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Stories from the Life of a reasonable Hugboxer, or How I learned to stop worrying and hate bad

Part 36

It‘s been a couple of days since you adopted Brutus, and the gentle giant slowly began to settle in. You couldn‘t leave for more than ten minutes at a time without him panicking during the first three days, thinking you‘ve abandoned him as well. It was heartbreaking at first, but after the third nervous breakdown in one day, it started to become annoying. You could understand his fears, having been abandoned by the man he considered his „daddeh“ out of nowhere, but you have your own demons to deal with right now.

The worst part, however, is that he freaks out at night as well. It‘s not like he was alone or anything, mind you. He gets to spend the nights in a fluffpile with three mares, something most stallions can only dream of. Oh well, he‘d probably enjoy it more if he hadn‘t been neutered the day he was born.

As annoyed as you are at this point, you love the big crybaby. That‘s why you dragged your mattress into the living room. Your house has the charme of a crack den now, but it‘s only temporary. You hope.

It‘s early morning and you‘re slowly waking up, surrounded by the fuzzy warmness you know pretty well by now. You stretch your limbs, get up and walk to the bathroom. It always takes a moment until your fluffies notice you‘re gone, sometimes they keep sleeping for hours.

You enjoy the silence and the feeling of relieve you get during your morning shits. Nothing like reading the news on your tablet while sitting on your throne.

And then you hear something knocking on the door.

„Mistah Dave?“

You let out an annoyed sigh.

„Yes Brutus, I‘m in here. No, you can not come in.“

A moment of silence.

„Sowwy mistah Dave...“

You can‘t really enjoy your sitting after this interruption.

Another one of Brutus‘ habits. When you‘re out of sight, he comes looking for you. On the other hand, you‘re glad he taps on doors and asks if you‘re inside the room rather than screaming like a bleeding pig for „daddeh“ as fluffies tend to do.

After taking care of business, you brush your teeth and move on to breakfast. Of course Brutus was still waiting outside the bathroom, brushing around your legs and wagging his tail while cooing happily the moment you open the door. It‘s heartwarming, and normally you love this stuff, but an overly needy fluffy, especially an oversized one with actual muscle strength, becomes tedious quick.

Regardless, you‘re not mad at him. He‘s a good fluffy, he‘s just been neglected for so long that he has a lot to make up for.

Your other fluffies have woken up in the meantime and happily munch their breakfast while you enjoy your bacon omlette, waffles and coffee.

While you sit there and tap on your tablet, an ad catches your attention. A tap later, you find yourself on a page that advertises premium safe rooms.

The more you think about it, the more you like the idea. It‘s not that you absolutely need one, so far the fluffies that you didn‘t end up brutalizing have been clean and well behaved enough to be allowed to roam free in the house. But you think about what Mike said, and maybe you do spend too much time with them. A nice safe room where they can play, sleep, eat and use the litterbox without being in your hair the entire time.

Yeah, that‘s a good idea.

After finishing breakfast and giving your pets the attention they crave so much, you‘re sitting on your couch, Brutus snuggling into your side, and look what a local Fluff-Mart contractor has to offer. You ultimately pick a package that includes a soft, yet durable padded and rubberized floor and wall padding that allows easy cleaning, a premium grade fluffy-safe playground kit and automized food and water dispensers. A phone call and twenty minutes later, a man in a blue coverall knocks on your door and wants to take a look at the room you intend to convert.

The two of you enter the room that served as safe room before. You haven‘t set foot in here since the...incident. In fact you didn‘t even clean it, the carpet is still crusted in dried blood and shit, and repurposed crates that once served as nests collect dust.

„Sorry about the mess...“ you mumble while the worker begins to take measurements.

„Don‘t sweat it, I‘ve seen much worse over the years.“

„ did?“ you ask in disbelieve.

„Yup.“ he says while measuring the walls. „People getting so fed up with their bratty fluffies that they literally tear them to shreds is more common than you‘d expect. There was that guy that stuffed a flare gun into a smarties ass and pulled the trigger inside the safe room. Judging from the damage, the damn thing exploded and covered the entire room in boiling shit and guts. Had to refurbish the walls and floor because scrubbing, painting and new carpet wasn‘t enough to get the stench out.“

„Gotta admit, though, that‘s a creative way to rid the world of a smarty.“

„Creative, certainly. Clever, not so much. Dude didn‘t get out unscathed either.“. The man turns around and looks at you. „If I may ask, how did the carpet in this room get ruined?“

You hesitate for a moment, but then tell the story.

„Made the mistake to adopt a pregant feral a while ago. Everything was nice at first, then the damn thing and her brood conspired to murder me and my other fluffies to take over the house. Injured one of my other fluffies in the process, and I didn‘t take that kindly. Let‘s just say things got messy.“

The man looks surprised, the smiles.

