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Da God-Daddeh

Sirens wailed and lights flashed in the bustling city as a trio of Fluffies made their way through the dark, wet streets. A stallion mumbled incoherently to himself as he was dragged by his forelegs across the pavement into an alleyway by two silent, race-horse looking Fluffies who stoically ignored his struggles and the stench of fecal matter and urine that had smeared on his underside from him being beaten to a bloody pulp and hauled across the pavement that had torn off the fluff on his legs and knees, beginning to scrape the skin raw as the neon yellow green Fluffy gave choked sobs from the pain.

When his vision had refocused he found he had been dragged into a literal hole in the wall that had been stuffed with all sorts of comfortable bedding that most Fluffy Ponies could only dream of getting their hoof pads on. To his left stood a few of the silent, long limbed guards who looked down at him with bemused contempt. To his right was a Puffy Griffon, dressed up like a Flapper with a shimmering sequin doll dress and a feather headband that used some of her own feathers, albeit painted and covered in glitter to stand out from the rest of her plumage-her look was much more easily to tell disgust. And between the two was a desk made of a textbook, and a swivel chair belonging to a Barbie Play House that promptly swung around to reveal a figure the Stallion dreaded to see.

Mistah Big.

An ironic name, given the Alicorn was a runt and barely came up to the Stallion's eyes, let alone his mute and monstrous guards who would occasionally yawn and reveal rows upon rows of sharp, even fangs. The Alicorn was a handsome silvery black color, and he wore a red children's bowtie that was still a few sizes too big on him. In one of his hoofpads was a broken kazoo that he held like a cigar, the Alicorn raising an eyebrow at the stallion before he'd extend his hoof. In an instant the Stallion was smooching and kissing his tiny hoof-pad like his life depended on it-and if Mistah Big summoned you, it often did. Eventually he'd retract his hand and wipe it off on his chest, taking a quick puff of his 'cigar' and exhaling softly as he'd look back up at the Unicorn stallion before him.

"Yu is knowin' why I is summonin' yu?" he inquired in a high, squeaky voice. The Unicorn's eyes flitted back and forth to the stoic Fluffs beside him, then looked back at Mistah Big with a pleading sort of look as if he had the answer. Mistah Big would lean forward onto his 'desk' and glare at the Stallion before him.

"It because ub mah dawteh, Wemon Wime..." he remarked with an edge in his voice, Lemon Lime feeling the growing danger as the Fluffy Guards would crack their necks, the joints audibly popping as they'd sniffle a bit-and unlike many Fluffy Ponies, they didn't end up throwing out or breaking their necks to boot. Eventually Lemon Lime's composure snapped and he leaped onto the textbook, sobbing and pleading loudly that he hadn't done anything to his daughter, and that he was certain he didn't even know his daughter.

Within seconds Mistah Big's enforcers were upon him, putting him in a choke-hold as he gagged and pawed at their limbs as he desperately tried to catch his breath-the crushing force on his windpipe let up juuuust enough for him to get small sips of air, every breath an audible wheezing fight against the powerful muscles that held him tight and his eyes bugged out of his skull. When he stopped struggling, he was gently lowered back to the ground as he coughed and sobbed a bit, rubbing his bruised neck as Mistah Big continued.

"Yu hab quite a wacket goin' on fwum wut ah been hearin' a hoooooowe buncha stawwions and mawes doin' speciaw huggies fer yer speciaw nummehs. I despise dat, as yu kno...." he began, idly crushing a small Silverfish that scampered across the textbook for emphasis, Lemon Lime audibly gulping as Mistah Big slowly sunk back into his chair before continuing "...bu' I am not awwowwed tu barj in on odda Fwuffy's biznizzes widdout a weason, no mattew how wow dey sink, an I woulda weft yu be...untiw ya stawted eyin' mah babbeh giwl..."

With that he'd 'snap' his hoofpad by roughly smacking the textbook, a teary eyed Pegasus mare emerging from the darkness and hatefully glaring back at the drug dealing Unicorn. She was a dull pinkish purple color, a few portions of her looking recently beaten up and swollen from the stallion's abuse, and eventually her lip quivered as she spat at him and buried her face into the nearby Puffy Griffon's chest, who pulled her into a hug and unsheathed her talons in his direction but otherwise stayed put. Mistah Big himself seemed about ready to crush his kazoo flat before he got his composure back, calmly telling him what he had heard.

"Yu met hew in wun ub da Huggie-Baws down town whewe she was habin' fun wit' her fwens. Yu gu and shmooze her up, fwiwt wit' 'er..." he began quite calmly, though his tone took an icy turn as he continued with "...bwing 'er owt back whiwe she outta it, twy to sneak in a dwug ow tu...she a smawt giwl, kno what yu twyin' ta puww, and den ya hit her. Ya hit her and pounded hew into da gwound, and yu gabe her bad speciaw huggies. When yu was dun, you hoped to weab her fow da Meow Meow ow Barkeh Munstahs...but 'oo didn't count on Mawionne findin' hew, or dat she weren't nu nowmal dame...she wuz MAH BABBEH!"

