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This is chapter 7 of "Twilight the fluffy killer", if you want to read the previous chapters, then they are probably in the same place i post this in, but if you want, you can ask me for the rest of the parts if you want to.

As Twilight goes off to sleep, and after Princess Luna is done raising the moon, some of the fluffy's that Celestia took in, snuck out and went around the castle, with a few crayons Celestia gave them, they started drawing various scribbles all around the outside of the castle.
After a few minutes of it, Princess Luna noticed a few of them walking around, and flew over to them to investigate.

Princess Luna: "Hm, those look like the things that are in Twilight's dreams."

As she land's over by them, they start screaming out about a munsta and stuff.

Princess Luna: "A monster! Where?"

Random Fluffy: "Yu dawk skawy munsta, nu huwt fwuffy!"

Princess Luna: "Oh... Well do not worry, i will not harm you."

Random Fluffy: "Weawy, nu huwt fwuffy?"

Princess Luna: "Uh, yes, really."

Random Fluffy: "Yayy, munsta nu huwt fwuffys!"

Princess Luna: "Right, now, i was wondering, what are you doing out here exactly?"

Random Fluffy: "Oohh, we aw dwawin mawkews fo uda fwuffys."

Princess Luna: "Markers? what ever for?"

Random Fluffy: "uhm, smawty towd us, da smiwy face an da pwate of sketti, mewns dat way, when uda fwuffys cowm hewe, dey no dat dere is wots of nummies, and good mummah's to tawk cawe of dem."

Princess Luna: "Huh, interesting, how do you all know that there is a lot food here?"

Random Fluffy: "smawty fine shiny munsta mummah, ho wet herd into big howsie an gabe us wots of sketti."

Princess Luna: "Hm, Celestia must have brought them into the castle as some sort of pet or something, and the drawings do seem pretty harmless, well, make sure to come back in when you are done, it is very dangerous at night."

Random Fluffy: "Otay dawk munsta mummah."

And so the small group of fluffy's went back to there coloring all the way until midnight, with some other fluffy's comeing out a bit later to finish at around morning, with a line of drawings of smiley faces and plates of sphagetti going across the castle's entire outer wall, with Princess Luna being completely unaware of there meaning or purpose. So Princess Luna goes back to getting prepared for tommorow night, while Twilight get's up to start getting ready for the very special lunch she has planned with her friends today.

(Start Chapter 7.M.1, Song name, "Pure and nice fun.")

During Twilight and Princess Luna's song, Twilight was just busy sliceing and diceing and shreding the fluffy's into various forms, such as slices, and dices, and shreds, just the usual, cooking until there was no more room in the big pot she is useing to cook it all in, when the pot was full, she ate what ever fluffy's were left, makeing her belly grow a bit again. This time leaveing only 1 alive, the smarty, she will need it for after the girls have tried her food, and maybe have some 'nice' fun with it later. Also with Princess Luna getting all the right clothes and stuff ready for tommorow night's 'clubbin' with her sister, she is gonna have some 'pure' fun with her later.

Twilight: "Ooohhh, i sure hope the girl's like this mishmash fluffy stew,

About half an hour after Twilight finished preparing the food, there was a pounding on the door.

Twilight: "Huh, are they here already? It's kind of early."

When Twilight opened the door, she saw Fluttershy standing there, she was being really frantic, acting like some kind of crazed drug addict, or for a more child friendly discription, (like i care.), acting like Pinkie Pie on a good day.

Twilight: "Oh, hello Fluttershy, your here early."

Fluttershy: "Yea, yea, yea, um, hey uh, i was uh, walkin by you window, for a while, hours, and couldn't help but smell you were cooking something in your kitchen."

Twilight: "Uh, yea, i am, but it's not done cooking yet, plus you should wait for the other's to get here, have you been spying on me?"

Fluttershy: "Ah, what? noooooo, i wouln't call it spying, i would call it...... Camping?"

She put's on her classic, huge, cute, yet suspishious, grin.

Twilight: "Well, alright, did you make sure to tell all our friends about it?"

Fluttershy: "Oh, uh, yea, i told the 4 of our friends about the lunch or dinner thing, your makeing the same stuff i had the other day?"

Twilight: "Yep, and a lot of it!"

Fluttershy: "Gooooood, good, Applejack is about to walk in."

