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´╗┐Witch Hunt (A Marauder’s Spin-Off Tale)

By Deadweight

Hey folks, Dave here. I have been rather busy with my new position at the SFCB, Sarge has kept me busy cranking out gear for his exterminators and examining some unique specimens he has encountered in the wild. I finally have a day off and am strolling through the streets of Lansing and enjoying some Fluffy Kush, apparently it’s grown by some dude with a gardenfluff and I gotta say it is some good shit! Before I know it I have wandered off the beaten path and am passing by a decrepit church when I hear some noises from inside.

“Huuhuu, pwease sky-daddeh, wai nu gif nummies? Am gud fwuffies!”

Oh goody, some playmates! It has been too long since I have been able to indulge in my dark games with an unsuspecting herd and I’m not one to ignore it when opportunity knocks! I glance inside to see dozens of ragged looking ferals pawing and begging at a cross for food, fall has settled in and vegetation is getting scarce outside. But I cannot help but take advantage of their stupidity for my own amusement, I step inside and clear my throat to get their attention.


“Nu huwt fwuffies!”

I put my hands up and approach slowly to put them at ease, formulating my plan as I try to appear non threatening.

“Easy now, I’m not here to hurt you. I just heard you talking about food and I want to help.”

They seem to relax when I mention helping with food and I have to fight a grin.

“Mistuh know howtu get nummies? Pwease hewp! Haf biggest tummeh huwties!”

I let a smile slip out as I settle on a plan, seeing as Halloween is right around the corner I come up with a good one.

“Well I’ve seen this kind of thing before, you are good god fearing fluffies and sky-daddy wouldn't abandon you without a reason and I can think of only one. There is a witch amongst you.”

They look at me ignorantly before a blue and brown pegasus speaks up.

“W-wussa wisch? Am dat nummies?”

I shake my head and sit in the front pew as they gather round.

“A witch is an evil person who uses dark magic, they work for the devil and torment god fearing souls like you!”

They peep in fear and huddle together in a group hug, I smile as I scan the group for a likely candidate and settle on a unicorn with a scar on its face.

“Look! He has the mark of the devil, he must be the witch!”

They all scatter away from him and look hurt and betrayed, he looks shocked and confused.

“N-nu! Fwuffeh nu am wisch! Jus wan nummies!”

The others are afraid and some express their doubt, I look around and spot an old baptismal tub.

“We must test him to be sure!”

I go in the back and find a sink, testing the knobs it groans and bangs and spews some rusty looking water. I find a bucket and start filling the tub with the murky water, once it’s full enough I grab up the unicorn and he flails and panics as he sees the water.

“A witch will float in water, if he floats he is a witch. But if he sinks then he is innocent, should we try?”

The others look on afraid and unsure, but the hunger pains are driving them to try anything and one by one they reluctantly nod. I grin and drop the unicorn into the tub.



“Nu wike bad wawa!”


I watch him flail and paddle, his fluff getting waterlogged and dragging him lower and lower. The herd watches on with tears in their eyes, hunger has driven them to this extreme and they are torn. I have no such qualms though as I watch the delicious panic in the unicorns eyes as water fills his mouth and nose and he is dragged under, bubbles breaching the surface until his lungs fill with water and a slick of piss and shit floats to the top.

“Looks like he was innocent after all, it’s a shame he had to suffer but at least we know now.”

The herd hug in a group and cry over their fallen friend as I hide my delight and formulate my next step.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, but there is still a witch among you and we must get rid of it! Don’t worry, I will help you find it. I just need to go get a few things to help, you all stay here and be brave and I will be back!”

I leave them huddled together and sobbing, I leave the unicorn floating in the tub as a reminder of their situation and rush off to get what I need.


I return an hour later to find them still terrified and shivering in a fluffpile.

“Huuhuu, nu wan bad wisch, jus wan nummies!”

I smile and step in as they look up and all file over to me, hoping for a solution to their predicament.

“Poor little fluffies, I think you should try praying to sky-daddy one more time. Maybe he will show mercy on you for your faith.”

They look at me and cock their heads before they turn and huddle around the cross.

