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Kerry’s Story; Part Eighteen

By differential_Sloth


‘Nu Speciaw-fwend!’ your Mummah screams. ‘Pwease nu make Fwuffy du dis! Babbehs nu am-’

‘Shud up dummeh!!’ Daddeh cuts her off. ‘Bestest babbeh nee miwkies fow gwow big an stwong su cam be nex Smawty!’

‘Bud babbehs nu am nummies! Nu wan num mowe babbehs, pwease!!!’

‘Peep peep!!’ Deep in Mummah’s fluff, your sissie hangs onto you as hard as she can. ‘Hewp bwudda! Peep!! Babbeh nu wan be nummies!!’

You try to talk, but your wordies are all fuzzy and dumb.

*Smack* ‘Screeee!!’

He… Daddeh gave Mummah sorry-

‘Dummeh mawe num dummeh babbeh ow Smawty giv yu wowstest stompies, den make yu num dummeh babbeh!!’

Please don’t do this Mummah! Not again!! You beg and scream with all your might, but it’s like you’re not even there.

‘Huuuhuhuuu *sob* babbeh huhuhuuu!’ The soft warm barrier around you and your sissie relaxes, and she starts to panic.

‘PEEP PEEP!! NUUU!’ Your Sissie holds you with all her strength; if she doesn’t let go, she can stop Mummah from-

‘Huuuuhuhuuu Mummah am so sowwies babbeh…’

‘SCREEEEE!!!’ Your Sissie’s scream hurts your little hear places! You watch her squirm and wriggle in Mummah’s nummie place.

‘NU! NU NUM SISSIE!!’ You try to jump and grab hold of your Sissie, but your leggies won’t do what you tell them! Then you get plucked out of Mummah’s fluff by Daddeh. ‘NUUUU!! NUUUHUHUUU!!!’ He carries you away from Mummah, but you can still see it all.

Your Sissie struggles to get out of Mummah’s nummie place as she puts her on the floor of the den, and pins her down. ‘SPEEEEEE!!! NUUUUHUHUHU!!!’ Your Sissie cries and screams; she knows what’s about to happen. She lifts her head and looks at you, the fluff under her see places is full of sad-water. ‘HEWWP BWUDDA! PEEEP!! BABBEH NU AM NUMMIES!’

‘*Sob* Sowwie babbeh,’ Mummah lowers her head. ‘Mummah wub yu...’

‘SABE BABBEH!! SABE BABEEEEEEE!!!!!’ Mummah bites your Sissie on the back. ‘SPEEEEE!!!!! REEEEEEE!!!!!’ The screams give your hear places the worstest hurties. You watch your Sissie struggle in vain as Mummah bites off a piece of her, chews and swallows.

‘Babbeh nu taste pwetty huuhuhuu...’

‘SQUEEEE!!!’ Your Sissie looks right in your see places. ‘WAIII!! WAI BWUDDA NU SABE SISSIEE?!!? SQUEEEE!!!!’

You shut your see places, but they won’t stay closed! They open again and instead of your Sissie, it’s one of your friends from the baby den!! ‘WAIII!!’ He screams as Mummah rips off his leggie. ‘WAI FWEND DU DIS!! WAI NU WUB BABBEH?!?!’

No!! You didn’t! You didn’t do this!! Your Daddeh forced his mummah and daddeh to-


You flinch and close your see places. When they open again, ‘SCREEEEEE!! REEEEEEE!!!’ No! Not your wingie friend too!! Stop, please!!!

‘Uuuuhuhuhuuu am bad Mummah huuu,’ Mummah cries. ‘Am munstah fwuffy huuu.’ She reaches down and closes her nummie place around your wingie friend’s head; you can’t watch! You close your see paces again and-




‘*Sob* Fwuffy am su sowwies sissie huuhuhuuu *sob* nu wan du dis huhuhuuu!’

Not your Mummah’s Sissie’s babbies too!! They just come out!! They haven’t even had milkies yet!!




