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Poopiesketti: The waters barely room temperature. He's just that pathetic.

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Disintegral: What do you think boiled weggie tastes like? It looks like there's some nice Maillard reaction going on there.
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Anonymous1: I can't tell if it's being boiled or putting it in cold water to alleviate burns. I'll go with burns .
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Anonymous2: >When you try to save the skeeties from the water
because water is bad for fluffies

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Waaaghlord: ...better!

... he will have to eat the hoof-soup later, right?
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Jibboom: Oh my, this one actually gets to me cuz it reminds me of things I saw in EMT training. They showed us actual photos of abused children so we could identify it from the injuries. One of them was burns on the legs from fucking boiling water. Just horrible. Kind of stuck with me. :’(

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HerdKing: for some reason i imagine it saying "ECH"
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Anonymous3: I honestly love your work. it doesn't matter what you post. I just love it. and have been inspired to make my own art. Might be postin my first art on the boru! Die shitrats Die