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The Life and Times of Gobbler, a complementary story to the Thanksgiving Special

Mummah is Your Mummah

She has taken care of you since you were little babbeh, giving you head scritches when your heart had hurties. Mummah was gone for long, long time during the bright time. She says that she has im-por-tant work to do and can never stay for very long. This makes your heart hurty, but mummah always come back next bright time. Your safe room is very cozy, with softie friends and blankies. And, mummah say if you are very good you can have litter pal! You try to be good fluffy, eat all your nummies even when your tummy hurties and never make bad poopies, and hold still on the special days. You are good fluffy and will be bestest fluffy and have new friend soon.

Mummah is Silly Mummah.

She looks sleepy when she visits you and says she had lots of work that day. She comes in with some smelly water, and nummies for you and nummies for her, yummy nummies that smell really good. When you were little baby you were a bad baby and stole some from her plate. Mummah looked really, really mad, but said you could have some of her favorite nummies. They were pretty and green, but hurt your mouthie and tummy really bad. She looked so confused and gave you water, which made it hurt more. Then she said she had heart hurties, and said she forgot that hal-e-pane-yos were bad for fluffies. Then she smiled and gave you milkies and said to never take from mummahs plate again.

Mummah would sometimes talk funny after drinking the smelly water, it made her voice sound funny and she’d say silly things. She would say that she was doing great, that things were taking off, and soon you’d be enough for her project. And then.. Mummah would say she was bad mummah and would leak eye water. That made you sad so you’d come over and give mummah cuddles and huggies, and then sometimes would dance for her. Then she’d smile and say you were bestest fluffy ever.

Mummah is Smart Mummah.

Once when you were little babbeh, you made bad poopies. You didn’t know what to do, because mummah would be home soon with nummies and you didn’t want to get in trouble. You tried to go get your blankie, but want if mummah took it and never gave it back. Then you remembered! You were brown and the poopies were brown, maybe if you rolled in it and wiped it up with your fluff, mummah wouldn’t notice!

Mummah came in and her sniffy place got all scrunchy and she looked really mad. She asked you if you made bad poopies, and you panicked and… lied to her. Her face got red and you thought she was going to yell and get out the sorry stick, but she didn’t. You thinky place hurt, maybe mummah didn’t know. Which was silly mummah knew everything. Mummah shook her head, and picked up my nummies and left. And then it was dark time, you didn’t like the dark time and it was worse cause you couldn’t sleep at all. You fluff itched and smelled really bad, and your tummy had hurties cause mummah didn’t bring back your nummies.

When mummah came back you told her everything, about making bad poopies, and cleaning it, and how your tummy hurties, and how you were really, really sorry and would never do it again. Mummah gave you a smile, and leaned down. She said you’d done a really bad thing, but you weren’t a bad fluffy! And if you promised to not lie again, mummah would clean your fluff and give you nummies.

Mummah brought in a big witter box, but filled with water. You didn’t like water, it made you cold and always meant that it was time for the metal munstah. But now the water was nice, and smelled pretty and helped get all the poopies out of your fluff. You told mummah you liked this water, and she smiled at you.

Mummah is Only Mummah.

Mummah says you are very im-por-tant fluffy, that you are the bestest and will really help her with her work. She makes sure you have the bestest nummies so you grow big and strong, and always checks how big you are and how tall you are. She always looks happy afterward, and that made you happy too! You asked mummah why she was happy once and she said you were very special compared to other fluffies. That made your thinky place hurt, because you’d never seen another fluffy. Mummah had said you had no family, no fluffy mummah or siblings. But you had special secret, because you were special fluffy:

You re-mem-ber-ed having family, kind of, it was a long time ago. There was a brother, he was small and brown, and looked like you. And a sister, she was bigger and had a pointy head. You felt strange about her being pointy, but didn’t know why. And you had a fluffy mummah, she was big and warm, and you re-mem-ber-ed loving her very much. But she was mean, and said you were a bad babbeh…. That made your heart hurties. But then you had mummah, she was big and warm, and said you were her best and only fluffy.

Maybe thinking you had a family was a bad dream, besides mummah is always right.

Mummah is busy Mummah.

Mummah always makes time for you, always visiting when bright time begins and when it ends. But then there are the special days, when mummah comes and spends a long time with you. She gives you nummies first, the special ones that have stuff in them to make your fluff shiny and soft. You love your fluff it’s always so soft and warm, and mummah loves it too. She says that because you are the bestest fluffy you have the bestest fluff and she wants to share it with other mummahs and daddehs.

On the special days she brings in the soft brushie and gives you a long brushie time, making sure your fluff is clean and has no knots in it. It always feels so good, like cuddles but better… you always wish that you’d only get brushie time and nummie time and cuddles instead of bath time. The water is too cold and makes your fluff feel heavy, and then the metal munstah will come.

The first time the metal munstah came you were so scared, it was loud and you thought it was going to eat you! You yelled at it, saying that bestest fluffy was not nummies, and tried to get out of the bath. But mummah came and said that the munstah was her friend, and that if you held very still it wouldn’t hurt you. It pressed its teeth on your side and then took your pretty fluff away. You were so cold and scared, and the teeth of the munstah gave your side hurties when you tried to move away. Mummah got really mad, her face got red and scrunchy and she said you’d hurt her friend’s feelings by moving! Which meant you’d done something bad and made mummah’s heart have hurties. She said you needed to be pun-ish-ed and got out the sorry stick and smacked your poopie place until boo-boo juice came out.