‘Dummeh babbeh!!’

That’s your friend's-

‘Yu make babbeh be nummies!! Hachew!!’

‘Dummeh bestest babbeh make oda babbehs intu nummies!’

‘Hewd nu hav babbehs nu mowe!! Yu give aww dah mummah’s wowstest heawt huwties!! Yu wowstest babbeh!! Yu am Munstah! HACHEW!!!!’



You didn’t mean it!! You didn’t mean to be born in the cold times when there wasn’t enough nummies! You didn’t mean to be your Daddeh’s bestest baby!! You didn’t mean to make him take all the other babbies in the herd and make then into nummie babbies!!








That voice, it’s not from-

‘Wai Daddeh make woud noisies?!’

‘Wakies Daddeh! Pwease be wakies!!

The world starts to shift and blur around the edges, then all of a sudden it goes away and you’re back in the den. But part of you is still in the sleepie picture. ‘Nuuuhuhuhu sissie!! Nuuuu!! Nu mean id!! Am sowwies!!!’

‘Speciaw-fwend!’ Your Special-friend wraps her leggies around you, and so do your babbies. ‘Id am otay nao Speciaw-fwend! Pwease!’

‘Daddeh! Daddeh pwease nu be scawdies nu mowe!!’

‘Dummeh scawedies, weave Daddeh awone!!’

Your family’s huggies snap you out of it at last, and you can tell what’s real again. You feel lots of sad water under your see places, you’re breathing like you ran from one side of the forest to another, and you... You need to get out! Get out!!

‘Daddeh? Daddeh wait!’

‘Speciaw-fwend nu!’

Your family tries to stop you but you shake them off. ‘Wet Smawty GU!’ you yell. ‘WET GU!’ You break free and run out of the den into the dark.

‘Daddeh wait!!’ Your wingie baby yells.

‘Nu babbeh, stay hewe!!’ Your Special-friend says. Hopefully she’s quick enough to stop him; you don’t want your wingie baby to run around in the dark trying to find you. But, there’s only a little bit of you worried about that.

You run out of the safe place into the forest; somehow your thinkie place reminds you not to go too far in so you don’t get lost. You find a patch of bushies and dive under them to catch your breath, and hide. In the bushies, you breath lots and lots to make the scardies go away, and make it all go back to normal. But, you can’t quite manage it. As the scardies go away, saddies come in to replace them; they fill every part of you until it’s hard to feel anything else.

You can’t stop yourself; you curl into a ball and cry. ‘*Sob* uuuhuhuhuuuu *sob* Smawty am su sowwies sissie huhuhuuu!’ More sad water pours from your see places. ‘Am su sowwies fwends *sob* huuu am sowwies, Smawty nu mean id huhuhuuu.’

Why’d you have to be the bestest baby? Why couldn’t it have been you instead of your friends? You instead of your sissie? Why’d your dummy Daddeh have to put you in Mummah when it was the cold times, and let everyone else have babbies when he knew there weren’t enough nummies!! Why?!

‘*Sob* huhuhuuu.’ Your friends, your sissie, your Mummah’s Sissie’s babbies. They all went forever sleepies, because of you. Mummah nummed them and turned them into milkies, which your Daddeh forced you to drink. He made you drink them, because you were his bestest.

Then, after all the nummed babbies and heart hurties, he went and-


You lift your head a little.

‘Smawty? Smawty whewe am yu?’

‘*Sob* H-hewe...’

A few moments later, you hear the bushie get pushed away. You look up, and see your Bestest toughie. ‘Am Smawty otay?’ He asks gently. All you manage is to shake your head. He leans down and gives you huggies. ‘Id am otay fwend,’ he says. ‘Id am ovah. Bad fwuffies nu am hewe nu mowe. Yuw Daddeh nu am hewe nu mowe. Hewd am safe gain.’ You manage to nod. Then, he gets up and looks at you. ‘Get up fwend,’ he says. ‘Dah hewd dah Smawty.’ He looks right in your see places. ‘Yuw famiwy nee dewe Daddeh.’

