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This is chapter 8 of "Twilight the fluffy killer", if you want to read the previous chapters, then they are probably in the same place i post this in, but if you want, you can ask me for the rest of the parts if you want to.

Applejack: "So, Twi, what exactly are we going to do about these things running amuck?"

Twilight: "Alright, well, i think we need to convince Princess Celestia to join our cause to destroy every single last one of these things."

Pinkie Pie: "How do you plan on doing that?"

Twilight: "I guess we will have to think it up while we go along."

Applejack: "Well, we better think of something soon, who knows what other horrible thing these rats could end up doing."

After Twilight and her friends are done talking about what to do about the fluffy menace, they get on a train to go over to canterlot castle, to see if they could convince celestia to help them, when they get there, they start having a converation in one of the hallways.

Celestia: "Oh, hello Twilight, what brings you here today?"

Twilight: "Well, you see princess, we have started having a bit of a infestation going across ponyville, and we were hoping you could help us with it."

Celestia: "Oh do not worry my faithful student, i am sure you will know what to do about it."

Twilight: "Well, the thing is princess, the thing is, the thing i wanted to talk about it is, the only way to stop said infestation, is by completely destroying them all."

Celestia: "Wait, you mean, kill them?"

Twilight: "uhhhh, yes?"

Celestia: "Oh, oh my, well, it must be a pretty horrible infestation if death is the only sollution to it, what species is it exactly?"

Twilight: "The infestation is, fluffy's."

Celestia: "Huh, oh, hohohohoho, heh, oh Twilight, they are not an infestation, they are quite adorable infact, i have a few of them as pets infact."

Twilight: "Uh oh, that can't be good."

Celestia: "What ever do you mean Twilight?"

As she says that, she opens up the door to her throne room, and gets hit with the wort smell she has ever known.

Celestia: "UGGHGGHGHGHGGG, regurch, what is that horrid smell?!"

When she opens her eyes, it looked almost as if the entire throne room had a new brown paint over all of the walls, the floor, and even the ceiling somehow.

Celestia: "What the hell! It's, EVERYWHERE!"

There was shit, litteraly over every single inch of surface area in the room, it all had atleast a single layer of shit, some parts had mountains of it, with 4 of the fluffy's Celestia took in, and 2 guards standing in the middle of it.

Celestia: "What is this! What happened?!"

Guard 1: "We tried to give them a bath, and they started excreeting at unmanagable amounts, your highness."

Guard 2: "When tried to clean them, they tarted shitting everywhere like crazy, it was insane."

Celestia: "But that's impossible, these things shouldn't even have that much physically inside them."

Twilight: "I dont know, these things are known for it, almost legendary."

Celestia: "Well, it's not that bad, we can have it all cleaned up pretty fast."

Guard 1: "They also got into your room as well."

Celestia: "Oh come on."

She then runs into her room to find it only having a small pile of shit in the corner.

Celestia: "Well, it doesn't seem too bad in here."

She looks over ontop of her bed, and notices one of the fluffy's she brought in, aparently was pregnant and had her foals ontop of Celestia's bed.

Celestia: "um, uh, alright then, this is very disgusting, but i guess kind of worth it, they are very cute."

The light blue fluffy mom holds up her very brightly colored light blue baby.

Fluffy Mumma: "Dis am bestes bahbeh."

Celestia: "Hm, it does look very colorful, but i think all of your baby's or the bestest one."

Fluffy Mumma: "Nu, bwue bahbeh is onwy bestes bahbeh."

Celetia: "ugh, what ever."

After looking over fluffy mummah's bahbehs, she looks over into corner, and see's a small brown foal in the big pile of shit.

Celestia: "what is that over there?"

Fluffy Mummah: "Oh, that is poopie bahbeh, it ha ta num poopies."

Celestia: "What? that's horrible, why would you do that?"

Fluffy Mummah: "Siwwy mummah, poopie bahbeh am fo nummie poopies."

