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This is chapter 5 of "Twilight the fluffy killer", if you want to read the previous chapters, then they are probably in the same place i post this in, but if you want, you can ask me for the rest of the parts if you want to.

As we left off, Twilight was about to have a nice late night snack.

Twilight: "Alright, my fluffy pony's, time to eat."

Twilight said with a really sharp grin on her face.
Your not gonna vore them are you?

Twilight: "What, of course not, im not that crazy."

And yet you can hear me.

Twilight: "I make sure to chew my food."

Good, cus this is not that kind of story.

Twilight: "Right, I hope not, now, let's get to eating."

And so Twilight began ripping the fluffy's into pieces and eating like crazy, drinking there blood from there own skulls, biteing and ripping the flesh right off of them, burning the fur off of some of them with her magic and boiling some alive on her stove, she was running on all burners, figurativly and litteraly, the one's she wasn't occupied on eating, were either trying to find a way out or trying to pointlessly attack her to save their friends.
she kept on going crazy like that until there was nothing left in her kitchen but her, the cooking stuff, a ton of blood, meat, fur, and tiny skeletons everywhere, and her massive belly.
so pretty much almost everything that wasn't bones or a part of the kitchen itself, was now inside of her.

Twilight: "Ooooooohhhhhh yeeeeaaaaaaaa, that was so good, i can't even belive how good all that fluffy tasted.

I cant even belive you managed to eat all of that.

Twilight: "What are you talking about? i only ate like 5."

More like 50, look at that gigantic gut of your's.
Twilight looks down to see that her vision is completely obscured by her belly being so huge and full of shredded fluffy meat and sautead fluffy pony blood.
it was like a big fleshy wrecking ball, which makes sense considering how she completely wrecked all of those fluffy's.

Twilight: "Oooohhhh god, i dont think a pony is supposed to be this big or this, urp, full. how many of those things did i eat?"

Like i said, 50.

Twilight: "Oohhhh, i think im getting kind of tired, i think i need to lay down and take a nap to sleep off all this food."

Right, but you might want to do something about your belly.

Twilight: "What do you mean?"

You remember that pregnant fluffy pony that the smarty tried to hug?

Twilight: "...Oh dang, good point, i think a rubber spell will do the trick."

Alright, Twilight casts a rubber spell on herself to make herself much strechier so her belly doesnt hurt so much while she tries to sleep.
afterwards she puts on her cute pajama's, with the spots, and goes to bed.

Today is a new day, a friday infact, and Twilight wakes up to find that her belly is still incredibly huge, not as big as it was when she went to bed, but still pretty amazeing she hasn't burst yet, even with magic.
not to mention a large amount of it went right to her hips and butt, so now she is just lugging around 2 big basketballs behind her.

Twilight: "What!? aw man, i thought that would happen."

All that combined with her cute pajama's, with the spots, makes for quite a scene,
if this was a different kind of story, i would probably say "that is hot as fuck."

Twilight: "Now that is a kind of story i could work with."

But since it's not that kind of story, we will just have to settle for, "Holy Fuck."

Twilight: "Aaawwww."

Maybe later.

Twilight: "Yeeeee!"

But now, back to your regularly schedualed slaughtering.
after Twilight woke up in the morning, she took a nice stretch and rubbed her massive belly to try and make it feel better.
it kind of helped, but it took so long to rub her whole belly, she got tired before she could even finish, so she decided to go about the rest of her day.
but a little bit after she got out of bed, her friend rarity knocked on the door, of which Twilight went to go answer.

Twilight: "Oh, hello Rarity, how are you doing?"

Rarity: "Oh, i am doing splendid, just today i found out a really good way of mak-"

She was caught off guard after seeing the absolutely massive belly that Twilight had with her.

Rarity: "oh my lord, Twilight, is that you?"

Twilight: "ung, yea, it's me Rarity."

Rarity: "My words, what happened to you? I don't mean to be rude darling but, your absolutely massive, what on earth happened to you since last i saw you just a couple days ago?"

Twilight: "eeeggghhh, i guess you could say i had big dinner last night."

Rarity: "A big dinner? More like a big all-you-can-eat buffet, and then another one, and another."

Twilight: "Yea, i guess you could call it, oogg, something like that."

Rarity: "Are, you alright darling? you look almost ready to burst."

Twilight: "Yea, im alright, i got a rubber spell on me just incase."

Rarity: "Alright, but, you know, those spots on your pajama's work very well with your current, predicament, mmmmmm."

Rarity start's getting flustered.

Rarity: "Do you mind if i, touch it?"

Twilight: "Huh, uh, sure, but be gentle, it's very tight and sensative."

She starts rubbing her belly really softly in a very adorable way. it was makeing Twilight get very flustered too.

Twilight: "Oooohhhhh, That feels really good Rarity."

Rarity: "I bet it does, do you mind if i lick your big, bloated, belly?"

Uh, i think we are getting side tracked here.

Twilight: "Oh, uh Rarity, did you want to talk to me about something? (Enough of that.)"

Rarity: "Hmm, oh, right, uh, i wanted to tell you that i found a new way to get a ton of a new type of fabric for my dresses. (you spoil sport.)"

Twilight: "Oh, that's great Rarity, i would love to see it. (Maybe later.)"

Rarity: "That sounds wonderful darling, come teleport by the boutiqe when you get the chance. (Yeeeeeeeee!)"

