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The Life and Times of Bailey, Chapter 2: The Session

“ENF ENF ENF, GUD FEEWS!!” It took me a week and 35 bucks to find a good stallion and the whole process took two minutes. The stallion was an earthy, just like Bailey, but with a light green fluff and dark green mane.

I sighed handing the money to Harry’s owner, I honestly couldn’t remember his name he started the conversation with “m’lady” and I had sort of tuned the guy out. Bailey looks over, all starry eyed, “Tank you mummah, Baiwey wuv speciaw fwend,” the poor sap wrapped her arms around Harry, giving the stallion a hug. It was kind of cute in a way.

“Alright, come on shitrat lets get going,” the man grabs the stallion by his scruff, lifting him quickly, he squaks slightly, but no “bad upsies” screeching.

“Wait, speciaw fwend, why take speciaw fwend?” I grab Bailey and hold her still, the man kicking at her slightly as he takes him out with a wave.

“Bailey,” I start gently, “Harry has to go back to his home with his daddeh, we talked about this,” she babbles slightly, fat tears welling up.

“Buh mummah, no wan wose speciaw fwend, nu, nu,” she keens and breaks from my grasp, “no wan babbehs if wose speciaw fwend,” oh hell no.

I grab her ear sharply, pulling and pinching hard before wretching her up slightly by it. She screams, loudly, almost pig like.

“I did not spend all this money, for you to now not want babies!” I toss her away slightly, landing on her side.

“Mean mummah, go way!” she runs off into her safe room, well technically it was a closet, but I wasn’t converting a whole room for her. There were tears on the floor and, ugh fluff jizz.

I get to my feet and grab the mop, most of the time I’d make Bailey clean it up, but eh she’d been through enough today.

“Hey, if you ever want anymore, just give me a call right, m-”

“If you call me m’lady one more t-,” I say, staring right into the creeps eyes. I look down to Harry, his eyes were wet as he cuts me off.

“Is, is speciaw fwend awight?” the guy shakes the fluff slightly, slamming him slightly into my kitchen table. His nose is bloody.

“Shut the hell up, I didn’t say you could speak, shithead,” he looks up to me, “Sorry about that, what were you say-” I spin the guy by his shoulders and shove him out with a smile. Slamming the door shut.

I go back to the living room, nearly jumping as I see Bailey out of the safe room. I look at the now clean floor, not bad Bailey.
“Mummah, Baiwey is sowy fow being mean, you aw good mummah,” she runs up and hugs my leg. I let out a sigh, and ruffle her mane.

“And you are a good fluffy.”
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Roguesoul: This along with Chapter 1, are very expositional, don't worry we get into the story and the good-ole-fashioned abuse I've been promising soon
Ciao for Now!

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Dhylec: You should post more, really wanna see where this will go.

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Roguesoul: @Dhylec: Don't worry, I have plenty of Chapters written and more to go

And thanks for the feedback it really makes me smile
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