“Pwease sky-daddeh, fwuffies wuv yu! Pwease nu wet haf tummeh huwties nu mowe, nu am wisch!”

I smile as they prostrate themselves at the cross while I reach into my pocket, while they are distracted I toss a handful of candy into the air and let it rain down on them.


“Whussat? Ish dat nummies?”

They turn and sniff at the candy corn and circus peanuts I've thrown at their feet, some of the most horrible candy I could find to feed them.

“Look! Sky-Daddy has graced your faith with manna from heaven! Rejoice and feast!”

They squeal in delight and begin devouring the candy, I can see the look of distaste on their faces as they gobble up the awful treats. Most of them just ignore the flavor as they are just happy to finally have food, but one purple and green earthy wrinkles his nose.

“Deese nummies nu taste pwetty, fwuffeh nu wike!”

I can see several others wanting to express the same opinion, so I intervene.

“You dare reject a gift from sky-daddy? Blasphemer! You must be the witch!”

The others gasp and back away in fear, he looks around in a panic as they speak in hushed tones.

“N-nu! Nu am twue, fwuffeh nu am wisch! Jus nu wike nu taste pwetty nummies!”

He sobs and pleads his innocence and I’m fighting a smile the whole time.

“You reject his blessing again?! You foul servant of the beast, you must be punished!”

I reach into the bag I’ve brought with me and pull out a length of thin rope, the earthy goes wide eyed and tries to make a break for it

“Don’t let the witch get away!”

The others spring into action and surround him, they are still unsure but they don’t want to appear guilty themselves.

“Nu! Wai fwiends doin dis? Fwuffeh nu do nuffin wong!”

I fashion the rope into a noose as the earthy looks on pissing himself in terror, the herd pushes him toward me while hiding their tears as he pleads. I sling the rope over a rafter and crouch down to grab him by the scruff.

“You have been found to be a wicked servant of the devil, witches must be dealt with in the most harsh manner.”

I secure the noose around his neck as he sobs and begs his friends for help.

“Fwiends, nu do dis! Nu amma wisch, pwease hewp fwuff-ACK!”

I tug the rope as his eyes go wide and lift him clean off the ground, he flails in the air and bats at the rope with his hoofs. The others look away in shame or look on in horror as he dangles and pisses as the rope crushes his throat, he gasps fruitlessly as his nose begins to bleed and his thrashing weakens. His eyes bulge and become bloodshot before rolling back, his hoofs drop and he gives a few weak twitches before going limp and shitting all over the floor. I let him dangle for a moment before dropping his lifeless corpse unceremoniously into the puddle of waste, his lifeless eyes staring accusingly at the herd.

“The deed is done, if he truly was the witch than your hardships will be over. Blessed be the faithful.”

They huddle and sniffle and I leave the corpse for a few minutes to let the horror really sink in, after awhile they calm down and I bag up the strangled earthy and the drowned unicorn. This game is too much fun to quit now and I’m already eagerly awaiting the next playdate, I wait until they are distracted before I throw some more candy.

“Sky-Daddy has blessed you for your faith once more! Truly bounteous is he!”

They scramble to stuff their faces with the awful candy and I smile as they praise their good fortune.

“Fank yuu sky-daddeh, fwuffeh wuvs yuu!”

I grin and pack up my things for the day as they busily gobble the treats all up.

“You are all good, faithful fluffies. You enjoy those blessing and I will be back tomorrow to check on you!”

They hardly take notice of me as I turn and leave with a grin, speaking under my breath.

“That's right, eat up you stupid fucks.”


The next day I return with a spring in my step, humming to myself as I enter the church with my bag of goodies.

“Good morning my faithful little fluffies, how are we today?”

I wander into the chapel to find them covered in vomit and shit, sobbing and weeping.

“Huuhuu, fwuffeh haf wowstest tummeh huwties! Wai sky-daddeh do dis tu fwuffeh?”

It’s so hard to stifle a chuckle as I watch the fluffies squirm in discomfort, I spiked the candy with just enough ipecac and laxatives to make their night very uncomfortable. That is, most of the candy.

“Oh no, this is not good! This can only be the work of a witch! It must still be amongst you!”

