies? Nu sabe? Huuu, huuuu... Am wowstest smawty evah...."

Chresus Jist, that was quick. Man, these things must have some sort of bipolar thing going on for them. Eh, not every biotoy-fish is meant to swim.

"So, what are you gonna do to the mean smarty now that you know he doesn't give two shazbats about you?"

The toughies suddenly get angry. Bi-pol-ar.


You nod in satisfaction. It's actually kind of dark how quick you can get these so-called "love machines" to turn on each other. It's like bratty children with a -1000,000 IQ drop.

You locate the smarty, who is pathetically trying to dig under the fence with his useless stumpy hooves, squealing his head off.

You yank him up, much to his displeasure, and dump him on the ground between the two fuming toughies.

Have you ever seen a fluffy fuming before? It's funny. There tiny snouts flare up and their breathing is like a toddler wheezing. It's so, so pathetically hilarious.

The smarty notices his two toughies.


He gets interrupted as one of the toughies bops him in the nose. He starts blubbering like a baby, but is interrupted again as the other toughie bucks him from behind.

The two starts beating the shit out of the smarty, knocking out his teeth, breaking his ugly little nose, even breaking one of his hind legs.

You don't know weither these things are strong fluffies or if this is just a brittle smarty, but either way, your enjoying the show.

Angel notices the commotion, and then sees her beloved mate being beaten by the two toughies.


She tries to push past the two toughies who continue to beat the everliving shit out of the sobbing smarty, who is now curled up in a ball chirping and wailing, but to no avail.

"HUUUUU, Wai nu can get tu speshuw fwend?"

You take this opportunity to give Angel some much-needed early abuse.

"Because you're a fucking idiot, Angel. You can't reach him because you're too stupid to do so!"

Angel gasps. Not one of her fake, bratty gasps. A real one.

"Bu-buh dat nu am twue! Angew am bestest, biyootifuw mummah an' speschuw fwend! Am bestest!!!"

"No your not, you little shit. You bullied my daughter, you ran away, you fucked a feral like the filthy bitch you are, and then you tried to take over the house. FUCK. YOU!"


"And you abandoned you babies"

Angel's psuedo-cute eyes suddenly widen in horror. She noticed her foals chirping on the patio for her. She breaks into a waddle towards them.


But you act quickly, and before she reaches her babies, you quickly bring your foot down on them, crushing all three of them to mincemeat.

Angel's nose collides with your shoe, and while she sobs about "wowstest nosie huwties", you lift your foot to reveal the dead, pulpy mess of her foals.

She stares at the mess, frozen in horror. Then, she slowly breaks down into a wailing, sobbing fit.


She picks up a slimy hunk of flesh and ligement and tries to hug it back to life.

You smile as you watch her, sprawling in the bloody foal-mess, sobbing uncontrolably.

Alright, you need to get rid of the toughies before they end up killing the smarty.

You reach down and pry the two toughies off of the blubbering smarty with both hands, and as they kick and chirp, you wind up both of your arms, and fling the two toughies over the tall fence, as they SCREEEEEEEE in panic, before they land with a sickening crack somewhere over the fence just like the previous toughie,

The smarty really is a mess. He bruised all over, chunks of his fluff had been ripped out, and most of his teeth are gone. He is huu-huuing in pain on one side of the patio, while the sobbing Angel is trying to hug her lixivated foals back to life.

Man, this feels good. You've never seen Angel cry real tears before. They were refreshing, too say the least.

You look at the sobbing smarty. Man, that little bastard really has to go.

You pick him up while he continues to sob in pain, and wind up your fist.

You punch him in the scrotum HARD.

"SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" He wails, kicking his useless legs in the air.

You do it again, and again, and again. Angel notices and waddles around beneath him, screaming for his special friend


You continue your relentless assault on the shitrats melons, punching them over and over as he screams himself hoarse.

Angel is a hysterical mess at this point, screaming her head off.


You kick Angel aside as you grab the smarty's sack, and yank it.

With a sickening tearing of flesh, you yank his balls and scrote clean off.


You wind up your arm once more, and with a special vigour, you hurl the smarty over the fence, but unlike his toughies, he lands on the top of the fence, crushing his tiny ribs.

He tries to scream, but his lungs are impaled by his rib bones. He eventually falls off the fence, and into the other yard to his death.

Now it's just Angel. She is absolutely broken. She is sobbing and screaming in anguish as she lies in a puddle of foal, screaming for her special friend and herd to come back.

Suddenly, the backdoor opens. It's Gabriel. She takes a look at you, then at the sobbing, pathetic Angel.

Well, this is it. Your fucked. She's gonna hate you forever, and-

Angel looks up from her torment and looks up at Gabriel, snivelling like a baby. She holds out her front legs in a "wan huggies" position.

"*Sniff* M-m-mummah Gabwiew... Huu, huuu... Munstah daddeh be w-WOWSTEST meanie munstah! G-gib hewd a-an' speshuw fwend an' g-gud babbehs AWW fowebah sweepies... Huuu, wan sketties, wuv an' WOTS of huggies..."

But Gabriel stares down at Angel with distain.

"Angel, why did you come back here?" She asks, her tone sour.

"H-hewd twy take housie f-fow haf nummies, b-buh DADDEH GIB DEM AWW FOWEBAH SWEEPIES AN-"

"Wait, so you tried to steal the house, AND you got pregnant?"

Why was Gabriel so pissed? You thought she loved that fluffy! Unless... having an actual pet like Kanna had disilluded her, and now she saw fluffies for the filty vermin they are. Hmm..

"Huuuu, jus' wan huggies, mummah. Wan gu back tu safewoom..."

Gabriel shakes her head. "Angel, you can't come home. Your saferoom is gone. And we have a new pet now. You were a BAD fluffy, Angel"

It was times like these when you felt truly proud of your daughter. Here she is, standing up for herself, just like her mother would. You smile.

Also, the look of betrayel on the bratty fluffy's doofy little face as her beloved "mummah" turns against her is what you had dreamed of all those nights she kept you awake with her constant demands.

Karma is like a boomerang with teeth. You put your shit out there, it comes right back and bites you in the arse.

Angel breaks down in tears, and collapses into her foal-puddle, sobbing and wailing in absolute distress. Everything she once had, everything she took for granted was gone.

Just then, you feel something brush up against your leg. You look down to see the cat, Kanna, purring by your feet.

Angel's teary eyes fix on the Kanna. Angel's eyes suddenly filled with rage. She stood up from her bloody mess and charged at Kanna, screaming in rage.


She barely makes it halfway, before Kanna hisses and lashes out with her claws, batting and scratching as Angel squeals in pain.

You leave Kanna to finish off Angel. Hopefully Kanna won't kill her. You want this suffering to last at least a week.

You and Gabriel head indoors while Angel begs for her mummah to save her, and you close the door.


She turns to you.

"Yeah, Dad?"

You place a hand on her shoulder.

"You okay, sweetie?"

She nods and smiles.

"Uh-huh. I'm fine. Dad"

You embrace her in a tight hug as the chaos outside continues.

"...That's my girl"


(Sorry it took so long. Thanks fer being patient!)
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SadismIsMagic666: FUUUCK I accidentely wrote "the Angel" in one part instead of just "Angel". Keep in mind, guys. Angel is NO ANGEL.

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Any chance that Angel is already pregnant again?
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Offer Angel the chance to live in house if she lets the cat eat the foals. Then, kick her ass to the curb again when she agrees.

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