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This is chapter 6 of "Twilight the fluffy killer", if you want to read the previous chapters, then they are probably in the same place i post this in, but if you want, you can ask me for the rest of the parts if you want to.

Twilight went to bed after her day of 'fun' with Rarity, she went to bed,
While Twilight was sleeping, she was dreaming about fluffy pony's just randomly being mutilated, tortured, and killed and stuff.
While that was going on, Luna was looking at it from a distance away, and decides to talk to her sister about it, who was messing around with a telescope.

Princess Luna: "Sister, i think there might be something wrong with your student."

Celestia: "What ever do you mean Luna?"

Princess Luna: "Well, for the last couple of night's, she has been having dreams about being incredibly brutal to these strange rat like creatures, even eating some of them."

Celestia: "Oh dont worry about it Luna, it is probably just a phase."

Princess Luna: "Well, if that is to be the case, then i hope that she does not try these things outside of her dreams, or else actions will have to be made about it."

Celestia: "Yea, sure, hey Luna, does that constelation over there look like a butt?"

Princess Luna: "What do you mean?"

Celestia: "That one over there next to orion."

Princess Luna: "I do not think any of them look like a butt, nor do i think any of them should. also, why is orion missing his belt? And why is the big dipper inbetween his legs!?"

Celestia: "Um, reasons?"

Princess Luna: "Celestia, have you been makeing porn with MY constelations again?"

Celestia: "Oh come on Luna, the guards dont let us bring anything in, and we are only allowed visitors that have been checked off by them, and even then, only while supervised, and the guards refuse to play with us too, so i gotta get creative."

Princess Luna: "Well, Celestia, i was on the moon for a thousand years with no one to talk to, and nothing to pleasure myself with, so, fine, i will help you figure out what we can do."

Celestia: "Oh thank you sister, so, what do you think we should do first? anal or oral?"

Princess Luna: "Oh no, not me, incest is not on the menu tonight, we are not that desperate, yet."

Celestia: "Alright, fair enough."

Princess Luna: "Seriously though, your first thought was, incest?"

Celestia: "Eeeehhhhhh, fair enough, so what do you think we should go out and do?"

Princess Luna: "Well, I was thinking we could go do what they call 'clubbin' tommorow, or the day after."

Celestia pulls out a big wooden club.

Princess Luna: "I do not think that is what 'clubbin' means, i belive it has to do with wearing scandalous and rebelious clothing, and then going around to party at various clubs, mostly in the hopes of getting laid, drunk, high, dead, or all of the above."

Celestia: "Oooohhhhh, sounds like a lot of fun, and a lot easier than trying to find some baby seals."

Princess Luna: "Indeed, i think it could be quite enjoyable if we can find the right stalions for the night."

Celestia: "yea, but, can i still bring the club?"

Princess Luna: "....Sure, just incase we are unlucky."

Celestia: "Yesss, soon, something's gonna be gettin clubbed, (And by the end of this week, i will get me a piece of that forbidden moon cheese.)."

Princess Luna: "Well, we should probably prepare for it then, make sure to be ready to go."

Celestia: "Will do (you), sister."

And so Princess Luna went off to go and get the right clothes and stuff to go 'clubbin', but just as celestia begins to raise the sun for the day, she notices some small, multi colored, rat like things walking towards the front gate of the castle. so she goes down there to go and check it out, as some of the guard's have kept them from comeing in.

Celestia: "So, what is going on down here?"

Guard 1: "These small what-ever-they-are's, seem to be intending on trying to invade the castle."

Guard 2: "Yes, and they try to get in no matter what there costs, even there own lives, as you can see from there failed attempts at trying to climb the wall."

He point's over to a small pile of fluffy pony corpses laying next to them, with a small streak of blood going up the wall, as another one attempts to climb up, it manages to make it up five bricks before falling, breaking it's spine and skull, and almost instantly dying, it seem's some of them even fell off and died before they even made it to the top of there corpse pile.

Celestia: "Well, there nothing if not determined, where is there cordinator or leader or what ever?"

