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WiredandGaming: Trying some style experiments, testing out some...I guess fluffy-related fauna. Jellens are pretty standard. Fluntfies have a problem and Churpos are Churpos.

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WiredandGaming: Also a couple of micron-style fluffies ('fruit horses'/'kiwis') for good measure. They're simple and don't look a ton like ponies but I like them.

My fluntfy came out vaguely more equine than most but there's no quality assurance on your bootlegs.

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Hugboxing_Faggot: We need an epic fluffies vs. fluntfies battle. One that makes the final battle in Lords of the Rings pale in comparison in terms of size and carnage.
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Fluffocaust: Papa nurgle as flaffo

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WiredandGaming: @Fluffocaust: You know how much they shit? They'd be most welcome! He'd take the green and brown ones and just let them roam around.

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WiredandGaming: @Aliaz: Flunfties always seem to like, break...meanwhile Fluffies don't have much reach...

So yeah, new challenger Jellenheimer wins after Fluffy and Fluntfy hit a stalemate.

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Micron: I like that flunfty ponus. Seeing it has encouraged me to add more fluntfies to my current project. Also, that churpo is...disturbing. Somehow it seems so alert.
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Pinkyfluffy: Some seem the grotesque characters, of the old (very old) animated movie of the "Beatles ".

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WiredandGaming: @Micron: Aw, thanks!'s like they get infinitely worse if they're looking at you or something-
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