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PETA camp: part 2

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Isaac got up early in the morning, he had to clean Cocoa, who had soiled all the paper he placed on his rear as an improvised diaper. Maybe they should have brought real diapers, but those are bleached, and full of other chemicals and plastics. A little more effort would guarantee the protection of the environment for future generations of humans, fluffies and other sapients yet to emerge. He held the pungent ball of brown paper and considered what to do with it. He planned on preparing a compost pile, right now was the moment. Outside he chose a place separate from the tents, but still on the border of the tree line. He threw the waste there and shoveled a pile of dirt, trying to mix it somewhat. This is how a compost pile works, right? In this moment he was assaulted by doubt. He never made a compost pile before, maybe he should ask Sophie. Maybe Sophie should do this, but she was busy tending the orchard. He had only seen some depictions of these in books, never done on for real. There was one in the college somewhere, he knew there were bins reserved for organic waste to be composted. You couldn't throw meat in there, but that wouldn't be a problem here. He had to tell everyone about the compost and to throw their waste there. But what about feces? Would humans come shit here? It would be easier for fluffies, as their anatomy would facilitate them defecating into a pile, but humans were used to toilets. Humans would have to get used to it. If fluffies could shit into a pile, humans could do it too. Isaac didn't like to consider himself a leader, but part of him knew people regarded him as such, and would follow his example, so he did set an example by releasing his bowels into the pile. It was then that he remembered he had no toilet paper.


-Daddeh, am hungwy.
-I'm working Cocoa, we are planting the food.
-Daddeh put nummies in gwound?
-No, we are planting the plants that will make food.
They were planting potatoes, which was pretty much the only thing they could for now. Isaac knew humans couldn't subsist on just potatoes for long, also it would take these a few months to grow, but they brought dried vegan food, they just needed water to consume it. Harry was tasked with securing water. There should be an aquifer underneath, it is just a matter of digging a well. Later they could build a wind pump. He looked around for Harry, couldn't find him, but saw some humans digging near the center of the clearing, must be working on the well. Gonna check on them later.
He took a sprout and while he was moving it into the hole he noticed how Cocoa was following it with his eyes.
-This is not for eating, it is not tasty.
-Cocoa wan nummies. Cocoa nu cawe bout pwetty taste.
Isaac clutched the potato, this fluffy had been forced to eat feces. Lick feces straight from the anuses of other fluffies. A horrid behavior taught by humans to innocent creatures. There were very few things Cocoa could enjoy, eating was one of these. Would he deny Cocoa of the only pleasure he could get? Other people might be more "logical", but it was that cold way of thinking what enabled the atrocities committed by the old society. The Collective was supposed to be better than that, to put compassion above all else.
-Ok, I can give you a potato.


-How is the well progressing?
-We have yet to find water, but I'm certain it is down there. A couple more days of digging and we will get it.
-Huff, wockie am heavy.- Complained a fluffy nearby, he had pushed a rock, about the size of two fists into a pile that would be used in the construction.
-You are using the fluffies for labor?
-Yes, they're full fledged members of the Collective, they have to work too.
He was right on that account, work had to be shared among all people, but he was worried the fluffies might be exploited. Humans have a recalcitrant tendency to consider themselves superior to other species. And this was particularly problematic on those who come from the hard sciences. He needed to make sure.
-Hey there, what is your name?
-Am Bwondi.
-I see you're working hard, Blondi.
-Yas, Hawwi towd me to bwing big wockies.
-Did he?
-Yas, Hawwy say if Bwondi nu bwing wockies, Bwondi nu git wawa to dwink.
-Harry, you coerced this fluffy into working under threats of resource deprivation!
-I didn't say it like that! And we need to finish this well fast, our supplies of-
More fluffies approached, pushing rocks. Even foals were pushing pebbles.
-You are exploiting fluffies! You are banned form employing any fluffy labor.
-With the people I have it will take us like a week.
-Get working then.
-We have about 4 days of water.
-We will ration, only drinking, no superfluous uses.
-This doesn't sound good at all. Also what happened to the "no leaders" stuff you mentioned before? Now you're bossing me around!
-You were the one bossing the fluffies! Look, you came with us willingly and are staying willingly. If I give directions to people it is because they ask me to.
-Well, you asked me to get us water, and I tell you I need more workers for this. If you ignore me I... I..
-I know this is challenging, nobody said it would be easy. The old society followed what was easy, it lead them to barbaric cruelty. We are going to do things right, no cruelty, no oppression, no exploitation. It is the hard path, but the best path, the path we are all following together. We must not deviate from it, least we become another iteration of the old society.
Harry sighed and went back to digging.


