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this is the second chapter to my first part of Twilight the fluffy killer, make sure to go check it out, it is probably somewhere in the same channel i post this in.

After Lord Mega left, Twilight could hear some moaning and disgruntled pain comeing from one of the rooms in her library. so she decides to go and check out to see what the problem is. when she enters the room, she see's Rainbow Dash, but with a huge distended gut that prevented her from being able to walk, and on her back was a light grey fluffy pony.

Twilight: "What the? Rainbow Dash, what happened to you?"

Rainbow: "This thing is what happened to me, i went into your library to ask for some help with an idea i was thinking of, but i noticed you weren't home, so i decided to take a nap until you got back, and when i woke up, i had a huge gut with this thing saying i was it's 'special fwend', and that it gave me 'special huggies', and that i was gonna be a 'mummah' soon. I cant be a mom, i can barely take care of my self, you have to do something about this Twi."

Twilight: "well i dont know Rainbow Dash, i dont know the first thing about abortions, anyless how to do one."

Rainbow: "Come on Twilight, i dont care how you do it, just do it, i dont even want to know what these things will look like, and i dont care what you do with them, just get them out of me, i cant even move like this!"

Twilight: "Well, alright, i guess i dont exactly have a choice, so, i dont think a coat hanger will be enough to do it, there is probably hundreds of them in there, hold on a second."

Twilight goes into the backroom and gets a vacume cleaner, and shoves it into Rainbow Dashes vagina, as then the grey fluffy begins crying and saying about things like "Behbehs not reddi yet, dun huht behbehs, behbeh's nee mummah."

Rainbow: "Shut it you rat, i hate you."

grey fluffy: "Buh why?"

Rainbow: "Because you had sex with me in my sleep and got me pregnant, and that's not very nice."

grey fluffy: "Buh why?"

Rainbow: "Ugh, Twilight, is there any way you can tell them about it?"

Twilight: "I doubt it, these things dont seem that smart, they have the intelegence of a 5 year old at maximum age, and are very forgetful, even if you did have those foals, that grey one up there would probably just forget they even exist after a few minutes. Alright Rainbow Dash, i got the vacume set up and ready to pump those things out of you, it might hurt a little bit. You ready?"

Rainbow: "Im ready!"

Twilight then turns on the vacume and sucks out all of the babies that the grey fluffy pony had forced upon her, causeing it to give out a very long and wined out "Nuuuuuuu," followed by "wha you gib gud bahbehs foreva sleepies?", since they were half real pony and half fluffy pony, some of them were durable enough to survive the vacume, and they look hideous, even for fresh, unfinished, fetus's.

Rainbow: "eww, those things look nasty, i cant belive i had those monsters inside me, even worse they look like me sort of."

Twilight: "i know, they are horrible. but uh, Rainbow, i was wanting to ask you something, about the fluffy ponies."

Rainbow: "Yea, what is it?"

Twilight: "well, if you were to know that i sort of, killed, a bunch of these things, how would that make you think of me?"

Rainbow: "Hm, depends, does this answer your question?"

Rainbow Dash starts smooshing the surviveing fetal abominations and then forces the grey fluffy off of her back to land on the floor with some broken legs and a bunch of blood comeing from it.

grey fluffy: "uhuhuhuuuuu, why special fwend huht gud fwuffy?"

Rainbow: "You are not a good fluffy, you had your way with me while i slept, you are a bad fluffy, a horrible fluffy."

grey fluffy: "nuuuhuhuhuhu, fwuffy am gud fwuffy!"

Rainbow: "No, you are a horrible fluffy, you are the worst fluffy ever, do you know what a bad fluffy gets?"

grey fluffy: "Wha?"

Rainbow: "forever sleepies!"

grey fluffy: "Nuuuuuuuuuu, fwuffy am-"

before it could even finish saying it, she brings her wing down, sliceing through the fluffy pony incredibly fast, cutting it's head right in half,
killing it almost instantly.
i say "almost", as it was still alive for about 5 minutes afterwards, so not exactly instant at all even if your useing instant ramen rules.

Rainbow: "That is what i think, kill any of these things you ever see, i dont want anyone else going through what i went through because of that thing."

Twilight: "Huh, well, alright, i guess."

Rainbow: "Good, i will go tell other people around town about this, so people know to be careful around fluffy ponies, and to try and get rid of as many as i can find."

And so Rainbow Dash went off to go around town telling various ponies about what happened, and to be very careful around any fluffies they happen to find.

Twilight: "Hm, i wonder what fluttershy is doing with these things."

To be continued.


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LordMega: eh, I decided to post chapter 2 early since chapter 1 got a few comments, lets see how it goes.

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LordMega: I might post chapter 3 tomorrow if this one gets some people who like it.

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LordMega: also, many parts of my story will reference some classics on the booru, mostly some rare concepts that inspired me to make this story in the first place, not to mention fluffy pony's crossed over with FIM is not exactly that common, even more rare having them kill fluffy's,
because it is my belief that any being is capable of sin and evil, even someone like Twilight here, all it takes is a reason to do so.