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TerminVermin: So nice, I posted twice!
A continuation of my journal-thing. Haven't decided if the author is going to be on continous person, or maybe more interesting, have it passed around to different characters. For now, its the same British bloke I used from last time.
Danceh babbehs always struck me as odd, so here's something of my thoughts on em'.
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Vanguard: The 'original' dancing babbeh was an in-built routine for the purpose of looking cute.

Some headcannons say it was also used to cover up scared foals having panic seizures (so when confronted with a predator it would use the routine).

In feral herds it is seen as entertainment and a way for poorly coloured foals to gain more milk (dancies for milkies).

Some adults do try to 'dance' but due to being an adult will override the instinct with more appropriate behaviour for the situation (run away, declare they are a 'soon mummah' act tough, attack with hooves/poopies, etc.)
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LORD: the moral of the story is don’t be an attention whore
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Carolina_Reaper: Can't remember who drew it but there was one pic awhile back in which a foal was propped up with a stand that forced it to hold its hooves out in the "wan huggies" gesture. The text said this was a behavior taught and enforced by the dealer to help foals look cuter, thereby making them more likely to be purchased.

I can imagine the "dancie babbeh" routine being of similar origin.

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differential_Sloth: @Carolina_Reaper: I think that was carpdime.
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Anonymous1: @differential_Sloth:
Stay a while and listen!>>26600
One of the most glorious psychological abuse of all time the foat!
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