„Okay, that‘s new.“he says and continues with his work. „We offer soundproofing as well, in case you‘re interested.“

„Thanks, but that won‘t be necessary. I‘ve learned from my mistakes.“

„Suit yourself. In my experience, the only thing all fluffies excell at is making people want to kill them in horrific ways sooner or later.“

He finishes measuring and begins to calculate the estimated costs for his services. While he‘s busy scribbling on his notepad, Brutus enters the room.

„Mistah Dave, can Bwutus hab scwitchies pwease?“

You smile and ruffle through his mane, the worker, however, stares at him with open mouth.

„ that your fluffy?!“ he asks in shock.

„One of them. He‘s quite a unit, isn‘t he?“

He stares a moment long and starts to measure Brutus.

„You know that there‘s no playground that‘s anywhere near his size, right? Jesus, I‘ve never seen one nearly as big!“

Crap, you forgot to take Brutus‘ size into consideration.

„In that case we can scratch the playground, any idea what we could put in there instead?“

„If I was you, I‘d have this thing breed day and night. We offer pretty good maternity systems. You know, installing screw threads in floor and walls to quickly and easily install a pen for dams and foals when needed, foal safe beds and bowls, heated nest and other stuff.“

You think for a moment.

On one hand, you don‘t really feel like getting any more fluffies. Especially no pregnant mares, not after what happened last time.

On the other hand, if Sweetie was asking you to have babies, you‘d let her. You know she‘s a good fluffy, and she‘s proven her maternal capabilities with Dearie when she was barely a mare herself.

„Hell, why not. Put it on the list.“

After scratching some things on his notepad and adding others, he presents a sum that‘s higher than everything you‘ve spent on your fluffies combined so far. Whatever, you‘re not exactly strapped for cash. A signature and an advance payment later, everything is prepared. Now all you have to do is wait for the workers to begin tomorrow.

The rest of the day is pretty uneventful, and once again, you spend the night as the center of a fluffpile.

The next day starts as usual, only today someone knocks at your door around eight o‘clock. It‘s the worker from yesterday, and he brought friends. After greeting them and making coffee for the lot, you make yourself comfortable in the living room, together with your fluffies.

The work advances quickly and without incidents. Surprisingly, though, some of the workers show interest in Brutus. All of them are awestruck when they see him, and ask for permission to pet him and pose for photos. One of them even offered you money to have him stud his pet mare, only to end up disappointed when he learned that Brutus is fixed.

The workers finish around five o‘clock and you inspect their work. Seems alright.

The floor is soft and squishy, but not to a degree where it‘d affect your balance. It‘s seperated into light blue squares that can be individally removed and replaced, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The walls are covered on something that reminds you of very high quality gym mats, only much softer. They get progressively firmer the further you push your finger in, but not too firm. You could probably bang your head against the padded wall and it‘d be like falling into a pillow. You briefly consider doing it, but ultimately decide against it. That‘d be too weird.

The other items you bought look good too. As they should, given the price tag.

„Good work.“ you tell the guy in charge and pay in cash.

„Pleasure doing business with you. If you need modifications or repairs, here‘s my card.“.

After exchanging formalities, the workers leave and you stand in the safe room by yourself. While taking a closer look at everything, you can feel Brutus pressing his face against your legs.

„How do you like the new safe room?“ you ask Brutus.

„Dis am nice sabe woom, wike da squishy fwoor.“

You smile.

„Glad that you like it, this is where you and the others will live from now on.“

Brutus looks uncertain.

„Am mistah Dave gun wive in hewe tuu?“

You sigh.

„Brutus, you‘re a big fluffy. Hell, all those people that have been here earlier said you‘re the biggest fluffy they have ever seen.“


You kneel down and give him a hug.

„Listen, big guy: you‘re my fluffy and I love you. And when I‘m not around, rest assured that I will always come back. I won‘t leave you, no matter what. Okay?“

You let go of him and look into his face. He shows a shy smile.

„Otay mistah Dave.“

„And you can call me daddy. You‘re my fluffy now, after all.“

The smile turns into a frown.

„Bwutus knu, buh...dat nu feew wight. Bwutus am sowwy...“

You ruffle the mane on his head.

„No need to be sorry, „Mister Dave“ works too.“

The frown turns into a smile again, and you explore the safe room together. Brutus is familiar with most of the items inside the room, but the foal pen catches his attention. He leaps over the barrier with ease and checks it out.

„Wha am dis pwace, mistah Dave?“

„This is a place for mummahs and their babies.“

Brutus stops dead in his tracks.

„Mistah Dave wan babbehs?“

„Not right now, it‘s just in case we need it some day.“

„Bwutus wub babbehs, buh...awways get biggest heawt huwties wen...“

„I know, big guy. Don‘t worry, if we ever have babies in here, it won‘t be anything like at Mike‘s place. They‘d stay here until they‘re big and strong and you could play and snuggle with them as much as you like. You wouldn‘t have to train them if you don‘t want to either.“

Brutus breathes a sigh of relief. Returning to his old life would probably be a fate worse than death for him.