The first guard points forward at a dark blue one with green hair, a horn nub, and an angry look on it's face, standing infront of a group of like 4 or 5 other fluffy's.

Celestia: "Oh, alright, well, what do you want weird little, guinipig thing?"

Smawty: "Am nu ginpig, am smawty, an dis is herds wand nao, gu way, ow hewd gib yu worstest hurties."

Celestia: "Uh huh, what did you two do with them?"

Guard 1: "I was blocking it so it couldn't walk past me, which was makeing it very mad."

Guard 2: "And i was having trouble breathing because of how incredibly funny it was."

Smarty: "meta munsta nu scawe smawty ow hewd, wet us in NEW!"

Celestia: "Huh, you are so retardedly adorable, say, how would the one's of you that survived your little 'onslaught' like if you were to live here with me?"

Smawty: "Be neyu mummah?"

Celestia: "Yep."

Smawty: "Yaaayyyy, yu her dat? smawty fin neyu mummah ta gib us wawm howsie and wots of sketti!"

The rest of the "herd" begins cheering and praising the smarty about how great he is walking in while completely ignoreing and forgetting about the whole pile of the corpses of there friends and family that failed at getting over the wall.

Guard 2: "So, what are you going to do with them your majesty?"

Celestia: "Why, im going to take care of them of course, think of it as 'war reperations', besides, the only pet i have is that depressing bird that keeps dying all the time."

Guard 1: "I thought you liked philamena?"

Celestia: "Nah, it was just a one off prank for one of my student's friends, turns out i can't seem to get rid of it, it's immortal, and can only be contained in that cage, otherwise it just follows me around everywhere, and ironically, it's water proof, and the only way to actualy kill a pheonix, is way too complex and convoluted for me, so, im pretty much stuck with it."

Guard 2: "Alright, well, fair enough."

Celestia: "Well, i might as well show the new guests around, tell me if anything else like this comes up."

Guard 1 and 2: "Of course your majesty!"

And so Celestia went and fed the small fluffy herd some spaghetti and told them where they go to sleep at night and stuff like that, and when she was done, she finished raising the sun, and then went to go take a shower while they slept in a small fluff pile in her room.
So now we cut back to Twilight, who is just now wakeing up on a saturday morning, she still has a big belly, but more like she only swallowed a basketball, and her butt was even bigger than it was before she went to bed last night.

Twilight: "Oof, finally, it took me almost 3 days to get all this belly off, i can finaly walk again, good thing too, i need to start working this butt off now too, but first, i should make sure i have everything ready for tommorow's dinner with my friends."

So Twilight went into the room that she stored all of her left over fluffys, but much to her dismay, almost all of them were either dead, eviserated, dead AND evicerated, drowned, drowning, burned or burning (Somehow), or missing several limbs. there was also only about 30 corpses, meaning around 20 of them either escaped, or there bones got eaten too, there was only 3 good one's left that werent dead, eaten, or covered and caked in shit, and they were some really small one's that seemed to be fighting over who gets to eat there own mom, all this despite them haveing a ton of food, light, enough water, plenty of room, and litteraly no reason at all for this to happen, with the open bag of dog kibble she layed out for them not even being touched, and the one's that seemed to have drowned not even being close to the very shallow water bowl, inversly, the ones that burned to death, were litteraly inside the water bowl, despite there fur being completely soaked, some of them were still on fire, they are on fire while covered in water.

Twilight: "What the hell happened!?, there was 50 of you in here, now there all dead and covered in shit, how do you go from 50 perfectly healthy fluffy pony's, to just a room full of bones and blood like it was a damn war zone!?"

Give them to you?

Twilight: "Very funny, do you have an explanation to what the hay happened in here?"

Hay is for horses, and not really, all i know about this is that fluffy pony's are so incredibly stupid and weak, they can die to almost anything you think of, ironicly, there biggest predator i there own species, as fluffy's will very often kill eachother for any number of reasons.

Twilight: "Like, food when they are low on it? and they need to eat so they dont die?"

