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WiredandGaming: I want to run a test and see how all the food works out(read: what kills them first if it does at all).

These uh, 'bloodroots' seem to be effective at causing internal bleeding! I'm going to keep watching and observe how the exsanguination affects 'Sichuan Hotpot' here.
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Carolina_Reaper: I haven't noticed any of the new food choices kill any of my test fluffies aside from the flufficide.

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WiredandGaming: @Carolina_Reaper: Yeah. I'm gonna try my best. I would've figured that the constant puking making hunger go down would make them starve. Maybe if I didn't give it to them in troughs.

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Disintegral: @Carolina_Reaper: If the poisonous plants, etc. are the same ones that grow in the ground, then I think the stuff that makes them violently ill and get stomach cramps can kill them, if they eat it for long enough. It can take quite a while though.
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Carolina_Reaper: I'm testing some of the different foods right now. One interesting result; I fed a stallion and two different mares nothing but booze. In both cases the mares died shortly after giving birth, during the weaning of the foals.

I'm thinking that maybe the mortality of the fluffs might be limited to mares who've given birth. I seem to recall similar experiences in earlier games with ferals who ate nothing but stuff they found growing on the ground.

I'll continue testing and post my findings.
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Carolina_Reaper: @Carolina_Reaper: I'm getting the same results with the red flowers. In three separate cases using them (or booze) mares die shortly after giving birth. White mushrooms and red berries don't seem to have this effect.

I left three separate individual fluffies (one stallion and two mares) feeding on these foods for an extended amount of time and nothing happened.

Finally, and this one needs further testing, white mushrooms seem like they extend a fluffy's life bar. The mare I left eating these and nothing else got slammed into the walls of her cell 6 or 7 times before she expired. A stallion who'd eaten them through the weaning of his mate's foals took 3 slams before he finally died. Not sure if regular mushrooms have this effect. I'll test it more tomorrow evening.
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