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“Um mummah?” Fuck… I let out a sigh and save my document before looking down at the green fluffy. She was looking at the floor, rubbing her foreleg lightly. Nervous… good I suppose.

“Yes, Bailey, what do you want?” I tilt my head slightly, and smile sarcastically.

“Baiwey…. Baiwey wan babbehs, wan be mummah!” Crap, how in hell did she… goddamnit Karen my sitter must have mentioned it...I let out a breath…

“Bailey, I already have you to take care of-”

“Baiwey pwotect babbehs, an teach them wules, and evewyting!” I narrow my eyes, as she cuts me off, shouting, she looks down nervously. “sowy mummah, Baiwey no mean to shout.”

I let out a breath, hard to say anything to that face… I look it over, I could sell the babies, I mean breeding fluffies is an ever growing market. I look over my apartment, I could use that money…

“Okay Bailey, listen up,” I say, snapping my finger to get her to look at me, “I will let you have babies-”

“Weawwy, mummah wet Baiwey be mum-” I slam my hand against the desk, happily watching Bailey jump. She shook, but thankfully didn’t piss herself.

“Bailey,” I raise my eyebrows, “If you interrupt me one more time, you WILL get the sorry stick AND I won’t let you have babies, understand.”

She shakes and nods, biting her lip. I reach down and muss her blue mane. “Bailey I will let you have babies, I will find you a ‘special friend’ but you MUST take care of them and teach them all of the rules.”
“Ahways wisten to mummah, ahways make good poopies in the witter box, and ahways stay eitha with mummah oh in safe woom.” She recites them quickly, as on protacal with the training. She looks up, and smiles, “Tank you mummah, tank you foh wetting Baiwey haf babbehs.”

I sigh, “You’re welcome, Bailey… but remember,” I reach down and tilt her head up, “If one babbeh breaks any of the rules I will give ALL of them forever sleepies, do you understand?”

“NU NU GIVE BABBEHS FOWEVA SWEEPIES!!!” she shouts loudly, trotting backwards and into the wall. I stand and walk over quickly before crouching and clamping her screeching mouth shut.

“I WON’T let you have any babies if you don’t SHUT THE HELL UP!” i let go of her mouth and she shivers and nods frantically.

“B-baiwey undastand, Baiwey teach babbehs, no wet them haf fo-foweva sweepies…” I notice drops of water on the ground, crying seriously. Ugh what the hell have I gotten myself into. I let a breath and ruffle her mane again.

“Good girl, now mummah has work to do finding you a ‘special friend’ now clean this up, got it?” I boop her nose and stand, walking back to my desk.

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IGotIdeas: I give it Nocturn's seal of approval.
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Anonymous1: i like it! love hate hate love kind of thing.
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LORD: Interesting, very interesting indeed. Looking forward to see what happens next

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Hugboxing_Faggot: Interesting definition of hugbox you have there.

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FluffyPuncher: must be from before fluffies became a pest species.
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