Not exactly, as you can see, one fluffy almost never likes another fluffy unless they have a reason to.
there are many reasons as to why a fluffy will just randomly decide to kill another, sometimes just cus they feel like it.
Racism is usualy the biggest factor of if that fluffy will be liked or not.

Twilight: "Oh come on, you cant expect me to belive these things can even comprehend things like color's or things like that."

Oh but they can, they can see most colors.
most of the time the mother's will kill there children for a ton of reasons, if there fluff is a color the mother doesnt like, usualy any kind of brown or a gross type of green, they will usualy call it a 'poopie babeh', or if it is a fluffy that has both a horn and wings, they will think it is a 'munsta babeh' and think it want's to eat her other babies or something, she will also kill off any of her babies that are dissabled, either mentaly or physicaly, if it is unable to talk after about a week, the mom will usualy dissown it, or just straight up kill it, same if it has mutations, which considering they constantly inbreed, and there existance is the result of very lazy genetic engineering, it is almost a 25% chance of them having things like extra limbs, or other crazy stuff, with a few exceptions brought up by how they think, like sometimes they will allow a siamese twins to stay alive cus they will just think they are giving eachother huggies, they take care of it like any other, even if it would be otherwise a dummeh babeh, even if it is clearly in incredibly amounts of pain being alive, if there lucky.

Twilight: "Lucky?"

yea, for what ever reason, due to how the gene that causes them to sometimes have wings works, they have a 50/50 chance of missing one, some, or all of there legs. The mom will also put a sort of tiering system for there babies after a while, based entirely on how they look, the one that looks the most like the mom will the 'bestest babeh', and will get presidence over the rest of the other babehs, and will get fed the most, after them come the 'good bebehs', which are the prettier one's with brighter colors, and they get fed more, then the bad bebeh's, which are the ones who have the more dull and nasty colors, they dont get fed nearly as much as the others, and have it pretty difficult, and the last would the 'worst bebeh',usualy has the worst color's unless determined by smell, almost never gets fed, has to literaly eat everyone else's shit and sneak some of the milk from the mom just to live, is basically the bottom bitch, and usualy dies pretty quickly if it doesn't learn fast, hell, the mom will completely ignore one of her kids if it so much as smell's weird when it comes out, which is usualy the second one due to how it works, fluffy's usualy have up to 16 kids per litter, but half of them die as soon as they are born, and half of those will be lucky to survive past a day, and those one's will be lucky to survive past a month without dying in the most stupid way possible, usualy drowning just by so much as thinking about water.
And the thing about fluffy's is they usualy travel in herds of various numbers, usualy depending on how much food they get,

Twilight: "You mean like darwinism?"

Yea, but at like light speed, they are only pregnant for about 3 days or so, and such a short gestation persiod can cause a few problems, as you saw the other day before your feeding, when the pregnant fluffy got really scared and flusstered, it make a weird sound, and then started freaking out, and then began growing and stuff until it exploded, with only 3 days to prepare to grow so big you can't even move, there skin can't really prepare for that very well, when they got scared like that, there whole body tensed up, makeing there skin much tighter, which in very many cases will cause there skin to give way, makeing it easier for all of there babeh's to grow and spread out, plus all of there juices to expand much easier than they usualy do, until, BOOM! they explode.

Twilight: "Like a living fleshy time bomb."

Pretty much.

Twilight: "But if they are so genetically horrible in every way, then how are they able to survive like this for so long?"

like i said, they live in herds, controled by a smarty fluffy, who usualy end's up getting the rest of them killed at a curtain point, most likely to either save themselfs, or to get something they want, but you probably already know about that.

Twilight: "Yea, he really pissed me off, you dont just sacrafice everyone you ever knew just like that."

Right, but even though the smarties are just more egotistical, ignorant, retarded, and inhumanly greedy version's of a regular fluffy, they work like a leader for there herd, so they could cause a few problems if they become too powerful,

Twilight: "What? How could those things become powerful enough to be a problem?"