Twilight: "Huh?"

And then Applejack walks into the library.

Applejack: "Howdy Twilight, how ya been?"

Twilight: "Oh, im doing alright, the food is still cooking, and we should wait for the other's to get here too, but Fluttershy, how did you know Applejack was about to walk in?"

Fluttershy: "....I have no idea."

Twilight: "Huh, spooky."

Since this is your house, i guess you could say it's like the, 'Twilight zone' in here?
...... Twilight makes a rude jesture at the ceiling she think's im a part of.

Twilight: "So Applejack, how are things going after the incident with all those fluffys?"

Applejack: "Well, we were able to pull out a loan to help us get through the year, but it also means that we will have to give them some of the money from each of our harvests for a couple of years, which means we will be in an incredibly rough spot for god know's how long, and that's not even factoring in the tax increases being put in and all of the new competition that has been sprouting up around the county, with much lower prices and much faster methods, there is no telling how long the farm will be able to stand up after this, and who know's how long until-"

I give you full permission to take her.

Twilight: "What? But what about Fluttershy? She is too sensitive to see that kind of stuff."

one, no she isn't, she has a huge hardcore porn stash, and, even thought i really shouldn't tell you this, but, she has a changeling tied up in her basement,
two, i dont think she will even notice considering how she is acting like she is high,
and three, she would probably join in if she wasn't.

Twilight: "Dear god, a changeling? She is into some weird stuff. How do you even know all that?"

Im the narator, i know what i know.

Twilight: "Well, fair enough, let's get this started then."

Sound's good.
(Start chapter 7.2)

After Twilight and Applejack take a seat, Rarity walks in through the door.

Twilight: "Oh, hey Rarity, how have you been doing lately?"

Rarity: "Oh, i been doing splendid, i saw what you and Applejack were doing just now."

Twilight: "Oh, you did?"

Rarity: "Yes, indeed, i was watching from outside the window, it was very good."

Twilight: "Rarity, were you, spying on us?"

Rarity: "Whhaaaaat, noooooo, i wouldnt call it spying. I would call it...... Camping?"

Applejack: "With benefits?"

Rarity: "Sure, whatever."

Twilight: "Right, well, just take a seat and wait for the rest of the girls to get here."

They wait there for about half an hour, until Rainbow Dash walks in as well, she looks very grumpy.

Twilight: "Hello Rainbow Dash, how ya been doing lately?"

Rainbow Dash: "Well, after that abortion thing you did on me with that vacume a while back, i went to the doctors, aparently it went perfectly, none of them left, and no injury's, which i suppose is pretty good for me."

Twilight: "Then why do you seem kind of angry?"

Rainbow Dash: "Im still kind of pissed off about the whole thing."

Rarity: "An abortion? Who ever knocked you up darling?"

Rainbow Dash: "A freaken fluffy pony got me."

Applejack: "Well, did it atleast ask?"

Rainbow Dash: "Heck no, it went at it while i was sleeping!"

Everyone in the room gasped except for Fluttershy, who was still asleep.

Rarity: "Why that is just horrible, what kind of monster would just go at it without you even knowing?"

Applejack: "That is down right dispicible, these things do not have even a bit of dignity!"

Rainbow Dash: "I know, i couldn't even move when i woke up too! If it wasn't for Twilight here to give me an emergency abortion, i would have probably exploded, or starved to death if i was lucky."

Twilight: "Dont worry about it Rainbow Dash, it was nothing."

Rainbow Dash: "No, it wasn't nothing, it was everything, i could have died cus of that stupid ball of shit-stained wad of lint! you saved my life Twilight."

Twilight: "Oh, i see, well, i hope everything is going good now that all that mess is over."

Rainbow Dash: "Yea, now i can fly again and everything."

Twilight: "Right, well, let's wait for-"

Before she can even finish talking, the door slams open and Pinkie Pie comes flying in at light speed, and crashes right into everyone.

Pinkie Pie: "Oh hey guys, how are you all doing right now?"

Twilight: "Right now, just waiting for the food to be done, how you been Pinkie?"

Pinkie Pie: "Oh, i just now finished reinforcing the wall around Sugar Cube Corner with more utensils, and wood, and glue and stuff, just in time to make it here to eat some of Twilights food with all of you."