You disassemble the foal pen and store it together with all the other foal stuff in your garden shed. Better to have it and not need it than the other way around. Then you move the litterboxes, toys, beds and the fluffy house into the brand new safe room and present it to your girls.

They are cautious about the new environment and the squishy floor at first, but play like they‘ve spent their entire lives in here within a matter of minutes.

While you watch the fluffies run and play, you notice that the sky has become pretty dark. A quick look on your phone confirms that a thunderstorm is approaching. Luckily your girls know that there‘s nothing to be afraid of as long as you‘re with them, unfortunately that also means that you‘ll have to sleep in the saferoom unless you want to deal with terrified and sleep deprived fluffies in the morning…

You drag your mattress from the living room back onto the bedframe and grab the blanket and a pillow, the padded floor should be soft enough to be comfortable for the night.

It starts pouring not much later, but fortunately it‘s just rain at this point. Once the thunder starts, you won‘t really get a chance to leave the safe room. Knowing that, you prepare for the night: tablet computer, nachos with cheese dip and headphones. Knowing your fluffies, all they‘ll want to do is snuggle under your blanket while the storm roars. You don‘t have to pay attention to them the entire time, which is a blessing.

You‘re busy preparing everything when you hear something at the front door. At least you think you did. You carefully open the door and something shoots past you and hides behind the coat on the floor stand .

At first you thought it was a raccoon, but you quickly realize that it‘s a soaked lavender unicorn fluffy with a blonde mane. Judging from the colored blobs on its back, probably a mare. How the fuck did she make it past the gate?


The mare eeps in surprise.

„P-Pwincess nee wawm housie! Sky wawa am bad fow babbehs!“

Well, shit. What are you supposed to do now?

You definitely won‘t let a stray fluffy that let itself in stay in your house. Even you aren‘t that stupidly naive.

But kicking her out would mean certain death for her foals, and probably her as well. After the recent events, you don‘t know if you could handle that right now.

„Hey, it‘s okay, I‘m not gonna hurt you. How about we get you and your babies dry and warm? Would you like that?“

„Y-Yesh! Wan be dwy an wawm!“

You grab an old towel from the bath room and begin to rub the foals dry. Judging from their size, the should be between ten and twelve days old. They‘re still cold, but they should warm up quickly on the pillow you put them on. Once they‘ve been taken care of, you rub „Princess“ dry. Hopefully she doesn‘t live up to the name…

While you rub her dry, you notice that a collar is hidden under the soggy fluff. Pretty expensive collar at that, real leather with a tag that appears to be gold plated. Once you finished, you give the collar a closer look and rejoice: there‘s a name and a phone number on it.

You dial the number and someone picks after three rings.

„Willberby residence.“ a young man says in a bored tone.

„Uhm...hi. A fluffy named Princess just burst into my house and this number was on her tag.“

A moment of silence.

„Please hold the line.“

Another moment of silence, and suddenly, you can hear a woman scream into the phone.


You need a second to catch your thought.

„S-She appears to be fine, no obvious injuries or anything.“

„Oh thank goodness, it‘s been six weeks since she got lost and I was sure my little angel would“

She doesn‘t finish the sentence, all you hear from the other end is sobbing.

„Please give me your name and address, we‘ll come pick her up right away.“ says the male voice that picked the phone up.

After exchanging informations, it turns out that Princess somehow managed it to travel several hundred miles. The woman seems to have calmed down and picks up the phone again.

„Oh please, please take care of my little Princess until I can pick her up! I‘ll even reward you, just PLEASE make sure she gets everything she needs!“

„Yeah, okay, I guess I can accomodate her for now.“

„Please, let me talk to her!“

You switch the phone to speaker and lower it on Princess‘ level.

„Princess?“ the woman on the other end of the line asks in a hopeful tone.

„Mummah?! Mummah! Pwincess wan gu home!“

„I‘ll come pick you up ask quickly as I can, you‘ll stay with the nice man until then, okay?“

„Nu wan be hewe, wan gu home!“

„Soon, my little angel, soon! Mommy needs to talk to the nice man again, okay?“


Before you get the chance to say anything, she shouts into the phone.

„Oh, bless you! Bless you! Thank you so, so much!“ she shouts and hangs up. She didn‘t hang up properly, though, you can hear her say to the other man „Miles, get the limousine, we have a long way ahead of us!“. There‘s more, but it‘s muffled and you don‘t care enough to spy on complete strangers.

Well, shit.
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Lokiprime662: Fucking fantastic. I'm a huge fan of the series ,it's very realistic for what it is. Also top notch characters and character development. I love the sense of progression from all the characters and the world is so realistic. Can't wait for the next part im hoping you write up to 100.
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Anonymous1: I get the feeling that the lady doesn't know that Princess has mothered. This is gonna get interesting.
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LORD: My guess is she don’t want the foals and dave has to deal with the foals, or maybe he give the foals to mike because seriously he don’t need more fluffys and caring for foals is a lot of annoying work especially when you don’t have a lactating mare
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But it got me hooked on fluffy stories

Fuck you, write more though please.

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