If a smarty can manage to amass enough fluffies to join them, they could become seriously dangerious,
there have been times when thousands of them would go around and destroy entire city's in a matter of minutes, just a full on wave shit, piss, barf, fur, and fluffy corpses, and the worst part is, none of the fluffy's who remained alive even knew why they were there.
i would recomend staying away from italian resturante's until you know there arent any more fluffy's.

Twilight: "But why? Why are you telling me all this?"

A single drop of water cant do much on it's own, but with enough drop's of water, you will eventualy get a flood.
Someone has to throw in the sponges, put down the sandbags, and try to fix the problem before it's too late.

Twilight: "But why me? Why can't anyone else fix this?"

Are you kidding me? did you see the crazy shit you did the other day? you hate these things as much as any other sensible person, and you are trying to find the peice of gold in this steaming pile of shit, so far you are the only one here who know's what to do, as usual i suppose.

Twilight: "Eh, fair enough, so, what do i have to do then?"

Basically, get all your friends to help you, middle parts, keep the fluffy's from destroying all of equestria.
should be easy enough, you do that all the time anyway.

Twilight: "Alright, but one thing though, the fluffy feast me and the girls are haveing tommorow will be ruined cus i dont have enough fluffy's to cook, i only have those 3 that i think just now died while we were talking, do you think you could help with that?"

Oh, uh, sure, a few minutes later there is a knocking on the door, it's Applejack, and she looks upset about something, go open the door.

Twilight: "Alright then."

Twilight opens the door and Applejack is there.

Twilight: Oh hi Applejack, how's it going?"

Applejack: "Oh uh, it's going pretty alright, but i as wonderin if you cou-"

Applejack is mesmerised by Twilight's big belly, and absolutely massive butt.

Applejack: "Woah, Twi, when did you get sooo, plump, and thick, and juicy?"

Twilight: "Not even gonna sugar coat it, are ya AJ?"

Applejack: "Twilight, i can not tell a lie, and i love big butts."

Bam, hit em wit dat shitty double refference.

Twilight: (What?)

The reader's will get it.
She then hugs Twilight's massive, beachball, sized booty, kissing and getting a whole face full of it.

Twilight: "Applejack, come on, not now, you came here for something right?"

Applejack: "Yea, your amazeing booty."

Twilight: "No, i mean something else."

Applejack: "Hm, oh, right, uh, i needed help with a bunch of weird and stupid vermin that are trying to eat all of my apples."

That sounds like the discription we need.

Twilight: "Ok, take me there and i can handle them for ya."

Applejack: "Alright, you can take the lead, i'll follow behind ya."

Twilight: "Uh, ok."

And so Twilight and Applejack went over to the farm that i can never remember the name of for some reason, with Applejack stareing at Twilight's ass like how a blind kid stares at the sun, or for a more recent context, like how an emu stares at an australian, the whole walk there.

Twilight: "Alright, were almost there, AJ."

Applejack: "Yea, and so am i."

Twilight: "No, i mean we are almost to the barn."

Applejack: "Yea twi, i would love to roll in the hay wit'cha."

Hay is for-

Twilight: "NO!"

Oh come on, it's funny.

Twilight: "Debatably, and even then, not in this context."

Applejack: "Uh twi, who ya tawlkin to?"

Twilight: Oh some weird thing that is probably a god or something."

Applejack: "Oh, fair enough."

Twilight: "Alright, so Applejack, where are these vermin you were talking about?"

Applejack: "Well, they are all over the bottoms of the tree's and stuff, we can probly fin some of them laying around."

Twilight: "Alright, well, let's get to looking."

So they went to looking around the whole grove for any sign of Fluffy's, but they could not seem to find a trace of a single one.
until Twilight noticed something about the tree's.

Twilight: "Hmm, oh, hey Applejack, isn't the current season spring?"

Applejack: "Uh, yea, i think so. Why do you ask?"

Twilight: "Well, dont apple tree's usualy have apple's on them in the spring?"

Applejack: "Yeaper's they do."