Rarity: "A wall? why do you need a wall around Sugar Cube Corner, wouldn't that make it difficult to get any customers?"

Pinkie Pie: "There have been the occasional hordes of fluffy's that have been trying to get inside and eat everything, it has also made deliveries very difficult too, cus if we try to get past them with like a bunch of food, it's usualy me or the Cake's trying to not step on them, or end up slipping on there guts and blood and end up dropping the stuff to where they can all eat it in a matter of seconds, it's very bad for buisness and it makes me wanna STRANGLE EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM! but yea, it's pretty lame."

Applejack: "Woah, im not sure about killin them all."

Twilight: "Really Applejack?"

Applejack: "Yea, i would say torture atleast a few of them for a bit, atleast then you will be able to have some fun with them."

Rainbow Dash: "My girl, Aj!"

Applejack: "Hell yea."

Pinkie Pie: "Wait, you all hate fluffy's too?"

Applejack: "Yep, they ate every single last apple on my farm, which made the apple family broke for god knows how long."

Rarity: "I also dislike them, for personal reasons."

Twilight: "I am not very big fan of them, not to mention one of them tried to take over Fluttershy's cottage."

Pinkie Pie: "Oh my, these things are quite the problem arent they? What about you Rainbow Dash? What's your reason?"

Rainbow Dash: "One of them raped me in my sleep and got me knocked up!"

Pinkie Pie: "Oh lord! That's terrible! Why would they do something like that?"

Rainbow Dash: "Who knows, but what i do know is, they must pay."

Twilight: "Exactly, which reminds me, i think the food is done."

So then Twilight get's a bowl of mishmash meat stew for everyone, and then give's it to everyone, after she wakes up Fluttershy,

Fluttershy: "Huh? Oh, sweet!"

They start to eat some of it.

Applejack: "Whooooo weee, damn Twilight, that IS some really good eats, i underestimated ya Twi, what is in it?"

Rainbow Dash: "Yea, Twilight, this is incredibly good, whats your secret?"

Rarity: "Hm, yes, this does seem very familiar."

Fluttershy: "Oooohhhh FUCK YES! More, i need MORE!"

She then grabs the whole barrel pot and downs the whole thing of fluffy stew, making her belly get really big like Twilight the last time she ate that much, forcing Twilight to use a rubber spell on her, until she is full and decides to sit down to relax.

Twilight: "Woah, Fluttershy, Slow down, you got it all out of your system?

Fluttershy: "Hah, hah, hah, yea, hah, i think so."

Twilight: "alright, well, what do all of you think it tastes like?"

Applejack: "I think it tastes like justice!"

Fluttershy: "I say it tastes like freedom!"

Rainbow Dash: "To me, it tastes like honor!"

Pinkie Pie: "Oh, oh, it tastes like hope!"

Rarity: "It tastes like love!"

Twilight: "Hm, very, interesting, personaly, i think it tastes like happiness, would you guys like to see what i used to make all of this?"

Applejack: "Yea, i think all of us would love to see what you used to make this."

Twilight: "Ok, hold on just a second."

Twilight went into the back room, and put the smarty she had in a little cage, and took the cage over to the rest of them.

Twilight: "Alright, here ya go, this, is what i used to make all of that food."

She lobs the cage with the fluffy in it onto the table, Twilight was expecting them to be shocked, or throwing up, but instead, they were mostly just interested, except for Rainbow Dash, she imediatly flew at it with everything she has, with the rest of the girls trying to hold her back. in a super demonic and high pitched screaming voice,


Applejack: "Rainbow, can you calm down for just a few seconds?"

Rainbow Dash: "Those things are a disgrace to the world itself, they must be destroyed with the force of a thousand suns!"

Applejack: "Dont worry Rainbow, we will here soon.

Twilight: "Your, not mad at me for feeding you fluffy's?"

Applejack: "Well, i guess that explains how you got your amazeing booty for me to look at, so i cant physically be that mad for you lying to me about it, plus it was pretty dang good, might just have to make some myself if i ever get another infestation of these little shitrats, infact, i belive this is one of the ones that ate up my farm."

Smarty: "Nuuuu, nu huwt smawty, fwuffy is gud smawty!"

Applejack: "You shut it! you and your herd almost completely ran me and my family out of buisness, and almost made us poor and have to live on the streets."
If we didnt kill off your herd, my family would be homeless."