As Celestia begins to get kind of mad, she notices something on the ground, it is white, with very shiny hair, covered in red stuff, had wings and a horn, and is way too flat.

Celestia: "Is that what i think it is?"

Fluffy Mummah: "Dat was munsta bahbeh, it wan num udda bahbehs, so i gib it foweba sweepies."

Celestia: "I highly doubt that, infact, it looks a lot like, me."

Celestia then uses her magic to lift the fluffy mom into the air, she does not look very happy at all.

Fluffy Mummah: "Nuuuu, dun huwt fwuffy!"

Celestia: "Why would you intentionaly kill your own child? Dont you know that isn't good?"

Fluffy Mummah: "It wan huwt gud bahbehs, am gud mummah!"

Celestia: "That is why you should learn how to teach your bahbehs to act right, it's your responsibility!"

Fluffy Mummah: "Resd, rep, resp, resmp, wha am dat?"

Celestia was looking very annoyed by it's incompitence, and then there is a scream from Luna's room, so she puts the fluffy mom back on the bed, and goes to see what the noise is.

Celestia: "Sister, what is with the screaming?"

Princess Luna: "That is what the problem is!"

She points down to a pile of shreded up clothes and stuff, and a couple of dead or dying fluffy's that are covered in puke and shit and piss, aparently they tried to eat Celestia and luna's 'clubbin' clothes.

Celestia: "Oh come on, we were going to wear that to go 'clubbin' in that!"

Random Fluffy: "Ugghuhuhuuu, nummies gib tummie huwties, hewp fwuffy! Mummaaaahhhh!"

Celestia: "You idiots ate our clothes, no wonder your having stomach problems."

Celestia is starting to get pretty mad, and then the guards knock on the door.

Guard 1: "Your highness, we need you for something."

Celestia: "Im kind of busy!"

Guard 2: "I'ts a bit of an emergency."

So then Celestia and Luna went out of the room to see what they are talking about, they point outside the window to show her what is going on, and outside, Celestia see's a humongious swarm of fluffy's, atleast a million of them, surounding the entire castle.


Guard 1: "It seems to be a huge swarm of those things your brought in the other day."

Celestia: "What the hell, why are there so many of them?"

Twilight: "The last time i saw them acting like this, is when they were attacking sugar cube corner."

Princess Luna: "Oh, i think i know why, the other night, i saw some of them drawing little symbols on the castle walls, they were talking about them being for other's."

Twilight: "Did they look like a plate of sphagetti or a smiley face?"

Princess Luna: "Yes, they did, i didn't think much of it at the time."

Twilight: "When they put some onto sugar cube corner, they invaded it incredibly badly, atleast a hundred of them."

Celestia: "This wasn't war reperations, it was war preperations, damn it."

Princess Luna: "If they make it into the castle, there is no telling what they might do."

Celestia: "Probably eat everything and shit everywhere, Twilight, come with me, we need to handle this."

So then Celestia and Twilight teleported ontop of the wall infront of the huge army of fluffy's, the draw bridge has been lifted up and the gate closed.

Celestia: "So, Twilight, how do you think we can stop all of these fluffy's?"

Twilight: "Well, as far as i can tell, killing them is the only way to stop them."

Celestia: "We really shouldn't do that, i would preffer not to, maybe i can try to reason with them."

She flys infront of the huge horde of fluffy pony's to try and reason with them to leave.

Celestia: "Hello, dear, fluffy's, which of you is the leader of all of you?"

After a few seconds, a bright red one with a horn, and 3 slightly bigger ones next to it.

Celestia: "Im guessing that would be you."

Red Fluffy: "Dis am smawtys wand, weave nao, nu pwetty munsta, ow get sowwy poopies!"

Celestia: "No, i live here, and so do many other ponies, i would suggest you leave, or else we will be forced to do something drastic.

Red Fluffy: "Toughies, gib, sowwy poooooppppiiiiieeeesss!"

