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listen up everyone, I got a story to tell you. its called "twilight the killer". one time on a wednesday, while twilight was out exploring the ever free forest alone to try and make a map of it, she discovered a clearing that was full of fluffies of various types and colors.

Twilight: "huh, well these things seem very cute, although I have never seen them before, I should try and collect as many of them as I can so I can study them for later."

and so she went and collected about 30 of the ones in the clearing and put them in her saddle bags. she then took them home and put them in a pen for all of them to do what they normally do, while writing down the things they did in her books. after a while, she eventualy figured out everything about how they function, which is not much since they only seem to have a few basic functions and work on about 90% instinct with nearly no actual intelligence. so after looking at them after a few hours, she started to have an interesting thought.

Twilight: "I wonder what would happen if I did something to them."

after that twilight decided to go over and walk to one of them, but as she is walking over to the one she wanted, she accidently stepped on and killed one of them.

Twilight: "ACK! oh no, I’m so sorry!"

she yelled as the other fluffles were screaming out "munstah huht fwuffy".

Twilight: "No, I’m not a monster, it was an accident."

as twilight said that, she was able to smell the blood and guts on her hooves, she was very interested by the smell of the innards of the fluffles. it smelled very delicious so, she reached over to her hoof,
and licked it.

Twilight: "mmmmmm. that tastes incredible! but."

she looks over to the other fluffles cowering in fear in the corner of the pen.

Twilight: "well, i dont think a few more would hurt."

after she says that, she levitates a few of them up into the air, and that is when the fun begins. she starts tearing them apart, ripping them limb from limb, ripping them in half, even filling one with her magic aura until it explodes, making sure to try and catch as much blood and guts as she could in buckets, which she then went to go and cook on the stove as a sort of stew, she went on with this until only about 10 of them were left, after that she noticed the massive blood bath she had managed to create in the room.

Twilight: "oh, dear celestia! what have I done?! I killed and ate at least 20 of those things. what is wrong with me? I need to go find some help, oh, but I cant tell anyone I killed a bunch of these things, everyone will hate me and I will get banished to the moon or something! but who in the world can help me with this problem but not judge me for this heinous act against nature?"

she goes to Lord Mega’s castle.
when she goes to the front door, she knocks on it and waits for someone to answer. eventually Lord Mega does get to the door and opens it. and then he ask’s

Lord Mega: "what do you want princess of a cruel joke?"

second season Twilight: "princess? what are you talking about?"

Lord Mega: "Eh, you’ll get it later. so what do you want?"

Twilight: "Well, I have this sort of, situation, that I could use your help with."

Lord Mega: "alright, sure, but you will owe me for what ever it is."

as they get to Twilights bed room, Lord Mega takes some pictures of the ensued gore and violence that layed before him.

Lord Mega: "alright, payment taken, now whats the problem?"

Twilight: "WHATS THE PROBLEM?! this pile of dead bodies and blood everywhere is whats the problem."

Lord Mega: "If that’s what you consider a problem, then I cant really help you here. but what I do wonder is, why is there a bunch of fuzzy pig corpses all in your room, and why are your legs are all covered in blood, and why do you look so nervous, and why are you sweating so much, and why do you look so hungry, and-"

His face goes up to the top of his forehead with the biggest smirk imaginable.

Twilight: "no no no. its not what you think. this is a big miss understanding, you have got to believe me. LISTEN TO WHAT I AM TELLING YOU, YOU BETTER LISTEN TO ME MEGA!"

Lord Mega: "You like eating fluffies, don’t you twilight?"

Twilight: "………………YEHEHEHEHESSSSSSS, I admit it, I just don’t know why, I like the smell of there blood, the taste of there flesh, the priceless music of there screams, I killed like 20 of these things, I’m a monster!"

Lord Mega: "aaaaahahahaha, yes, you are a murderous, hateful monster, just like MEEEE."

Twilight: "NO! I will never be like you even by accident or on purpose, I atleast know my killing is wrong."

Lord Mega: "and eating them as well?"

Twilight: "…dang it. now I’m not even sure if killing them was even wrong in the first place."

Lord Mega: "look, kid, if you don’t want to kill more, then just don’t, and this can just be our little secret, besides, I have killed thousands of those things. or, you could try and profit off of them instead."

Twilight: "What do you mean, Profit?"

Lord Mega: "you said it your self, they did taste very good. I wonder how many others would be willing to agree?"

Twilight: "you mean feed them to my friends? that’s insane!"

Lord Mega: "I wouldn’t think of it as insane, I would think of it more as, Sharing."

Twilight: "yea, you would also think of someone stabbing someone else to death as just giving someone a surprise surgery."

Lord Mega: "fair enough, but I guess its your call, either keep all of the fluffy meat for your self, or you could sell it and get a ton of bits from them."

Twilight: "but I don’t want to kill them, I just want use my magic on them until there heads explode, oh damn it twilight, get your head together."

Lord Mega: "well, not much I can do about making someone not want to murder, since that’s kind of my thing. but if you ever feel like doing business, just call me up."

he then flashes away back to his castle in an instant, awaiting for something to do next.

as Twilight looks at the terrified fluffles.

to be continued.


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LordMega: A bit of a story im working on, it seems pretty popular on discord, so I might as well see what you guys think of it.

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LordMega: even though fluffybooru is already incredibly over saturated with story's anyway, lol.
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Fluffus: Nah, it’s not over saturated. We barely have enough of the good stories.

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LordMega: @Fluffus , true, but most of the stories on here are just a couple of sentences or so, lucky if you find one that has more than one part or chapter.
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Anonymous1: Holy shit! It's like a creepypasta went to hell and back with more shit! Hey I don't mean to make bad marks on it, the title of this story felt like it.

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LordMega: yea, it kind of is to an extent, but it has a few things in it that I haven't seen much of on the booru.
If you all like it, I might post chapter 2.
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Anonymous2: :(
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Anonymous3(2): The introduction is the laziest way a writer can start a story, the weird-ass play format with you as a self-insert is cringeworthy at best, and there is no emotional connection to anything that’s going on. Garbage story.
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Anonymous4: Have you tried gassing yourself?

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Guzziman: @Anonymous: Bye Felicia.

@Anonymous: If you were any ruder, you would have been this guy. But as far as I can tell everything you said was true.
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Anonymous5: Stinks of brony.

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LordMega: I'm glad you all like the story,
about to post chapter 3 here soon.