Twilight: "Sure thing Rarity."

And so Rarity went back to her boutiqe to work on some new Dresses.
While Twilight tries rubbing her belly some more.
After a few minutes of it, she manages to get it to go down a bit more, but it just goes to her already big butt, plus she gets board of it, and decides to go over to Rarity's to see what is going on over there.
so she teleports in, cus Friendship might be Magic, but Magic is Bullshit, so there,
and she starts talking to Rarity.

Rarity: "Ah, Twilight, you came here to have some fun?"

As she say's that, Rarity closes a door behind her, with a sort of faint wineing sound.

Twilight: "What was that behind that door?"

Rarity: "Oh, that? it's just some of my fans helping me out on a project.

Twilight: "not quite, Rarity, you said you wanted to tell me about a new type of fabric you figured out how to make?"

Rarity: "Oh, yes, of course, well, i can show you the dress i made with it, but i would rather not show anyone the process of getting the material itself. Atleast, not yet, i am very nervous about that part of it."

Twilight: "Well, alright, let's see this dress you made then."

Rarity: "Alright, here you go."

And then Rarity pulled out a dress on a maneaquen, it looked very good for something you wear, which i actualy dont know much about other than a few episodes of the bachloerette. but anyway, it looked like a multicolored shag carpet that was somewhat in the shape of something you wear.

Twilight: "Oh Rarity, it looks amazeing, too bad im too big to ever fit in it, and it looks, very familiar"

Rarity: "Oh thank you darling, but i can assure you, there isn't anything like it on the market anywhere."

It smells weird.

Twilight: (Hey, dont be rude, she worked very hard on it.)

No, smell it.

Twilight: (Ugh fine.)

Twilight smell's the air around her, and notices something familiar.

Twilight: "Hey, something smells, really good."

Rarity: "W-what ever do you mean Twilight?"

Twilight: "Some thing around here smells very tasty. i, think the smell is comeing from your dress."

Rarity: "Why that is completely absurd Twilight, why would my brand new dress smell like food?"

Twilight: "Rarity, is there something your not telling me?"

Rarity: "Twilight, you know i would never lie to you."

She is starting to break.

Twilight: "Rarity."

Rarity: "Yes, Twilight?"

Twilight: "Is that dress made out of fluffy fur?"

Rarity: "....YESSSSEHSEHSEHSEHS, im a monster!"

Rarity is crying with her mascara going down her face, as usual.

Rarity: "I found these weird rat thing's going around my boutiqe, pooping on all of my dresses, being rude to me and sweetie belle, and trying to kick us out like some ruffians who thought they owned the place, i snapped and i used my magic and started skinning them alive, im absolutely horrible, what sweetie belle do if she knew about this? if celestia knew about this, i would be banished to god knows where, or the moon, i might even get executed, or hell, they might even bring back crucifying just for me. dont you know Twilight, that no single creature has so much as died in the last thousand years, i have commited a crime, that has not even been thought of for over a thousand years. im doooohooohohohohohomed."

Twilight: "Rarity, pull your self together."

Rarity: "ok."

Twilight: "Look, Rarity, it's not that big of a deal."

Rarity: "Not a big deal? i could be killed for what i did, i would not blame you if you wanted to turn me in."

Twilight: "Well, yea, maybe, but, well, do you know how i got this huge belly of mine?"

Rarity: "Oh, well, you told me you ate a big dinner, what about it?"

Twilight: "Well, can you guess what i ate for that 'big dinner'?

Rarity: "Hm, im gonna guess mashed potatoes?"

Twilight: "Nope, i ate those fluffy pony's, a whole lot of them, and they tasted amazeing."

Rarity: "Woah, that is insane, but they are so small, and your huge, how many of them did you eat?"

Twilight: "Atleast 50."

Rarity: "Dear god, are they still alive in there?"

She goes to hug Twilight's big belly with her head pressed up to it.

Twilight: "This isn't that type of story Rarity."

Rarity: "Then what type of story is this?"

Twilight: "To be honest, im not quite sure, from what i can tell, just violence mixed with random insanity."

Rarity: "And with some sexual theme's included?"

Twilight: "Acording to the 'narator', no, or atleast not yet."

Rarity: "Uh huh, well, i must say, what i did is pretty much nothing compared to what you did, but i wouldn't be much of a friend if i told everyone about it, so i guess we both have a dirty fluffy secret, hehe."

Twilight: "Yea, it seems so."

(Start reading Chapter 5.1 here.)

Twilight: "Well, i should let you get back to it then Rarity, it's been a long day and i gotta get back home to see if i can sleep off some more of this fluffy meat."

Rarity: "Alright, take care cutie."

And so Twilight teleported home and went to bed, with her huge, cute, belly. and her amazeing butt too.

End Of Chapter 5.

(There will be a NSFW, side, chapter 5.1 after this one, cus, why not.)


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LordMega: If any of you want to see chapter 5.1, send me a message for it, and I will send it to you.

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Zengage: @LordMega:
As crazy as it sounds, i prefer to NOT lewd the ponies.

I can accept the violence, insanity, and the obsurdity of some fanfics, but i never endorsed making them go lewd.

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LordMega: @Zengage: fair enough.
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the reason I don't post chapter 5.1 is because it is pretty much pure porn, and has very little to do with fluffies. which would be against the booru's rules and stuff.
it's the reason I put the sex scene with twilight and rarity in a separate thing.

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