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This is chapter 3 of "Twilight the fluffy killer", if you want to read the previous chapters, then they are probably in the same place i post this in, but if you want, you can ask me for the rest of the parts if you want to.

After Twilight had finished helping Rainbow Dash with her problem, she decided to go and see what Fluttershy was up to, but as she opened up the door to her library, Fluttershy was already at the door.

Twilight: "Oh, hey Fluttershy, i was just about to go visit you."

Fluttershy: "Oh, well that is very kind of you Twilight, but, you see, i have a bit of a situation at my house."

Twilight: "Oh no, what's going on?"

Fluttershy: "My house has been taken over by a terrifying monster, and i need your help to get him to leave, Oh, wont you please help me Twilight?"

Twilight: "Dont worry Fluttershy, i will help you get that monster under control."

Fluttershy: "Oh thank you Twilight."

And so Twilight gathered her saddle bag and things as they went over to Fluttershy's cottage to confront the monster that had taken over her cottage, from a short distance away, they find out it is just a lone Fluffy with red fur and purple hair, a horn nub, and a somewhat angry look on it's face.

Twilight: "Is that the monster that kicked you out of your house?"

Fluttershy: "Yes, it was horrible Twilight, it demanded me to leave and wouldn't take no for an answer."

Twilight: "Well did you try useing your stare on it?"

Fluttershy: "When i did it, it, it, IT POOPED ALL OVER ME!"

She begins crying uncontrolably.

Twilight: "Oh no, that's horrible, why would anyone do that to you?"

Fluttershy: "I dont know, but it was so horrible, i hope no one else has had problems with these things."

Twilight: "Dont worry Fluttershy, i will take care of this."

Twilight then starts walking over to the fluffy to solve this problem.

Twilight: "Hey, are you the one who kicked Fluttershy out of her home?"

fluffy: "dis smawtys wand, weave now, ow get mo sowwy poopies."

Fluttershy quivers from behind cover.

Twilight: "Thats not very nice you know, you dont just poop on people you dont like."

fluffy: "no cawe, dis is mai wand, smawty do wha smawty wan, go way, ow get sowwy hoofsies and go foevah sleepies."

Twilight: "Me and fluttershy are not leaving until you apologise for being so mean to her."

fluffy: "Den get foevah sleepies."

The fluffy began trying to hit and kick Twilight with everything it had, which is not much since it was like getting kicked by a genipig with the intelegence of a 2 year old, after about a minute or so, it ended up getting tired.

fluffy: "Heh, heh, wah bout no?"

Twilight: "Nope, i barely even felt it."

fluffy: "Wha?"

Twilight: "Yea, your not very strong you know."

fluffy: "ggrrr, then get hurtie spaklies."

Twilight: "Hurtie spaklies? what does that mean?"

The fluffy starts focusing really hard, like it is in great pain in what ever it is trying to do, after a little bit, some little sparks start comeing from it's weird horn nub. like a really weak firework going off, it kept on trying until it started getting a really big headache.

fluffy: "Dere, wha thin bou dat?"

Twilight: "I wouldn't recommend doing that anymore, your just gonna hurt yourself."

fluffy: "Nu, yu don noe dat, yu a dummeh, yu a big, purple, dummeh."

Twilight right now was looking pretty mfsjk, i mean, mad. she levitated the fluffy pony into the air.

fluffy: "smawty fwy? yaayy."

Twilight: "no, i can lift you with my mind."

fluffy: "Yaayy, smawty fwyin."

Twilight: "...yea, sure, are you ready to appologise to Fluttershy for kicking her out of her home?"

fluffy: "Nu, smawty neba sae apowagise, smawty onwy sae, SOWWIE POOPIES!"

Then the fluffy managed to spin around and spray Twilight in the face with a bunch of shit.
she was not very happy about it, she used her magic to clean off her face, and then put up a huge grin on her face.

Twilight: "Fluttershy, do you think you could look away, and dont look back until i say?"

Fluttershy: "Sure Twilight, but dont be too hard on the little guy."

And she did what she was told.

Twilight: "I'll ask one last time, are you going to apologise to me and Fluttershy?"

fluffy: "NUU, Neba, eba."

Twilight: "Heheh, that's what i thought."

Immediatly after she said that, she made some magic blades and instantaniously sliced the fluffy pony into little cubes of meat, of which she cleaned off and put into a plastic bag, which she stored into her saddle bag, and then cleared any blood that was on the ground, cus enviroment.

Twilight: "Alright Fluttershy, you can back out now."

Fluttershy: "Oh thank goodness, what happened to the monster?"

Twilight: "Oh dont worry about him, it's long gone by now."

Fluttershy: "Oh, that's a shame, i thought that maybe we could have been friends."

Twilight: "Don't worry about it Fluttershy, there are just some that can't be reasoned with."

Fluttershy: "Yea, i guess your right."

Twilight: "Hey, maybe i could cook something special for you to help you get to feeling better?"

Fluttershy: "Sure, that sounds good, if you don't mind."

Twilight: "Of course not, i would love to cook something for one of my friends."

And when they got back to the library, it became nighttime, and before Twilight let Fluttershy in, she made sure to hide all of the remaining fluffy pony's she has, and then went into the kitchen to cook up some of the cubed fluffy she made, fried up with some oil and some classic spices, and put a group of them on a plate. when she presented the plate of fried fluffy cubes to fluttershy, she was kind of curious about it.

Fluttershy: "This looks pretty good, and i dont mean to be rude, but, what it is exactly?"

Twilight: "It's just something i threw together with what i had in the kitchen, what do you think of it?"

So Fluttershy decided to try a piece of it, and when she ate it, her eye's lit up like a christmas tree, like it was the only thing she ate all week, like she just ate a piece of god,
like she was missing a part of life itself.

Fluttershy: "OOOHHH my GOD! That is the most dilishious thing i have ever eaten in my life."

She then proceeded to eat the rest of it, everything in the pan, and then started chewing on the pan.

Twilight: "Fluttershy, are you alright?"

Fluttershy: "Oh Twilight, im more than alright, im amaaaaazzzeeeing. that had to be the best thing i ever ate! you have to tell me what was in it!"

Twilight: "Oh you know, things like oil and spices, the usual stuff."

Fluttershy: "Well, do you think you could cook me some more of it sometime, like a ton more?"

Twilight: "Uh, i dont know."

Fluttershy: "Come on Twi, for a friend."

Twilight: "Um, well, you know what, sure, sometime this sunday, infact, make sure to bring the girls with you, i bet they will like to try it too."

Fluttershy: "Your right, i should bring our other friends along as well, they will love it, i will see you later Twilight."

Twilight: "Alright, see you then, i will make sure to prepare for it."

And after Fluttershy leaves the library, Twilight goes into the room where she stored the ten remaining fluffy pony's that she had collected before.
as they all start screaming out like "munsta" and "dun huwt fwuffy" and "wha huwt fwuffy?" and stuff like that.

Twilight: "Yea, ten should be enough, but just incase, i should find some more."

She says as she decides to go to bed for the night.
Also, Twilight and fluttershy said "Oh" 12 times in this chapter.

End of chapter 3.


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