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MissionFromBog: Lab Report: Foal Adoption

Introduction: We wished to determine under what circumstances high-morality mares would adopt foals. This has obvious implications in breeding, both in allowing foals to be "balanced" between mares with large and small litters, as well as milkbagging.

Materials and Methods: Spacebar Farms provided our fluffies once again. They were screened for high (90+) morality mares, with individuals failing this test going straight to compost. Once four mares were obtained, they were forcibly impregnated by The Amazing Blackjack as follows:
- Two were bred together, so they would have their litters at the same time.
- One was bred substantially after, so she would foal after the first two.
- One was kept unimpregnated as a control.

Results: High morality mares with nursing foals adopted strange foals as their own without fail. This occurred even when the mare already had a large litter, leading to several of her own foals dying.

However, the unimpregnated mare was unable to adopt nursing foals. (We later impregnated her and used another litter to verify that she would adopt foals while her own were nursing.) Furthermore, mares that had previously adopted nursing foals were unable to do so once their own foals were weaned.

We conclude that mares are only able to adopt foals while they have nursing foals of their own. Attempts to induce adoption outside of this period were universally unsuccessful. This means that the practice of milkbagging, in particular, is unlikely to work under present conditions since the milkbag would need to have its own litter at the same time as the desirable litter.
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Carolina_Reaper: Yeah, found this out the hard way. Maybe a future update could include some kind of milk bottle option so orphaned foals could be fed manually. Or just let the little buggers starve. I'm good either way.
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