He’s right. Your sissie, your friends, they’re gone; forever. Making sad water in the bushies all dark-time won’t change any of it. At least your Daddeh paid for what he did; you made sure he did. You nod again, and step out of the bushie. ‘*Sniff* Tank yu, fwend...’

He nods, and together you walk back to the safe place. When you get there it’s still quiet; everyone’s still asleep, or at least they’re pretending to be. Good. You’ll have to tell them some time, but you can’t face it yet. Your Bestest toughie leads you back to your den. When you get inside your family hugs you as hard as they can.

‘Daddeh am sowwies,’ you say to them. ‘Nu mean wun way.’

‘Id am otay,’ your Special-friend says. ‘Fwuffy an babbehs nu am maddies.

You nod. ‘Daddeh knu.’ You look at all of them; ‘Famiwy gu back tu nestie nao.’


Something big happened last dark-time.

When you heard the yells and screams, you thought it was a bad sleepie picture. Then Flower said ‘Wat am dat? W-wai am fwuffies makin woud noises?’

‘Am dat dah bad fwuffies?’ Runny asked. ‘Ow *gulp* m-munstahs?’

‘Daddeh nu knu babbehs,’ your Special-friend said. ‘Jus stay in nestie.’ A few moments later, there were more really loud screams. Flower started to cry, so you hugged her into your chest fluff. ‘Big Wed,’

‘Yes Daddeh?’

‘*Gulp* Fowwow Daddeh.’

Sharp cold feels went through you. ‘Whewe Speciaw-fwend guin?’

‘Nu am gun weave nestie Speciaw-fwend,’ he said, ‘jus guin hewe.’

He took Big Red to front of the den and sat down in front of the tunnel. If there was something scary out there, they’d keep it out of the den. Or at least they’d try. A few little whiles passed, but it felt like a lot more. Finally, you heard a toughie outside.

‘Ewyting am otay,’ he called into the den, ‘dewe am nu munstahs ow bad fwuffies in safe pwace.’

‘Tank yu nice tuffy fwend. Back tu nestie nao Big Wed.’

‘Otay...’ Big Red almost sounded disappointed he didn’t get to fight; that’s what worries you about him. You hope if he ever has to fight monster of bad fluffies, he doesn't regret it. They got back in the nestie, and you all went back to sleep.


In the bright-time everything seems normal, for a little while.

On the way to the nummie dens you see the Smarty. Something about the way he walks and the way he looks gives you a really bad feeling; you look away before he notices. At little bit later you see the Bestest toughie, and he has it too! He doesn’t have quiet the same look as the Smarty, but there’s something there. Is it, scardies? What could make him scardies? You try to figure it out, but stare at him a bit too long. The Bestest toughie turns his head and looks you right in the see places.


Your hear places hide, and you barely manage to stop yourself lying down on your tummy. ‘N-nuting nice bestest tuffy!’

He looks at you for a little bit longer, then walks away. Your Special-friend comes over and hugs you; ‘Am Speciaw-fwend otay?’

‘Wat happen Speciaw-fwend? Wai dah Smawty an Bestest tuffy wook so… so...’ You don’t have the wordies for it.

‘Nu knu Speciaw-fwend, bud nu ask dem,’ Your Special-friend nudges you. ‘Cum on, wets jus get nummies.’ You get some bright-time nummies and take them to a spot near the den. While you have them, Runny and Big Red talk about last dark-time.

‘Id was bad fwuffies,’ Big Red says. ‘Day du dis befowe; day make woud noises, den twy steaw nummies. Dat am wat fwends say.’

‘Dewe nu bad fwuffies!’ Runny tells him. ‘Daddeh an Wunnie nu see any oda fwuffies in fowest.’

‘Yu nu see aww dah fowest dummeh!’