They groan as they stand on shaky legs and look suspiciously at each other, I look around and point to a yellow and red pegasus who seems unaffected by the drugs. She is the one lucky enough to have eaten the untainted candy as I hoped would work out.

“That one hasn’t been felled by illness, she must be the witch who cast this mallady on you all!”

The accused pegasus immediately freaks out and begins defending herself.

“Dat nu twue! Fwuffeh wuv fwiends! Nu kno wai nu haf tummeh huwties wike fwiends buh nu do dis!”

The herd circle her, the fearful uncertainty they had yesterday is replaced with anger and resentment.

“Fwuffeh nu am fwiend, yousa meanie wisch! Bad fwuffeh nu gun gif nu mowe huwties!”

The sentiment is echoed by the others as they glare angrily and advance on her.

“Nu! Stay way fwom fwuffeh, nu am wisch!”


“Nu wike bad upsies!”

I grab the pegasus and proceed to tie her to a board on her back, she struggles against her restraints as I pull another board from my bag and lay it on top of her. The others look on confused as I step outside and return with an armful of rocks, dumping them on the floor.

“This is how the church used to force a confession from a witch, you tie them down and place rocks on top of the board until they confess. Who amongst you righteous will place the first stone?”

I place the board over the sobbing pegasus as the herd mumbles, a blue and pink earthy steps forward with a scowl and starts rolling one of the stones up onto the board.

“Huuhuu, pwease nu huwt fwuffeh! Am fwiend!”

A red and pink unicorn moves over and places another stone before admonishing the pegasus.

“Nu am fwiends, am meanie wisch! Teww fwuffeh da twuwf!”

The pegasus sobs and thrashes as one by one the herd steps up to place a stone, her breathing is getting labored as the weight mounts. The willingness of the herd to punish their former friend is a far cry from the fearful huddle I found yesterday, I can’t help but be amused at the pained expression of the betrayed pegasus as tears stream down her face. Her breathing is becoming shallow as more and more rocks are rolled on top of her by her former friends.

“Teww da twuwf! Say yu am wisch!”

They spit venomous accusations at the helpless pegasus, an orange and blue earthy roles one last stone onto the board when a sound fills the chapel.



Her ribs break under the weight and the sharp bones pierce her soft organs, her eyes are wide in pain as she begins bleeding internally. It isn’t long before she fades and stills, the life draining out of her. I look to the herd and shake my head.

“The punishment has been administered, but we did not get a confession. She may have been the witch, but it may still be here. Be wary my faithful friends.”

They all share a nervous look as the realization of what they have just done to one of their friends sinks in. I reach into my bag and pull out a few soft blankets and some food.

“This should ease your troubled minds for tonight, I need to go soon but I promise I will be back tomorrow. Just fill your bellies, keep each other safe and get some rest.”

I clean up the rocks, boards and the crushed pegasus as the herd gathers around the bowl to eat, I give them all some reassuring pets and sit with them while they say some prayers to sky-daddy. Before long they are getting sleepy, I get them all to gather on the blankets and they coo as they nuzzle the soft fabric.

“Sweet dreams little fluffies, I will be back tomorrow!”

I walk out with a grin at the prospects tomorrow will bring.


The next day is Halloween, Sarge has a job coming up so I have to wrap this little game up. But I have a big finale planned, I walk into the church with a big smile and greet my flock.

“Hello my little friends, how are we today?”

The herd is in misery, covered in sores and skin lesions and rolling around trying to scratch the maddening itches.

“Huuhuu, fwuffeh haf wowstest itchies! Nu wan huwties nu mowe!”

I grin as I watch them writhe in agony, the irritants I sprayed the blankets with are working like a charm.

“Oh no not another curse! The witch is growing in power!”

They whimper in pain from the sores as I glance over at a set of earthy triplets that seem unaffected, no doubt they shared the one blanket I didn’t treat with the irritants.

“Look! Those three are in perfect health! They must be the witches!”

The heard look to them with angry glares, no more doubt or hesitation remains in them what must be done.

“Get da wisches! Nu wet dem get away!”

The herd rushes the three with seething anger and the triplets make a mad dash for the door.