Now when the metal munstah comes you hold really still, you don’t want to meet the sorry stuck again, even if it means losing your pretty fluff.

Mummah is Bestest Mummah!

Mummah said today was a very, very special day and that she could spend the whole day with you and that you could come to work with her! You were so excited you never get to leave safe room, and now you got to out with mummah too! You almost needed to use the litter box you were so happy.

Mummah took you down the hall-way and into a room called the kitchen, it was so big and smelled like nummies. And then she gave you upsies! She never gave you upsies anymore, she said you were all grown up and didn’t need it, but maybe she changed her mind. Mummah showed you a red light munstah and said that if you were quiet then the munstah wouldn’t hurt you. But if you were quiet while she talked to it, then you could finally have a new friend and litter pal. You nod and look around, it was cold in here and there were no blankies, but it was still pretty.

Mummah talked to the munstah for awhile, and then flipped you onto your back to rub your tummy. It felt really good, even if you couldn’t breathe very well. But then mummah pressed too hard and gave your tummy hurties, you almost cried out, but made bad poopies and didn’t want to get in trouble. You thought mummah would be mad, you didn’t mean to and didn’t know what had happened. But she just kept talking and flipped you over before moving you into the bath tub.

Ooo, the water felt so nice and was warm, like when you were little babbeh. You didn’t even mind when the metal munstah came out because it was so warm. Then mummah gave you upsies again and cuddled you a little before grabbing a shiny thing from the wall. It was pretty, but looked kind of scary. It looked… like munstah teeth! Then mummah rubbed your back, and that meant that everything was okay. You had the bestest mummah and she’d always protect you.

“SCREEEE, NU NU MUMMAH PWEASE NU WET MUNSTAH TAKE WEGG- SCREE!” the munstah, the munstah it was biting you and hurting you, why was mummah not helping, did the munstah get mummah!! You tried to run, but your weggies weren’t working after the munstah took them, where was mummah?! Why wouldn’t she stop the munstah?!

Your weggies hurt, and your heart hurt because mummah wasn’t helping you because you were a bad fluffy… you made bad poopies and mummah let the munstah take your weggies. You start crying, you didn’t mean to make bad poopies, you were sorry… you didn’t like the kitchen no more.

“Hu, hu, mummah pwea- SCREE!!” no, no it was the bad water, it was hurting your weggies and mummah, was just talking and talking. Why wouldn’t mummah listen, you just wanted to say you were sorry.

Mummah was rubbed your head slightly, and then moved over the good smelling water. It smelled like the special nummies… maybe it was over, and time for nummies and cuddles. Mummah was holding a big brushie, it looked really soft and then she dipped in the nummie bowl and brought it over. The water dripped down and, “MUMMAH NU, WAWA TOO HOT, NO GUD FOW FWUFFIES!!” It was so hot, like hal-eh-pane-yos but worse. It made your skin hurt and everything hurt as mummah took the brushie and brushed the burnie water down your back. It hurt, and hurt and hurt, and then she did it again, and again. It hurt to bad, so bad, so, “hu, hu, pwe… pwe mummah, wawa hurtie, pwe stop…” but mummah just flipped you and brushed your tummy. “Huuuu, mum-mum, huuu”

Mummah left you a long time before coming back with tiny sorry sticks. You were shaking, and your heart and body and weggies and tummy had worstest hurties. Mummah opened your mouthie and put in the sorry sticks, talking to the red light munstah again. Maybe the munstah was making mummah do this, maybe if it didn’t it would hurt mummah… your heart hurtied at the thought, you didn’t want mummah to be hurt! But mummah was so big, and strong, and… what if mummah no loved you no more? Maybe she was working with the munstahs because you made bad poopies and were poopie colored, and a BAD FLUFFY…

“Uh-ah, ee owe uwies…” you couldn’t use your mouthie right when mummah left and put the burnie water in your mouthie. You heart had worstest hurties, you loved mummah and mummah no love you no more. You huuud as the burnie sorry stick pushed inside your poopie place. You were sorry, you were bad fluffy, mummah doesn’t love bad fluffies, mummah doesn’t love you, you were sorry, but mummah no care no more.

Mummah no love you no more…

“AN I AN I AN I, OO UW, OO UW AN I” no hurties, no more hurties, the sorry stick was inside you now and was hurting you and made your tummy hurt, and everything hurt, your tummy hurt and your mouthie and weggies and body and mouthie and skin and weggies and everything and- your heart hurties most of ALL.

You wanted to die, and die and die and die, no more hurties, mummah pwease no more hurties…..

You were in a sorry box, a burnie sorry box and made everything hurt even more. It went on for many forevers and then- then your seeing place stopped working

Was this it, did you die, but the hurties were still there and where was sketti-land? Where was fluffy mummah and brother and sister and where was nummies, and why did everything still hurties. Was this it, was this it and you’d just feel hurties and have dark time forever, and ever, and… mummah….

Mummah is Munstah Mummah


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Fluffwit: This is similar to another thanksgiving story that was just posted, but it goes into the fluffy's mind this time.

Holy SHIT. The sheer terror and amount of heart hurties that fluffy felt... You did well. You did this very well!

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Roguesoul: @Fluffwit:

If you're talking about Carly Shade's Fluff and Stuff Thanksgiving Special this is a well a follow up to that side story

And thank you btw, I was really proud of this piece
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wittwest: I read this before the special then again after.

Super good, keep it up please!

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RevMe: Good job!

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Veej: I felt like I was right in the burnie sorry box with that fluffy. Nicely done!

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FluffyPuncher: Cool beans.
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