Twilight: "Have you been doing any apple bucking so far this season?"

Applejack: "No, i was about ta start until i saw a couple of dose weird looking rat things come along."

Twilight: "Then, where are all the apples?"

Applejack took a look around her and noticed the difference. there wasn't a single apple on a single tree for miles to see. Also, i rhymed, ya happy?

Applejack: "Oh my lord, there aren't any apple's left, what are we gonna do?"

Twilight: "How many of them were there Applejack?"

Applejack: "I only saw like 5 or 6, i didn't think much of it, plus they pooped a lot, so i thought they would be good with fertalizer, who knew just a small handful of them could eat a entire orchard of apples, heck, i didnt even think they could get them, with how small and weak they were."

Imagine what hundreds of them could do.

Twilight: "It would be like the parasprites, but a million times worse!"

Indeed, you, and everyone else, would be fucked, and not in a good way.

Applejack: "This is real bad Twi, the apple family is gonna be in a rough point for who know's how long, it would have been alright if they ate like 10 apples, but all of them? i didn't think there was a force in all of equestria that could get that many apple's eaten that darn fast."

As they are talking about how everything sucks more than Rarity on a good day, a small wooden half-barrel starts waddleing by, spouting out random nonsense, that catches the attention of Twilight and Applejack.

Applejack: "Hey you, stop right there."

Barrel fluffy: "Nu can see, tu dawk."

Applejack walks up to it and takes the half-barrel off of it's head.

Barrel fluffy: "Oohhh, yaayyy, yu sabe fwuffy! Dank yu mummah!

Applejack: "Yea, sure, what ever, can you varmint tell me what happened here?"

Barrel fluffy: "uh, vuuuu, veeee, viiiiii, huh?"

Twilight: "Uh, Applejack they arent exactly that smart, here, let me try. Wha happen to aw da appew nummies?"

Barrel fluffy: "Oh, oh, fwuffy no dat, herd ate dem."

Twilight: "buh hew did dey dew dat, dey can no reach?"

Barrel fluffy: "Oh, dat's easy, when dey twy to cwimb de twee, it gabe dem huwties, so dey gabe da twee huwtie hoofsies, an it gabe dem more huwties, bu it awso gabe dem nummies."

Twilight: "Hm, interesting. hu many aw der in yu hewd?"

Barrel fluffy: "Moe dan fwuffy cun coun, bu owd wady say dere was many many many in hewd."

Applejack: "It must mean Granny smith, she must have seen them all in one spot at some point and counted them all."

Twilight: "Right, let's go ask her to see where they might have gone and stuff, thank you random Barrel fluffy for your 'contributions to the cause'."

Barrel fluffy: "Yu wewcom."

Twilight: "Applejack, put the basket back on it."

Applejack does and it start's yelling about it being dark.

Applejack: "A monster like that doesnt deserve to see."

Twilight: "Right, (or live.)"

While no one else is looking, Twilight uses a spell on the Barrel fluffy, that makes it explode into blood and guts and pieces of bone, she chuckles while she walk's away.
Cant say Applejack will want to use that basket anymore.
They walk up to the farm house to talk to Granny Smith about the fluffy's.

Applejack: "Hey Granny Smith! We need to ask you something."

Granny Smith: "Oh, eh, wha?"

Applejack: "Hey uh granny, did you happen to come across some rude, multi colored, rat thing's recently?"

Granny Smith: "Now dat's not a very nice ding to say bout Rainbow Dash, tcheeeheheheheheeee!"

Applejack: "Heheh, nice one Granny."

Granny Smith: "heh, yep, But yea, i did see some fluffy pony's walking and talking around, bashing there head's into the tree's trying to get the apples down."

Twilight: "Can you tell us how many of them there were?"

Granny Smith: "Oh i'd have to say at minimum, a hunderd of them in just the group that came by."

Applejack: "a hundred!? That is insane, where could they all have come from?"

Granny Smith: "Well, they were here one second, then gone the next, i have no idea where they could have ran off too so fast."