‘Nu tawkies wike dat!’ You say, but neither of them pay attention.

‘Oda nummies an wookie fwuffies nu see oda fwuffies tuu dummeh!’ Runny yells. ‘Was jus fwuffies havin bad sweepie pictuwes.’

‘Den wai Smawty wook su maddies?’

‘He awways wook maddies!!’

‘Nu tawkies wike dat babbehs!!’ You yell. Big Red and Runny stop and look at you. ‘Nu make make meanie tawkies!’

‘Sowwie Mummah,’ Runny says.

‘Big Wed nu mean id.’

You’re about to make them say sorry to one another when,

‘Hav yu fwuffies seen Wuby?’

You turn and see a green mare. ‘Huh?’

‘Hav yu seen Wuby fwend?’ She says with a few more scardies. ‘Nu can find Wuby fwend! She awways hav bwight-time nummies wif fwuffy!’

‘Sowwies,’ your Special-friend says. ‘Fwuffy an famiwy nu see hew.’

‘*Sniff* Tank yu...’ The mare says, then walks away.

You look at your Special-friend. ‘Wat tink happen Speciaw-fwend?’

He’s quiet for a bit. ‘Nu… Nu knu.’

Your thinkie place says there’s something he didn’t tell you. You want to go further, but can’t bring yourself to do it. Instead you try to ignore it and focus on your nummies. A little bit after the mare leaves, some little fluffies come over.



‘Dis way, huwwy!’


‘Jus huwwy!!’

Runny gets up and follows his friends to, wherever they’re going. Part of you is a bit worried, but Runny’s not a little baby anymore; he can take care of himself. The rest of you finish bright-time nummies, and get ready to do your jobs. You’re pretty excited to get to yours; a few of bright-times ago, some mares got together and said the safe baby place should be fixed so it’s ready for when the old times are over. The Smarty didn’t agree at first, but then said yes so long as all they did was get the big branch out and clean up a little.

One of your friends asked if you wanted to join in and you said yes. You really enjoyed working in the safe baby place, and you want it to be fixed. Flower found out and asked to join in too, and you said yes. It’ll be nice to do something with her since you haven’t had many chances lately.

‘Mummah, how fwuffies gun get big bwanchie oud of safe babbeh pwace?’ She asks while you walk over.

‘Hmm, Mummah nu knu Fwowah. Bud Mummah’s fwends say sum tuffies am gun hewp.’

‘Dat am gud ting,’ Flower says. Then she asks ‘Am Mummah an Daddeh gun hav mowe babbehs when cowd times am ovah?’

‘Hmm...’ You haven’t thought about having more babbies, or talked about it with your Special-friend. Now that Flower mentions it... Well, the biggest poopies and the, other things, weren’t fun at all. But, all the stuff after was lots of fun, even though it was hard work. You wouldn’t mind doing it again; actually, you’d love to, especially since your Special-friend can do it with you this time!

‘Mummah? Wai nu taw-’

‘An jus tinkin Fwowah.’ You say. ‘Mummah tink hav mowe babbehs. Jus hav ask Daddeh boud id.’

‘Otay. Maybe Mummah can hav babbehs when Fwowah hav babbehs!’ Flower says, ‘Den can both be Mummahs!’

It still gives you odd feels to think about Flower having babbies. But, it’ll be so much fun to help her be a mummah for the first time. You want to make sure she knows everything you know, and all the stuff you wished you knew when-

‘Get way fwom dewe dummehs!!!’

‘Fwuffies sowwies!!’

‘Nu huwties!!’

You turn your head and see a toughie chase after some little fluffies. After a bit you recognise them; it’s Runny and his friends! What’s going on?

‘Wunnie!’ You call, but he doesn’t respond. Either he can’t hear you, or doesn't want to stop. He follows his friends around some more bushies and you lose sight of them. The toughie stops a little bit away from you. ‘Wai nice tuffy chase does fwuffies?’ You ask.