-Ok, what do you think of the pile?
-Ewww.- Sophie was pinching her nose. The pile was now full of all the refuse from the camp, including copious amounts of feces. -I think this is a biohazard.
-The bacteria will decompose the organic matter into nutrients for plants, won't them?
-We shouldn't fertilize crops with human waste, that's how diseases spread.
-Are you sure? I have read that certain rural populations do it.
-It could work maybe in isolated places, where such pathogens are not present, not sure. I wouldn't risk it here.
-But the soil will run out of nutrients unless we manure it.
-Then we should limit it to fluffy manure, make a separate compost pile for humans. Better yet, a toilet, and bury the shit in a pit.
Segregated toilets, Isaac didn't like the idea, any sort of segregation would grow into full blown speciesism.
-I am sure no human here carries any pathogen, it should be safe.
-You cannot be sure.
-We made health checks at college, we even had to reject some people over them!
-It is still risky. In most places it is illegal to use human waste as fertilizer for that very reason.
-I don't care about the laws of the old society, we came here to leave that behind. We have healthy people here, we checked them for diseases, it should be safe. Also if we used only fluffy manure plenty of nutrients would be taken out of the cycle. Using the totality of them will result in a prefect closed loop.
Sophie scratched her head, she was considering it. She was a very compassionate woman, Isaac knew she would understand.
-Can we at least build a toilet that drains here?
-Maybe in the future, it would have to be designed so that fluffies can use it too.


-How wong tiww housie?
-This is our house now, Cocoa.
-Nu wike, nu wike!
Cocoa spent the last months living in Isaac's house, a nice suburban upper class house. It was large, well decorated, in a nice neighborhood. Of course it was his parent's, the bourgeois investors they were. Isaac, on the other hand, was an extremely empathetic person, he always put the needs of others before his own, and could see the injustices of the old society. He knew it was rotten and needed reforming. But that could not be achieved through democratic process, he lost all faith in democracy after Barron Trump was elected POTUS with the promise of nuking Mexico. No, humanity had to be shown a better way, the Collective would-
-Daddeh, wan pwetty housie.
-We can decorate this to be prettier, what would you like?
-Nu wan dummeh ugwy housie, wan big housie!- Cocoa contorted his body in impotence and began crying.
Isaac's heart was hurting. This fluffy had suffered so much. During the day he could see him watching the other fluffies run and play. He could see the longing, longing for a life of happiness that was denied to him solely for the color of his fluff. Who was Isaac to deny some comfort to Cocoa's life? The purpose of the Collective was to create a new society of empathy and compassion. And here was the most needy of the fluffies, asking for some material comfort in his very deprived life. The Collective could prioritize building a better house for Cocoa. They would build more houses later, so building this one now would mean less work for the future anyway.
-Just hold a little, Cocoa, we will build you a better house soon.
-Weawwy? Yay! Wuv daddeh! Daddeh am bestest daddeh.
Isaac hugged Cocoa. He thought of how to explain the importance of building that house to Harry, he would surely object, insisting that the well should take the absolute priority.

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guodzilla: @cuis: (Sings)
"Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland, beasts of every land and clime...
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Winterfur92: Man this Isaac guy is an idiot!
Keep up the good work, cant wait to see how this ends.

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SneakingTail: I vote the collective eats Issac when they inevitably turn on him and the fluffies.
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Nocturn: Holy shit this sounds like every new age hippy fuck i've ever met. I knew people just like this. And they all ended the same way. With someone appointing themselves leader even though they were clueless. One ended with a CPS raid . Some ended in the land owners clearing the squatters. And some ended with everyone just plain growing the fuck up and walking away That was my case anyway.
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Stealthderp: Love it. Hope Antifa has a cameo.

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Feyascia: When someone, probably a fluffy, dies, everyone can have a tiff about respecting the dead vs returning their nutrients to the environment.

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WiredandGaming: I like how they call themselves 'The Collective' and function like a bizarre cult. This is going to be a lot of fun.

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guodzilla: Very Orwellian, this.

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Veej: LOL at these clueless dumbasses thinking they can dig a well. They'll probably drop dead in 2 weeks eating dehydrated vegan food. Those fluffies would be better off as ferals & Cocoa should be #1 to go in the soup pot.
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LimeLight: @Veej: I don't know dude, from what I'm getting from this everyone but issac is pretty much on point.
Honestly that's what the most upsetting thing about this is, just one "smarty" fucking everything up for everyone.

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WiredandGaming: @LimeLight: Everyone else so far seems...idealistic, but at least they have some idea what they're doing. "everyone needs to help us find water", "you can't fertilize crops with human shit", "Finding food and water is more important than shelter", meanwhile Isaac only really cares about the fluffies.
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LimeLight: @WiredandGaming: That's the thing too, Isaac doesn't even care about the fluffies. If he cared about the fluffies he'd be working to make sure they didn't starve to death and die of thirst like everyone else is. Like fuck even the other fluffies are trying to work to get shit done. The thing that makes me even more upset is that his fluffy probably would be a fucking perfect angel if this retard wasn't his owner.
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brony-in-denial: @Stealthderp: These people sound like they were antifa thugs before they decided to go live in the woods.

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WiredandGaming: @LimeLight: Very true. I mean even the foals were bringing pebbles...not very effective, perhaps, but that's still initiative. That's them saying 'I'll do anything I can to help'.

Yeah, I sort of hate bu also sort of feel bad for Cocoa. Isaac has no concerns for his quality of life and is spoiling him...and with the whole 'maybe we'll find a way to help him someday' he's basically just decided that the fluffy is going to be waited on hand and foot and someone else will fix the problem.
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Stealthderp: @brony-in-denial: Well, they might be from the same general bunch, but I would guess the average Antifa kiddies only show initiative when it comes to destruction through mob mentality. Constructive creativity, as shown by anyone but the cult leader, seems rather unlikely. But I really feel like an Incel thing is coming up with the former litterpal, let us see how this turns out...
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