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WiredandGaming: Test Subject 1('Sichuan Hotpot')got two troughs of pretty flowers I found growing in my backyard next to the tomatoes. Turns out they're severely emetic. Specifically hametametic, if that's a word.

Test Subject 2('Space Brownie') got a mix of mushrooms I found in the backyard, a nice spring mix of designer marijuana blends my girlfriend/partner sent me and one of my ritalin pills. I'm bouncing off the walls and so is he!

Test Subject 3(Ortolan). Fluffy, drowned in Armangac, and by that I mean I went next door and borrowed a cup(a keg) of Tepes Vodka from my neighbor Ivan. I mixed it with some ground up multivitamins and poured it in the food bowl.
It was at this point I realized I really needed to eat dinner or I'd probably start eating my test subjects.

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WiredandGaming: Also the Jellenheimer Balls are the best thing ever. I would have eighteen of them.

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WiredandGaming: 'Sichuan Hotpot' has been in an eating and excreting feedback loop for the past fifteen minutes. He refuses to stop calling me 'daddeh' so I'm going to let it continue. I'm a woman, dingbat.

Space Brownie's severe case of The Munchies has resulted in him consistently eating more of the hallucinogens-weed mix and getting the munchies again...I have no idea where this is gonna end but SCIENCE.

Ortolan didn't like the taste of the 'Ivan Water'...but watching it fall down the stairs is funny so I'm gonna keep letting it happen.
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