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Alright everyone welcome to Carly Shade’s Fluff and Stuff, you know me, Ms. Shade, fluffy breeder and entrepreneur. Now with Thanksgiving just around the corner I thought I’d give you folks a little video showing how to make your holiday even more special.

Now, this is Gobbler, he has been with with me for almost a year now and yes he is a normal fluffy, despite what his size may tell you. With a diet of my nutrient rich kibble and supplement since birth, which you can purchase on the supply page of my website, Gobbler here has swollen to a good 60 pounds, wow aint that alot of fluffy. But as you can tell it aint fat, but muscle and tissue, causing the fluff not just to be big, but to be proportional.

Now you’ll wanna lay down a lot of plastic, cause this next few parts can get a bit messy. First I’m going to roll Gobbler onto his back, this isn’t something you should do with breeder fluffies or pets, their weight often crushing their own spine, but I’ll be quick. Now place a hand on the diaphragm and another just below it. Now, this is a bit tricky but with your ring and middle finger run your hand down the belly, you should feel a large pulsing tube under the skin, the small intestine. Now follow the organ backup and once you reach the top press down firmly and move downwards. This is to force all the shit out of the fluff beforehand so make sure to move well out of the way.

Okay, so now the Gobbler is cleaned out we’re going to flip him back over, let him breathe while we fill out tub. You’re going to want the tub to be very clean and filled only with water and no chemicals, and that the water is warmer than the air but not hot, keeping our friend here calm. If you’re a veteran to my videos you know all my fluffies have been trained to tolerate bathes with not too much fuss, and Gobbler here is not any different. After he has taken a few breaths I’m going to lift him and move him down onto the floor and into the tub.

These next steps are very vital, I am taking care to gently wash his mouth and then his arse and tail, making sure he is clean before even setting up the electric razor. I always take the time to make sure my fluffies are calm for this bit, you never want to risk nicking the skin and causing panic or contamination. Gobbler here has been shaved every three weeks for most of his life, as you can see in my Making of the Fluffy Mattress video, making him very tolerant of my actions. But most fluffies will panic or at least complain, but a good threat of the sorry stick or simply a nose or ear flick is a good substitute.

Now I will wash the fluff later, but for now I’m going to lift this big guy onto the tray here and back onto the table. Oof, there we go. Okay, now this part can be messy, but this part is always up for interpretation and experimentation, but I’ll show you the tried and true method.

First you’ll take out a clean and very sharp knife, I use a serrated one as it’s usually easier against the bone. Gobbler knows not to struggle, don’t you boy, but you’ll still want to place an elbow on his back before you make the first cut. Normally when pillowing you can use a cigar cutter or a pair of cat nail clippers on foals, but on Gobbler here we have to go big. Go as close to the body as you can and push down, in a swift motion. Fluffy flesh is notoriously easy to cut and the bones easy to break, but you’ll still want to be methodical.
As you saw, the second cut is the hardest as your fluffy is now aware of what is going on, but the third and fourth are relatively easy as your fluffy has usually given up at that point as you can see with Gobbler.

Now normally when pillowing a pet or breeder I cauterize using a lighter, burning the flesh and then removing the scab and repeating until the wound stops bleeding. But with this case simply take a bowl of 2 parts water and 1 part salt, and rub the wound down with a rag soaked in it. Expect screaming.

Now as you can see most fluffies revert to “hu” or simply chirping, their tiny brains incapable of handling what has happened to them, as shown by out friend hear, right Gobbler? Oh, my idiotic boy… let us continue.

I like to use a rub down of beef broth and other spices, a mix I made yesterday and have been heating over the last hour. With how big he is, I use a freshly bought paint brush to dip and spread over the body, starting at the neck, down the back and the sides. The mix is much hotter than the water was, and might elicit more screaming as the skin of your fluffy puckers under the heat. Let it dry before reapplying to the top of your fluffy, I usually repeat this process about three times before flipping and applying the mix to the belly.

About 10 minutes have passed since I rubbed Gobbler down and while he is a peeping mess, he is still alive. Keeping him alive is very, very important. Now, I’m going to gently open Gobbler’s mouth using these rubber sticks to keep it open, being very careful not to break his job. Luckily fluffy teeth are easy to remove so gently reach in and pull each tooth out. This is a very important step, but can be done at any time. Now I’m going to lift up Gobbler’s head and pour the rest of the mix into him, letting the mix seep into his insides.

Now for a fun part, remove the rubber sticks and go to the other end of your fluffy. Rub one of the sticks in melted butter, before pushing it inside your fluffies arse stretching him gently. Oh! Now that’s surprising, as you can see Gobbler is speaking again, although without teeth I’m not entirely sure what he is saying. Most fluffies are gone at this point, only crying or peeping like a foal. After he is stretched I’m going to take these chopped and buttered veggies, pushing them inside him with the stick. You can use your fingers, but I prefer the stick.

Ah, for those of you at home, Gobbler is saying “no huwt, no huwt, no huwt” and “wan die” on repeat as far as I tell. He is in what professionals call the death spiral, it is rare for a fluffy to say the word “death” or “die” and only overexposed fluffies begin the DS. And most of the time there is no way, and no real point in getting them out of it. Often it’s cheaper to just get a new fluffy and try again, right Gobbler?

Now back to work, I usually pour the last of the melted butter over the back of the fluffy before moving them into the oven. It’s been preheated already to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, so just open the oven and move the tray inside. I have the full video of the 2 hour cooking process, but here are the highlights. The skin will slowly heat and blister, the leftover butter bubbling on the skin. Some fluffies will try to struggle, but in this method Gobbler is stuffed to the brim and is DSing and has given up.

Next the eyeballs will begin to shrivel or simply explode in Gobbler’s case the inner part of the socket beginning to cook now. It’s hard to tell on film, but Gobbler is still alive even after the last forty minutes.

After about twenty more minutes, his brain is now cooked within his skull at least partially and Gobbler has passed. The reason keeping the fluffy alive until cooking is so important is because when killed to early the flesh will either dry out or even begin to sour, losing that rich flavor the meat is known for. For those of you who have never tried fluffy meat it usually tastes a bit like pork or beef, depending on the age of the fluffy, and in making it makes a unique meal for any upcoming event.

Tune in next week for my next video showing how to make a minimalistic and still amazing safe room for your fluffies.
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Fluffwit: This is awesome

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RevMe: Good piece — the only thing I'd say to improve it is that it might be nice to have heard from Gobbler himself throughout the ordeal.

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IGotIdeas: Oh fuck nearly forgot thanksgiving is a thing.

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FluffyPuncher: yum. Makes me miss that fluffy cooking guy.

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Roguesoul: Hey, thank you to everyone who read please check out The Life and Times of Gobbler, the side story to this well side story

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Roguesoul: @RevMe: hey thanks for reading and I actually wrote a side story to this with Gobblers POV
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