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This is chapter 4 of "Twilight the fluffy killer", if you want to read the previous chapters, then they are probably in the same place i post this in, but if you want, you can ask me for the rest of the parts if you want to.

After Twilight went off to sleep, she began to dream about killing hundreds of thousands of fluffy ponies, in the most brutal ways imaginable, explodeing, ripping, shredding, burning, vaporiseing, smashing, and even eating them raw, which after a bit, caught the attention of Princess Luna, who is now wondering about the sanity of her sister's favorite student.

It is now a thursday morning and Twilight gets up and out of bed for the day, and she is ready to go do the thing, that she, wanna do today.

Twilight: "You mean go see what my friends are up to?"

Yea, that.
and now Twilight is off to go check and see what Pinkie Pie is up to.

Twilight: "Alright, sounds good."

So Twilight goes over to Sugarcube Corner, but as she get's close to it, she notices a wall made of various objects, behind it, pinkie and the cake family wearing makeshift armor, infront of it, a huge swarm of fluffy pony's, atleast 100 of them, all of them screaming things like "Nummies!" and "nee gud nummies for make gud miwk fow babbehs" and "Give smawty aw da nummies.", stuff like that.

Twilight: "Pinkie, what is going on here?"

Pinkie: "Twilight, thank goodness your here, we really need your help with this!"

Twilight uses her magic to float over the huge group of various fluffies, over to pinkie on the other side of the somewhat short wall, looking down, he can see the wall consisting of various pots and pans, plastic wrap, a few chunks of wood which might be cutting boards, and a few sharp utensils like forks and spoons and knifes, most of which had some of the fluffy pony's impaled on them, even some of the spoons some how.

Twilight: "Pinkie, what happened, why is there a huge horde of these things trying to get into Sugarcube Corner?"

Pinkie: "I dont know, yesterday one of them showed up at the front door, and it had babies with it, and they were starving so i felt sooo bad for it, so i gave one of them a piece of cake and i guess they told all there friends about this place and now they all want some of it, but we can't let them eat everything or else the Cakes will go out of buisness, it started with like 3 or 4, but i couldn't do much about them cus if i tried to swat them away with a broom or something, that happens."

She points to over in the corner with a few shreded and eviserated fluffy pony corpses.
Twilight's mouth was watering.

Pinkie: "Hey, are you the narator?"

For this story, yes.

Pinkie: "Oh, cool, what kind of story is this?"

One you probably dont want to read too far back about.
like, just this chapter at most.
Pinkie squints her eyes.

Pinkie: "Okie doki doki loki."

Twilight: "You can hear him too?"

Pinkie: "Yep, although, im not sure why you can."

Twilight: "i was mostly able to hear him since i woke up, but im not sure why that is, aparently he was also narating most of the stuff i did yesterday, plus his voice sounds very familiar."

Right, well, you two still have this problem of a huge swarm of fluffy pony's attacking the place.

Pinkie: "Oh yea, what do you think we should do Twilight?"

Twilight: "Well, they dont seem all that smart, so, maybe we could take them into the forest?"

Pinkie: "That could work, how do you think we could do it?"

Twilight: "Hm, i could probably use my magic to teleport them all there pretty easily."

Yes, she could.
and, she does.
and now all of the fluffy ponies are in the everfree forrest to be eaten and then puked out by timber wolfs, or accidently impale themself's on a twig, or just kill eachother for any number of reasons.

Twilight: "That seems like a very boring and lazy way of putting it."

Well what do you want from me?
that instead of teleporting them, you explode there internal organs instead?
or that when they got there they were all deformed and mutated and had legs growing from there spine?
or there eye's melted out of there head and then there whole body melted?
or something like that?

Twilight: "Well, no, i meant like you put it very bluntly, without any sort of conversation about it."

Eh, fair enough, lets just go on with the story.

Twilight: "Fine."

Good, and then after all of the fluffy pony's were gone, pinkie pie and the cake's took off all there makeshift armor made of pans and stuff.

Mr Cake: "Thank you Twilight, we have no idea what we would have done if those creatins ate everything in the bakery."

Mrs Cake: "Yes, we would be out of buisness entirely if they got past our wall."

Pinkie: "Oooohhhh thank you soooooo much Twilight, who knew a bunch of tiny, talking, rats could be such a problem.