“Weave fwuffies awone, nu did dis tu fwiends! Nu am wisches!”

I block their path and that gives the herd the opportunity to pounce them, pinning them down and shouting angry insults at them.

“Hold them down while I arrange their punishment!”

They sob in absolute terror as I smile and grab out my goodies, I tell the herd to bring the trio out back where I get busy setting up. I pull out three small wooden stakes and hammer them into the ground in a row, I then gather some dry leaves and sticks to set around the base of each. The herd push the triplets towards me without hesitation, eager to be rid of their alleged tormentors and I grab the first and begin lashing her to the stake.


“Pwease wet fwuffeh go, nu am wisch! Fwuffeh pwomise!”

I just give her a sly smile before repeating the process with the other two, soon they all thrash and wriggle against the twine as I begin spreading kerosene all over the tinder beneath them. I then fashion three small torches and light them, the fire fills the triplets eyes with fear.

“You three stand accused of witchcraft, you have been found guilty of tormenting your herd with evil intent and will now receive your punishment! Who among you righteous will carry out their sentences?”

The herd mumble to each other before two unicorns and an earthy step forward, I grin at the look of betrayal on the faces of the triplets and loosely prop the torches up at the base of the stakes. There is no remorse left in the eyes of the herd as the three step up and scowl at the condemned.

“P-pwease, fwiends nu do dis! Fwuffeh nu am wisch, nu gif buwnie huwties!”

The unicorns and earthy are unmoved by their pleads, the suffering they have endured this week have turned them cold. They reach out and tap the torches, toppling them over onto the tinder.



‘Nu wan buwnie huwties!”

The kerosene soaked tinder erupts in bright flames and the triplets thrash violently at their restraints, the flames lick at their hoofs and their fluff begins to singe as they become ever more panicked. Soon the fire spreads over their fluff and they go up in brightly colored fireballs.


I watch in delight as they thrash and scream as fire covers them, the herd is unmoved by their weakening pleas. The thrashing and screams stop before too long as they inhale fire and their lungs and larynx become burnt, effectively suffocating them. They go limp as all the fluff burns away and the smell of roasting flesh fills the small yard, eyes pop and sizzle as the herd watch on. I smile and retrieve a small cylinder with a biohazard symbol on it.

“The punishment has been carried out, the witches are gone! Praise be unto sky-daddy and his faithful children!”

I pop open the cylinder and dump a pile of steaming spaghetti onto the ground.



The remaining herd gather and eagerly devour the noodles while their former friends continue to burn, I smile and watch with delight as they ignore the burning corpses to stuff their faces.

“Fank yu sky-daddeh! Fwuffies wuv y-ACK! F-fwuffeh nu can bweave!”

I grin and laugh out loud as the fluffycide laced noodles begin to work, closing their throats and hardening their stool to the point of rupturing their bowels. They look up at my with panicked pleas for help.

“You stupid fucking shit-rats, there was never any witch. You idiots went along with everything I said like gullible little assholes and have helped me kill half your friends! That makes you all the true evil here, you are all rotten little morons!”

They all gasp for air or double over in agony as their hard stool rips through their intestinal walls, soaking in the utter betrayal as I just grin and delight in their agony.

“I had fun with you all, I had more planned but work calls and I had to cut this short. I hope your last few minutes are ungodly agonizing, Happy Halloween fucktards!”

I kick some sand on the smoldering triplets to douse the fire and gather up my toys, humming as I walk off without a glance back at the suffering herd. God I missed this, I really need to make sure I give myself some more me time. I’m out the front door and humming a tune to myself when Sarge sends me a text, I smile and start heading back to HQ.

“Duty calls.”



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deadweight: I am a few days late, but Happy Halloween regardless! I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for more stories!
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Ukrainsylvania: ....there’s vomit on the fluffs already, Daves spaghetti.
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Anonymous1: @Ukrainsylvania: You just won the internet
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Fluffwit: Fuck you, circus peanuts are awesome and now I want some D:

In all seriousness, this was AMAZING! Late Halloween gift!
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deadweight: @Fluffwit: So did my grandpa, but you're both wrong. But seriously, thanks, I appreciate it.