‘*Haff haff* day gu neaw a den dat nu am safe,’ he says. ‘Smawty say fwuffies nee stay way, ow id give dem huwties.’

‘Otay,’ You go to walk away, but Flower keeps talking.

‘Wat happen? Wai am dat den nu safe nu mowe?’

‘Cause id nu am.’ The toughie says.

‘Bud wat happen?!’ Flower asks again, with scardies this time. ‘Wat make den nu safe? Am dah fwuffies dewe otay?! Wat if oda dens-’

‘Shu… Stahp makin tawkies!’ The toughie looks at Flower and you. ‘Tuffy nu can say wat happen; Smawty nu say. Jus teww Tuffy tu keep oda fwuffies way.’

You nod. ‘O-otay nice tuffy. Cum on Fwowah.’ You push Flower away from the toughie and lead her to the safe baby place. All the way she asks questions.

‘Wai dat tuffy nu say wat happen? Wai Smawty nu wet him?’ Her scardies sound like they’re getting worse. ‘Wat happen? Am famiwy’s den nu safe nu mowe?!’

‘Nu Fwowah babbeh, den am stiww safe.’ Your Special-friend knew what he was doing when he made it. nothing’s gone wrong since you’ve lived there, and it even keeps the sky water out! Most of it at least.

‘Huuu...’ Flower whines.

‘*Sigh* nu cwy Fwowah, ewyting am otay.’ You stop and give her a few huggies. ‘Nao am time fow fix safe babbeh pwace, an make id bestest safe pwace fow soon-babbehs.’

Flower makes a bit of sad water, but nods. ‘*Sniff* Otay mummah.’

‘Gud babbeh.’ You lead her the rest of the way to the safe baby place and get to work.


The work turned out to harder than you thought it would. The hardest part was getting the big branchie out; the bushies had to be given more hurties, so it’s good they can fix them on their own. With you and the other mares all working together, you managed to drag the branchie back into the forest. After, you and some others tried to fix the rest of the safe baby place, but the older mares said the bushies had to fix their owwies and hurties first. With nothing more to do, you went to next bright-time nummies.

You sit with some of your friends under one of the trees with your next bright-time nummies, and talk about stuff. At first you talk about the safe baby place, but then someone brings up last dark-time.

‘Did oda fwuffies heaw noises?’

‘Uh-huh,’ another mares says.

‘Wat tink happen?’ The first mare asks.

‘Id was does bad fwuffies fwom oda hewd!’ Another says. ‘Day twied steaw nummies gain, an tuffies giv dem huwties!’

You and some other mares nod. But one, and older one with dark yellow fluff shakes her head. ‘Dat nu wat happen.’

‘Wat fwuffy mean?’ The first mare asks.

‘Yeah, how fwuffy knu dat?’

‘Tink boud id,’ she looks at you all. ‘Yu see dat mawe Wuby?’

You’re all quiet for a bit; a few mares shake their heads.

‘Wat boud dat fwuffy wif dah dummeh weggie who dig dah poopie howes?’ More head shaking. ‘Id nu was fwuffies fwom oda hewd dat steaw nummies; id was dem.’ You and the others are quiet; some get really scardie and sad looks on their faces.

‘Wat... Wat happen tu dem?’ The first mare asks.

The older grey mare looks at the ground with a sort of sad and mad look on her face. ‘Dah Smawty du wat he hav tu du.’

A few mares ask her what she means, but she won’t say more. No long after, next bright-time nummies ends. You and Flower go help out some fluffies with their dens and nesties, but something about what the grey mare said bothers you. When you think about it more you get some scardies, the heavy kind which sit in your tummy all bright-time. You try to ignore it and get on with your work, but it’s hard.

Later on in the bright-time, you see the Smarty again. When you do, the scardies in your tummy get worse. You don’t know how you figure it out, but you know he had something to do with what happened, and it wasn’t nice.


