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WiredandGaming: Okay, after some careful experimentation(lies, the only careful part about this was creating the morality-tester) I've made some conclusions.

-At a morality of about 60 and up, mares will accept strange babies and feed them. It might go lower but 60+ is your best bet. The tan mare had a 60 morality, the green one had one near 90.

-Stallions at 50+ never seem to demand sex, don't hurt foals and they literally ask the mare every time. Also their sex drive goes down, maybe they get out of the mood when the mare says 'no'

-'Asshole' had a morality of around 20-something, he would rape mares and 'talkie' foals.

-The green one on the very far left had like a 17 morality and he would rape 'chirpie' newborn foals as well as mares, even if sex drive was lower.

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BinBarbarian: facinating

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WiredandGaming: @BinBarbarian: This should allow me to automate my perpetual cruelty factory.

Foal rapists will be weeded out at weaning and fed to adulthood where they shall be made into cannibal feed.

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BinBarbarian: @WiredandGaming: ooooo im so excited

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jujuteux: Any way to know the morality of fluffies?
Furthermore I never found any mare willing to adopt other fluffies especially alicorns

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WiredandGaming: @jujuteux: The fluffy sensors output if a fluffy at that level of morality or less is near them, so I put fluffies in the metal boxes up there and adjust the slider on the sensor until the doors open.
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Fluffwit: How to raise morality?
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Fluffwit: Or lower it. How to change morality at ALL, perhaps.

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Disintegral: @Fluffwit: IIRC, morality is just a set number at birth. Only cure for a low morality rating is executing the offender and spawning a new floofer.

Speaking of low morality, it'd be a neat touch to see fluffies of low enough morality call themselves smarties, instead of their assigned names.
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Fluffwit: Ah.

Well, hopefully it becomes possible to mess with that in the future.
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BrotherGrimm: @Disintegral: low morality fluffs would probably end up being punching bags for me.... Nothing says "kick me in the face please" like a sub tier lifeform demanding things of me :D

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WiredandGaming: @Disintegral: So far low-morality stallions are the "WAN SPECIAL HUGGIES NOW!" kind of fluffy, so that's a start.

...Hm, see, I was punishing rapists and demanding of the special huggies by lopping off body parts, I guess that wasn't helping anything.

Oh well. Better keep it up.

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dajinbo: Can't you lower morality by making them eat corpses?

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SneakingTail: @dajinbo: Nope. Morality effects how long it takes before they're eager cannibals/revert back to normal fluffies, so you can do group sect natural selection for sociopaths.
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