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The great fluff continuum chapter 2
The slamming of garage door scarred the shit (some literally) out of the seven now trapped fluffies. Their screams of shock and terror fill you with glee unlike anything else could. The brown “thoughie” (lol) looking more dejected than anything else. You suspect he knew this would happen from the moment you made the offer but was to scared of the smarty to not follow the herd. You almost feel bad for him...almost. You snatch up the seven pint sized fuckers one by one and place them on your workbench and strap them down. Each one is now imobile. The smarty and his bloated pregnant dam on your right side and the rest on the other. “Ok” you start to speak over the cacophony of “huu huus”. “Ooooooookkkkkkkkkk shut up!” They oblige. “Ok then my dear fluffies-i’m-we’re gonna play a game.

“Went smawty go dumme-screeeeeeeeee!” His demands cut short by a hard flick to the nose. Blood started to flow from his pathetic nostrils. Ok listen up because if you do i might not give you…”foweva sleepies” (you paused to instill even more fear). The huuing and pleads for survival are so fucking grating. “Shut up” you scream. I said listen and you might not get “foweva sleepies”. We’re going to play a game with you five you say pointing to the shitrats on your left. A game of betrayal, pain and luck. But a game that if you win...i’ll let you go. Does that sound good. The five respond with hope in there high pitched voices “otay” “that sound good nice mistah” “yus”. Ok then i’ll give you each a number and you better remember them ok? The fluffies all respond with yes. “Not you two” you yell at the smarty and his dam. “You two shut the fuck up and wait your turn.”

Ok lets see our competitors you think to yourself. You point at the five and give them each a number in ascending order. 1 is 1. 2 is 2. 3 is 3. 4 is 4. And 5 is 5.

1. A pink,brown mane unicorn mare with sparse dark pink stripes on her body. A pattern prevalent in one in every five thousand fluffies it could be worth alot but the color combo is atrocious, and not to mention you’ve got more than enough cash anyways.
2. The brown and gray earthie thoughie from earlier, he’s slightly bigger than the rest but seeing as the average adult fluffy is as big as a’s not that impressive.
3. A blue pegasus mare with a dark blue mane. You figure that since she’s the only one looking at the smarty she must be one of his side mares. Fucking bitch i hope you die first you think to yourself.
4. A Blue pegasus mare with and aquamarine mane. Hmmm related? “Hey bitc-i mean three, is she your sister? “Yesh she am fwees sissy.” she says with fear filled voice. You chuckle internally. Even better you think to yourself.
5. A red and yellow unicorn stallion. Unremarkable you say aloud.

Ok fluffies before we even start this game i going to give one of you “forever sleepies”. Gasps and sounds of panic erupt before being ended by a scream “shut the fuck up or i’ll kill all” you say pointing at the whole lineup. They all do. I’m gonna take this dice and roll it...whatever number it lands on will get forever sleepies. You shake it in your hand and roll it. “A six...shit well guess i'll just reroll it” you say with a smile. You pick it up and shake it again then let it decide one of the fluffies fates.
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Lokiprime662: A little short but if you guys want longer chapters just say so and i'll oblige.

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Author_Akatsuki: I think you might be misspelling "Toughie". I keep seeing tHoughie. Also, I may be called a grammartard, but in the sentence "You suspect he knew this would happen from the moment you made the offer but was to scared of the smarty to not follow the herd." the "to" before "scared" should be "too". Ex: "You suspect he knew this would happen from the moment you made the offer but was TOO scared of the smarty to not follow the herd."

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Lokiprime662: @Author_Akatsuki: Thanks for the grammar corrections(not sarcastic btw). Other than grammar what did you think?
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TheFoalFryer: Will there be cannibalism?

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Lokiprime662: @TheFoalFryer: Spoiler alert:yes there will be...eventually.
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