Rarity: "Hm, i wondered why it tasted like your cum. everyone i have a bit of a confession to make, the way i found out about that new type of fabric i have been making, is because it is made out of fluffy fur."

Pinkie Pie: "Oh my god Rarity, thats disgusting!"

Rarity: "Yes, i know, it's horrible, please dont tell anyone!"

Pinkie Pie: "Did you make sure to wash it first?"

Rarity: "Huh, oh, well, uh, yes, yes i did make sure to clean there incredibly dirty coats first before useing them."

Pinkie Pie: "Good, then it's alright."

Rarity: "What? But what about how horrible it is to use a living creature to make clotheing?"

Pinkie Pie: "Girl, Twilight here just now told us that she was feeding us fluffy's, and then we kept eating it, im pretty sure there are worse things that you could do with a fluffy. Mainly 'likeing' them, would be pretty bad. From what i can tell, your trying to find a silver lining to this shit storm, personaly, i agree with Rainbow Dash, these fluffy's should be destroyed at all costs."

Twilight: "Oh girls, that is great to hear. you all hate fluffy's just as much as i do. What about you Fluttershy?"

She is looking at her hooves, either in wonderment or confusion.

Fluttershy: "I, I, I dont know, on one hoof, it's like killing an animal, but on the other, they are horrible monsters, and are the tastiest thing i have ever had in my life."

Rainbow Dash: "Oh, dont think about it like that Flutter's, think of it more like putting down an abomination, that is in incredible pain every second it lives, and it's only hope for salvation is a quick death."

Fluttershy: "Well, i guess so, Twilight, how many of them were in that pot?"

Twilight: "Oh, around 50 or so."

Fluttershy: "Oh, my, that is so many of them, and my belly is super huge from them all."

Rarity: "Yes, it is, kind of hot to be honest."

Fluttershy: "Oh, my, th-thank you."

She says as she starts blushing.

Fluttershy: "Well, i suppose we all dont want another parasprites incident, so, go ahead, kill as many of them as you want, do what ever you want to them, just make sure to cook up a few of them for me when you get the chance, i might help you out with them if you need me too."

Twilight: "Alright, thank you Fluttershy."

Fluttershy: "Your welcome Twilight."

Twilight: "Alright, so, now, we have to try and keep the fluffy's from takeing over equestria."

Applejack: "Alright, well, how in tarnation are we suposed to do that without, A, anyone seeing it, cus if anyone finds out we been killing these things, we will get arrested for sure, and, B, how do we kill a whole ton of fluffy's really fast?"

Twilight: "Hm, i think i got an idea."

Twilight then goes and get's a tank of beta fluffycide.

Applejack: "Oh, is that the stuff that my Granny Smith gave ya?"

Twilight: "Sort of, it's some modified stuff of it i tried to make, so that way it would be less dangerious to other ponies and foals, might as well see how effective it is at spredding it, like a disease, everyone, you might wanna step back a bit to not get any of this on you."

So then everyone walks as far away from the stuff as they can, while Twilight goes and get's a hasmat suit from her lab to put on, when she gets it on, she comes back up, then takes the tank of HBNO-BFYTY, and points the nozzle at the smarty.

Smarty: "Nu huwt smawty?"

Twilight: "How bout no?"

She then sprays a whole lot of the stuff onto the fluffy all over, a whole lot of it.

Smarty: "Cough, cough, why huwt fwuffy?"

Twilight: "Because fuck you, that's why. And now, we let it go off and find other fluffy's to infect."

And so Twilight takes the fluffy out of the cage and make's sure that it runs off to go and come into contact with other fluffy pony's.

Rainbow Dash: "So, what will that do exactly?"

Twilight: "Well, if my calculations are correct, in a few hours, every fluffy pony that one comes into contact with, should die an incredibly painful death while there skin and flesh melt into a puddle of goop. It wont be enough to kill all of them,
But it's a start."

(End of chapter 7.)


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LordMega: here you guys go, I decided to pot chapter 7 early, cus why not, I will probably try and go with this story for as long as I can get it to go, or until I run out of motivation, which is usually what happens to big projects like this on fluffy booru, but I will try for as long as possible to write as much as I can, and if you want to see chapter 7.M and 7.2, send me a private message, and I can give it to you if you want.