Twilight: "It's alright pinkie, aslong as everything is ok now, which reminds me, me and the girls are going to be comeing over to the library on sunday to eat some food i cooked, would you be interested in joining us?"

Pinkie: "Oh yea, Fluttershy told me about it, she said it was the best thing she ever ate in her whole life, it was weird seeing someone act like me on the other end, of course i will be going."

Twilight: "Alright, i will hope to see you there."

Just before Twilight left, she noticed some sort of scribbles, carved into the side of the building, one that somewhat resembled a plate of food, and another that kind of looked like a happy face.

Twilight: "Hey Pinkie, before i go, i just now noticed something, there is a sort of drawing, carved into the wall down here.

Pinkie: "Huh, so there is, i think the one i fed yesterday must have carved them into the wall, do you think it might like there own version of hobo code?"

Twilight: "What the hay is hobo code?"

Hay is for horses.

Pinkie: "Hah, nice one."

Twilight: "But, we are horses."

Yea, that makes it even funnier.

Pinkie: "But yea, hobo code is bassicaly used in community's that have a long history of haveing a lot of hobo's, they use a sort of bunch of shapes and stuff to tell other hobo's about curtain places and stuff, like places where they can sleep and eat, and stuff like that, there is also rummors of a underground sewer city made by and for hobo's."

Twilight: "Huh, what? How do you know all of this stuff?"

Pinkie: "I used to entertain folks at a lot of open kitchens."

Twilight: "Eh, fair enough."

Pinkie: "And if i had to guess, the reason the fluffy pony i found yesterday drew the smily face and the plate of food on the building, must be because i was nice to it, and gave it some food."

Twilight: "Huh, like some kind of thing that leeches off of someone, and when they find a good source of something they like, tons more of them swarm to join in."

Pinkie: "Well, yea, i guess, but when you put it that way, it sounds really and truly, vile, i will make sure to not feed any more of those things if i see any more of them."

Twilight: "Sounds good, make sure to fix those carvings in the wall, maybe if we can figure out what they dont like, we can make some kind of repelent. for now, keep that wall up, and check it every once in a while incase more of them come back."

Pinkie: "Rodger dodger Twi, see you tommorow."

Twilight: "Alright, see you then."

and so Twilight decided to go, but before Twilight went home to go and try to relax, she went back into the Everfree forest, the spot where she teleported all of those fluffies.
They were all wondering about how they got there and what just happened and such.

Twilight: "Hello there, snacks."

As she says that, a bright green fluffy with yellow hair, a horn nub, and two slightly larger fluffy's next to it, walked up infront of Twilight.

Smarty: "Dis is smawty's herd, yu wan huwt herd, yu haf gu pass us."

Twilight: "...Ok, sounds like fun."

Smarty: "Toughies, get dem."

even though they were the best of their herd, they were still no match against Twilights shreding skills, and i dont mean a skateboard.
after Twilight completely obliterated the two big fluffy's, the smarty was comepletly terrorified and was cowering behind the rest of the fluffy's in the herd.

Smarty: "Nuuuu, dun huwt smawty, am gud fwuffy, take dummeh herd, dey aw dummehs."

Twilight had a look of sheer hatred and disgust after hearing what it was saying, as all of the other fluffies were crying about not hurting them and dont eat them.

Twilight: "you mean, i can have AWWW of deh dummeh herd?"

Smarty: "yee, yo ca hae aww of dem, pweese nu huwt smawty!"

Twilight: "Eben dah mummah's?"

Smarty: "yee, jus nu huwt smawty!"

Twilight: "I can't belive it, you would rather sacrafice all of your friend's and family just to save yourself."

Smarty: "um, yee?"

Twilight: "... you have got to be one of the most wretched living things i have ever met."

Smarty: "fwuffy nu undastand."

after a few seconds, Twilight got an idea, a wonderful, awful, idea.

Twilight: (i want to see some of these fluffy's rip apart one of there own, and i know just how to do it.)

Twilight then used her magic to lift up the smarty fluffy, makeing sure to keep it far away enough from her face to prevent an incident like before.
with all of the other fluffy's saying like "Smawty can fwy!" and "Smawty's majic." and stuff, but then step back when Twilight puts her hoof down.

Twilight: "Hey, you all, listen up, your smarty was about just about to sacrafice you all to save himself, what do you all think of that?"