Applejack: "Well, they have very short legs, so they couldn't have got far."

While Applejack and Granny Smith are talking, Twilight goes looking around the side of the farm house, and notices a break in the wood under the porch, just big enough for maybe a somewhat small dog to go in, and a couple of sneases and various noises comeing fron underneath it. when Twilight looked under there, it was very dark, so she lit up her horn to use as a light, and what she saw was what could be called horrifying by most people, but what Twilight calls it,

Twilight: "Hello Delishious!"

Under the floor boards there were easily over a hundred dead Fluffy's, all of various colors and types, many of which were dead from various reasons, but most of them seemed to have had flattened heads, and broken legs and spines, most likely from trying to get the apples down from the tree's, and some that had been crushed entirely, probably the special winners that had apples landing on them, and most of the one's that didnt seem injured, were foaming at the mouth very heavily, like they had been poisoned from the pesticides that were on the apples they ate, some of them must have eventualy figured out that the pesticides were only on the outside of the apples, so they just used a sharp peice of wood to peel them and left the apple skins in a corner, most of the one's left consisted of the pregnant one's that cant move, a few really big ones that have scars on there sides probably from trying to fit through the hole in the flooring, and one particular fluffy with yellow fur and green hair, and as usual, a horn nub, we all know who that one is, it's that guy, you know the one, the son of a bitch that tell's the other mental defects what to do, and if they dont do what they say, they get beaten the fuck up until they die.
They a smarty, they need die.
There is about 50 Fluffy's left alive.
Also it smelled horrible in there, like a mix of rotting flesh combined with skunk spray, the classic, 'smells bad thing', mixed with the classic, 'dont-wanna-be-near-it thing'.

Twilight: "Yo Applejack, i think i found them!"

Smarty: "Dis is smawty an hewds dawk wand, gu way munsta!"

Applejack: "What the hay? that is a lot of them, and there just hideing under the house. so Twi, what ya gonna do with them?"

Hay is for horses.
But yea, what are you going to do with them?

Twilight: "Obviously, im gonna get rid of them, so they cant cause problems for any one else, any more."

Applejack: "Alright, well, just, make it ~quick and painless~, for the little hell spawns."

Twilight: "Alright Applejack, ~will do.~"

~ means sarcasm.
She teleports them all into her pen at home.

Twilight: "Alright, i teleported them someplace where they will die very quickly."

Applejack: "Good, hopefully those abominations get what they deserve."

Twilight: "Oh dont worry Applejack, i bet maybe someday, they might even repay you in the best way they can."

Applejack: "Heh, i doubt it, if anything, the only reason they would even come back is if they wanted to eat more of our apples."

Granny Smith: "Yea, they tend to be like that, which reminds, i was wondering, how many of our apples did they eat? like three, maybe four hunderd of them?"

Applejack: "Granny, they ate all of them."

Granny Smith: "Ptththweuinadnq What!? How did they eat every single apple in the orchard?"

Applejack: "Aparently, they are incredibly determined to get what dey want, dozens of those things smashed there own skulls to death on the tree's just to get some apples."

Granny Smith: "Well, i guess that's fair, they are really good apples, but gosh dang those cotton covered (Can't say that.)"

Applejack: "Granny, i know your mad, so am i, but we dont use that word anymore these days, now a day's they call them (Cant say that either.)"

Twilight: "Right, dont worry Granny Smith, i will make sure they get what's coming to them, has Fluttershy told you about the dinner im planning on makeing for you and the girls?"

Applejack: "Oh yea, she would never shut up about how it was the best thing she ever ate, i'll have to be the judge of that Twi."

Twilight: "Alright, see you tommorow."

Just before Twilight start's to walk away, Granny Smith yell's to her about something.

Granny Smith: "Twilight, hold on just a second, i got something for ya's!"

Twilight: "Uh ok, what is it Granny Smith?"

Granny Smith: "Here, it's dangerous to go alone, take this."

No it's not a sword, but it would have been awesome if it was.
but nah, She hand's her a sort of amulet thing.

