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Anonymous1: An old idea for riding your mare of those pesky foals without the heart break!

Just the foals - their hearts literally break using this method.
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Anonymous2(1): I wish I could remember the premise behind the MunstamashRXtreme.

OH shit I just remembered after zooming into the picture :
Instead of glue sharp tacks are used that can potentially injure the mare
detering her from wanting more foals after? The foals will (probably) bleed out (eventually)
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LORD: @gr1m_1: this is some clever shit, you thought up

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FluffyPuncher: @LORD: I agree.

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Guzziman: You could then tell her what she did then for maximum forever saddies.
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Anonymous3(1): @Guzziman:

Bwahaha, but then it's a one time deal!
I'd rather reuse the props every time and convince the mare she can only have monster babbehs and she has no choice but to beg to have her monster babbeh place removed - Then you have a happy and thankful fluffy!

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Waaaghlord: Do you also have a set for more adult (feral) smarties?

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RQ: I like your choice to spell it as "munstew" in fluffspeak