And then the 3 slightly bigger fluffy's turned around, and showered Celestia in a bunch of shit,

Red Fluffy: "Hah, nao weave, or we gib yu foweba sweepies,

Celestia does not look very happy, Twilight hears a loud cracking noise.

Celestia: "Twilight, my student, go back inside the castle, mummah's gonna turn up the heat."

Twilight: "Yes princess."

And so Twilight teleports back into the castle, and hides behind some statues.

Celestia: "You want to kill me huh? I dont think so, instead, i think, I WILL MAKE YOU ALL FRY!"

She uses her magic to put up a barier around her, and then have it grow around the whole castle, and then grow outwards, burning any fluffy's that touch it, until every single fluffy around the castle was nothing more than burnt shit, fur, and flesh, after she makes sure she got them all, she flys back up into the castle and talks to Twilight.

Celestia: "Ah yes, Twilight, my faithful student, i want to talk to you about something."

Twilight: "Um, yes, Princess, i hope your not mad at me."

Celestia: "Mad? At you? Naaahhhhh, say uh, Twilight, do you know how many of those fluffy's are infesting ponyville?"

Twilight: "Uh, hard to say, probably a few thousand or so?"

Celestia: "Hm, interesting."

She pulls out a sturdy, royal looking piece of paper, and starts righting something on it, and then gives it to Twilight.

Celestia: "Twilight, i give you full, royal permission, to kill as many of these things that you deem nessasary, in any way you wish, and permission to use any resources that we have at your disposal to do so. We need to rid the world of these shit rats as soon as possible, and i dont care how you do it."

Twilight: "Really? oh thank you princess, i wont let you down!"

Celestia: "Of course my faithful student, is there anything you need?"

Twilight: "Yes actualy, would it be possible to have a scientist or two work on a sort of chemicle pesticide that can get rid of fluffy's? That way farms and such will be able to defend against the fluffy's?"

Celestia: "Hm, you mean like HBNO-BFY?"

Twilight: "Sort of, but i was hopeing it would possible to make a form of it that takes longer to kill, and doesn't affect children?"

Celestia: "Hm, interesting, i will have my best scientists work on it as soon as possible."

Twilight: "Thank you princess."

Celestia: "The honor is all mine, i just want these things gone as soon as possible."

Twilight: "Of course princess, i will do everything i can to get rid of every single fluffy off the face of the planet."

Guard 1: "What shall we do?"

Celestia: "Find and drown the other fluffy's in the castle, and then help clean up this massive mess before we have any guests."

And then Twilight left the room to go talk to her friends about how it went.

Rainbow Dash: "So, how did it go?"

Applejack: "Yea, what did she say?"

Twilight: "She gave us full permission to kill as many fluffy's as we want, and we have access to all of canterlot's resources to do it."

Pinkie Pie: "That's amazeing! Soon, these things wont be a problem any more, and then i can go back to selling more stuff for the cakes and we wont have to keep up that wall thing we have and then we wont keep slipping on there blood and stuff!"

Twilight: "Right, so now, all we have to do is come up with a plan on how to get rid of them forever, and i think i know exactly who we should ask for help."

Afer Twilight says that, they all decide to take a train back to ponyville.

End of chapter 8.


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LordMega: here is chapter for you guys, I will post more parts of it after my story is finished.

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LordMega: @LordMega: chapter 8.
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Anonymous1: I feel like I'm reading a script for Mary Sueing fluffies into a nigas like gay ponees tv show
Actually I've never seen anything of the sort so I don't know who these characters are just that one fucking delicious Rainbow Dash comic Mwikwey did way back when and I thought it was just a stupid design that fit fluffies. Or the one by ShadySmarty was nice at first too

I could do the same thing with yukkuris into the fluffyverse by just switching the names around.

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LordMega: @gr1m_1: the irony of it is, MLP is one of the few times that I like the fandom more than the show itself, I couldn't't care less if the show got canceled as long as porn and violence keeps getting made, cus thats the stuff i am more interested in.
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