Twilight: "Oh, thank you, it looks wonderful."

Granny Smith: "Thanks ya kindly, it's a blood amulet."

Twilight: "And now it is suddenly, much less, wonderful."

Applejack: "Granny, why in the hay do you have a blood amulet?"

Hay is for horses.
Do you even know what it does?

Applejack: "Do you even know what is does?"

Both of those jokes will never get old.

Granny Smith: "Why yes i do infact, when the wearer drinks any kind of blood or eat's the flesh of any living thing, it increases the power of their magic, used in a lot of types of magic, not just demons."

Applejack: "Yea, and also considered evil and taboo by the government."

Granny Smith: "Yea, well the government thinks the same bout my fanny, it's why im not allowed to go to baseball games any more, something much more evil and taboo than demon magic, is letting those monsterous fluffy's have even a chance of continueing to exist."

Applejack: "But Granny Smith, they are pretty much just rats with the intelegence of a two year old foal, and are so weak, they might as well be made of paper and tooth picks, how much damage can they possibly cause, even in the hundreds?"

Granny Smith: "Applejack, back in my day, they were much less plentiful than they are now, and even then they were a problem, they were the reason we invented outhouses, and one of the main reasons we made so many various, illegal, pesticides, do you remember HBNO-FYTY?"

Applejack: "Oh yea, the one that only killed stuff hours after it was eaten, it was always called the 'filly wrecker', cus it always caused crazy birth defects to any fillies or colts that ate it, or even breathed in the general area that it was sprayed in, or so much as touched someone that had it on them."

Granny Smith: "yep, that's the one, but to fluffy's, it made them go crazy at best, and turned them into a puddle of goop at worst, back then this farm used to be the only apple farm for miles around for a couple of months, solely due to us useing that particular pesticide, all the other's got ran out of buisness after just a few fluffy's showed up, but our family's pesticide was so good, we even copy righted it and sold it to other farms, it single handdedly saved the darn local economy, and kept equestria from starving just cus a bunch of shitrats decided to show up and become a bigger plauge than locusts, of course, since it was so dangerous to the kids too, and kind of inefective against anything else but fluffy's, the government had to ban it entirely after the fluffy's stopped being a problem, and it was atleast 25 years since the last time one has even been seen.
but now, something has happened to cause them to start showing up like crazy again, and there is a good chance the government, or even Celestia herself will bring back HBNO-FYTY."

Applejack: "Well we cant use that stuff, it might hurt Apple Bloom or her friends."

Granny Smith: "True, which i why Twilight here should have the rest of it."

Twilight: "What? why should i have it?"

Granny Smith: "Kid, i can tell in your eye's, you hate fluffy's more than any one i ever seen, you have such incredible hatred for them, it would be a waste to give this tank of pure liqued fluffy hate to anyone else."

Twilight: "Oh jeez, Smith, a demon amulet and a big tank of super deadly, fluffy virus, i dont know about all this."

(You have no idea how much I wanted to have her call it a tank full of so many different things, even 'a tank full of so many different things'.)

Granny Smith: "Nonsense dearie, i belive when the time is right, you'll know what to do, you always do, have the copy right papers for it too."

Twilight: "Well, alright, i guess i will see you around then."

And so Twilight waved good bye to Applejack and Granny Smith, while twilight walked back to the library with her new stuff.
With Applejack still stareing at Twilight's massive booty as she walks off.

Granny Smith: "heheh. You want a piece of that star spangled banner dont ya?"

Applejack: "Uh huh."

Granny Smith: "Eh, maybe later."

And so we end this chapter with Twilight putting her stuff away, and checking on the new fluffy's she has collected, to make sure they didn't somehow die in some stupid way, she now has 50 of them in her cage thing.

Twilight: "Hey narator, is there going to be any point in which i get to have some fun with Applejack? She was looking at my butt for the longest time."

Most likely yes, but later, and when you two do, it will be hot as fuck.

Twilight: "Sounds good, good night."

Good night, hero.

End Of Chapter 6.


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