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Hugboxing_Faggot: Fine, let him keep them.

Cut his dick off instead and lock him up in a pen filled with mares in heat.

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CarniviousDuck: Bad day at work... enjoy

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Disintegral: Well, if he's had all his weggies taken, why should you stop there? Off with the no-nos!
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Nocturn: Off with his no-no's. Then skin it alive and pack it in salt

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UncleFester: First remove tail, then ears, then teeth, one by one, then good eye, then penis, then, tongue, then one testical at a time.
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Poopiesketti: All right, you can keep your "No-no's" I'll just take your tongue, eyes and fluff. See, everybody wins!

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Waaaghlord: I would let him keep nonos, when he goes to a mare now and give her special huggies! ... if he won't(can't) he doesn't need them anyway :O

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Wraith: Let him keep them. Give him a special friend, the most high quality female money can buy, the more visually appealing the better. And make sure she wants babies too. Introduce them, he obviously wants to enf her, and she can tell that he is fertile. Mention how difficult it must be to have special huggies without legs. They try several times and she is getting frustrated. Ask her if she wants special huggies from some other fluffy with legs. She doesn’t answer but you continue anyways.

Then place him in a glass box within a room full of stallions, and let him watch as they take turns with his special friend.

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Disintegral: @Wraith: ... And then take her out once they're done, and give him a go with the stallions too?
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