They dont seem to think much of it as they all dont seem to even understand what you said, they are all trying to figure out half of the words in that sentance.

Twilight: "Hm, alright, well, how about, your smawty tri to huwt yu, so i not huwt smawty."

That seems like it got across to them.

Twilight: "Ho dos dat make yu feel, dat he wood want you aww to be huwt?"

fluffy's: "no gewd."

They say with a lot of confusion and mixed ideas, and one of them said something about .

Twilight: "He is bad fwuffy dat wan's to huwt yu aww."

The fluffy's all gasp.

Random Fluffy: "Eben dah chirpeh bahbehs?

Twilight: "Eben dah chirpeh bahbehs."

The fluffy's all gasp again.

Random fluffy 2: "Eben dah mummah's?"

Twilight: "Eben dah mummah's."

The fluffy's all gasp a third time.

Another Random Fluffy: "Eeeeben dah soon mummahs?"

Twilight: "EEEEEBEN, dah soon mummahs."

The fluffy's all gasped once more, this time some of them suffocated and died, and one of them even gasped so hard, they inflated like a balloon and exploded, but none of them seemed to care, or even notice, but there is like, 92 of them left in that herd now.

Twilight: "An wha we caw sometin tha wanna huwt dah soon mummahs?"

Fluffy's: "A munsta!"

They say, still with confusion, and one of them saying something about tree's.

Twilight: "An wha do we do to munsta's?"

Fluffy's: :Gib dem huwties an foweva sweepies!"

They all say at once. This time much clearer and focused, one of them say's something about eating dirt, but it still works in this context.

Twilight: "Then go get him."

Twilight then put's the smarty back on the ground who is now surounded by a bunch of very angry fluffy's that he used to control.

Smarty: "Hewd, sabe smawty fwom puple munsta!"

And then the fluffy's in the herd start talking about "Smawty wann huwt bahbehs." and "Smawty huwt mummas an soon mummahs." and "Smawty nu huwt fwuffy, am gud fwuffy", the smarty started walking towards some of the pregnant one's that couldn't even move.

Smarty: "I nu munsta, smawty wub soon mummah's, see?"

The smarty then decided to hug one of the pregnant fluffy's, and as soon as it did, Twilight then used a spell to make the pregnant fluffy got so flustered and scared, that it make a really nasty "Glurk" noise, then it started squeeling like a pig while it's stomach started extending and growing very quickly, until the pregnant fluffy burst like an over filled water balloon, with blood, organs, and unfinished fluffy pony fetus's flying everywhere, 91.

the entire fluffy herd was horrified and started crying about how the smarty killed the soon mummah, they started yelling "Smawty is a munsta!" and "Smawty gib soon mumma foeba sweepies!".

Twilight: "Fluffy's, get dah munsta!"

Smarty: NNNUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuu!"

It yelled out as it was swarmed by dozens of small leathery hoofs and short teeth marks, to a normal person this would be like light pokes and slight nibbles, but after they were done with the smarty, he was in pieces, litteraly, 90.

Twilight: "Ignorance is dangerous, but intelegence is even more dangerous without responsibility."

Damn straight.
after Twilight was done messing with the group of fluffy's, she decided to have them over for dinner, and she told them that she would feed them (to herself.) and have a lot of fun (with there corpses.)

Twilight: "Do you always have to be so dramatic?"

Yes, it's what i do.

Twilight: "Alright, well, would all of you like to come home with me?"

Random Fluffy 3: "Be mumma?"

Twilight: "Yea, sure, and i can feed you all anything you want."

Random Fluffy 4: "Eben Sketti wand?"

Twilight: "Uhm, yea, even sketti wand."

Fluffy's: "Yay, neyu wawm homsie, an skettie wand."

They all say completely out of connection and somewhat at random.

Twilight: "Ahh, so hatefully, annoyingly stupid. follow me everyone, let's go, to sketti wand!"

Fluffy's: "Yaaayyy."

So then Twilight teleports them all to the library, 40 of them are put into the little room that Twilight set up to save them for later, and she put's 50 of them in the kitchen. and as Twilight closes the door so they can't get out, she puts on a really sharp grin, and say's,

Twilight: "Alright my fluffy ponies, time to eat."

End of chapter 4.


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