By now the Stallion's lips were quivering in terror, his bowels dry heaving a bit as whatever he had left dribbled out of him. He began pulling out every kind of excuse he could as tears began to flow from his eyes as he desperately tried to explain himself. "N-Nu! Wemon Wime nu gib bad speciaw huggies, was bad darkeh fwuff, wit' spawkwy tingies an-an-and shtuff! Wemon Wime wuz dwunk! Nu kno what he hab been doin', pwease Mistah Big, don-"

In a flash the runty Alicorn lunged forward and struck the larger Unicorn, sending him reeling back from the force of the blow as the Hunting Friend Enforcers gave guttural growls and bared their fangs at the 'Huu-Huuing' Unicorn. Mistah Big thought for a second on the appropriate punishment for the rapist Unicorn, and eventually gave his decree.

"Gib him da Choka' an' PiwwowFwuff tweatment, and den da Wock Hoofsvies..."

The Unicorn screeched in horror and tried to toddle away, but he was effortlessly pinned and dragged outside of the hole by the Hunting Friends as he clawed at the ground and wailed loudly for mercy. The Puffy Griffon was about to clasp Mistah Big's daughter's ears, but Marionne pushed her forepaws away as she listened to his screams as the Hunting Friends promptly tore him limb from limb as soon as he was hauled out of the box and down into the alleyway by the Sewer Drain. Another screech pealed as he howled and bawled about his no-no's being smashed before he could be heard gagging-that was the 'Choka' portion, and a similar fate to the mouth huggies he had done to her on that horrid dark time a few bright times back.

Eventually he gave one last gurgling 'SCREEEEEeeeeee' as he was tossed down the flooded sewers with rocks embedded and tied up onto him to ensure he sank beneath the shitty mire and murk below to drown, the faintest of splashes ringing out in the night as the 'clip clop' of the now bloodied Hunting Friends proved the deed had been done.

Mistah Big turned to his daughter and lovingly planted a kiss on her forehead, brushing aside her curly mane as he cooed to her sweetly. "Mah wittwe Gioia, mah poow babbeh giwl..." he'd croon to her, though by now the mare gently began to hug her smaller father back with a soft smile.

"It am otay nao, daddeh...meanie won' be huwtin' me o' mah babbehs..."

The Alicorn nodded and took a puff from his Kazoo before he inquired about her actual special friend who had found her in the alleyway all by herself in the first place; he was a wimpy Fluffy, but with a good heart, and Mistah Big knew he meant the world to his little flower.

"How he weact tu yu habin' dat mummafwuffah's babbehs?". Marionne looked to the side a bit and replied "He sed dat he am happeh to be a daddeh, ebin if dey am not his babbehs...sed it nu am mah fauwt I got bad speciaw huggies, it wuz meanie stawwion Wemon Wime's!".

Mistah Big nodded in approval, pecking her on each cheek before sending two of his enforcers to walk her home; He was now alone with the Puffy Griffon, the Alicorn chewing on his kazoo in thought about that softie of an Earthie-he'd be a good father, he could tell. But he'd be about as helpful in protection as a wet paper towel roll-he'd need to send in some 'babysitters' now and again.

"She am taking this very well-I didn't expect her to be so accepting of her babies..." remarked the Puffy Griffon, Mistah Big in turn nodding and saying "She'ww be a gud mummah-and yu'll be a wuvewy Gweat-God Mummah yourself..."

The Puffy Griffon smiled at this a little, edging a little closer to Mistah Big as she'd drape her tail across his shoulders and shoot a loving smile down at him, purring softly. The Alicorn let the kazoo drop from his mouth and onto his desk as he'd look back and forth before smiling back. "Awight...bu' we should pwobabwy cwose doow fiwst..." The Puffy Griffon nodded knowingly and placed a Card-Board Box square that had the words 'Du Nat Desstuwb' messily scrawled out on it in ink as it covered up the small hole.

Muffled giggles emerged from behind the cardboard cover, drowned out by the on going hustle and bustle of the city...


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Roguesoul: Awesome! Very different and very cool, not what I was expecting and I loved it
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Anonymous1: Was a fun read, good work!

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MAVVET_CO: today was a strange day
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Anonymous2: Sweet.
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Stealthderp: Am I the only one reminded of the Basil movie by Disney?

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FluffyPuncher: Very creative!
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brony-in-denial: What sort of favors would fluffies ask for on the day of his daughter's wedding? Aside from skettis.
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Boogeyman123: @brony-in-denial: I'm unsure-but for his Baby Girl I'm sure Mistah Big would go the extra mile and go all out-maybe even pasta pilfered from an ACTUAL Italian Restaurant.