The next bright-time, you’re coming back from helping a friend with her netie when the call goes out.

‘Dah Smawty wan say sumtin!’

Everyone stops what they’re doing and goes to the talkie place. When you get there, the Smarty’s on his rock. Your Special-friend and Flower find you after a little bit, but Big Red and Runny must be somewhere else here. As soon as the herd’s in place,

‘Hewd wisten tu Smawty! Smawty heaw hewd makin tawkies bound wat happen two bwight-times gu. Smawty am gun say wat happen!’ The Smarty pauses for a moment, and you think you see him take some big breaths.

‘Two bwight-times go, Smawty find oud who was takin nummies fwom nummie dens! Id nu was fwuffies fwom oda hewd, id was bad fwuffies in hewd; dah poopie howe diggah, and dah dummeh mawe Wuby!’

There are gasps all around.

‘Day bwoke big wuwes; day steaw nummies, wewe speciaw-fwends when nu cud be, an...’ the Smarty stops again. You see him take a deep breath. ‘An day twy hav babbehs when dah cowd times was cummin!!’

More gasps from the herd, and a few cries of “dummehs” and “bad fwuffies.”

‘Smawty teww dem tu get oud of hewd!’ The Smarty yells, ‘Bud day twy tu giv Smawty an toughie huwties an fowewa sweepies! Su, Smawty had tu giv dem fowewa sweepies!!!’

The whole herd goes quiet; no one even moves.

‘Smawty had du id,’ he says. ‘Day make hewd nu safe!’

‘Wat boud dewe babbehs?’ A fluffy somewhere in front says.

‘Wat boud dem?’

‘S-smawty say dat dummehs twy hav babbehs. Wat, wat Smawty du tu-’

‘Smawty did wat had tu!’ The Smarty cuts off the fluffy. ‘Smawty nee keep hewd safe!! Id am easy dummehs; nu bweak wuwes, nu get huwties!! Wat wuwes du!?!’ He yells.

‘Wuwes keep hewd safe!’ You say along with everyone.

‘Wat day du!??!’

‘Wuwes keep hewd safe!!’

‘Dat am wight!!’ The Smarty stares at the herd for a long time. After a while, he relaxes. ‘Dat am aww.’ He jumps off his rock and walks away. A few moments later, the herd breaks up and goes their separate ways.

You walk back to the den with Flower and your Special-friend for a little rest, but the heavy tummy scardies are back, and worse than before.

You know the Smarty gives big hurties to bad fluffies! You’re shocked he gave those two fluffies forever sleepies, but they were really bad and tried to give the Smarty forever sleepies. At least, according to him.

But, what if they didn’t just try and have babbies?


Something’s wrong with Kerry, and you’re pretty sure you know what.

She’s acted funny since the Smarty told the herd what happened on the dark-time with all the screams. Or, at least what he said happened. She’s gone quiet, and doesn’t pay as much attention to what’s going on as before. Flower’s also upset but, well... You don’t want to be mean, but everything upsets Flower. So, she doesn’t worry you.

Kerry on the other hand, you need to talk to her.


When the Bright-time’s jobs are done, you meet up and walk to the nummie dens. When you get your dark time nummies, the babbies try to lead you to the safe place where most of the herd is. ‘Yu gu babbehs,’ you tell them. ‘Mummah an Daddeh nee tawkies, awone.’ They look at you for a bit, then nod.

‘Otay.’ Runny nods and goes to find his friends; so does Big Red and Flower. You look at Kerry; she has some scardies and saddies on her face, but she nods and follows you back to the den. At least she wants to talk; it’ll make this a bit easier. Back in the den you put your dark time nummies to one side, then go over and give Kerry big huggies.


Kerry doesn’t talk.

‘Speciaw-fwend wook wike hav bad scawdies an saddies,’ you look at her. ‘Speciaw-fwend wan tawkies tu fwuffy boud id?’

Kerry nods, but doesn’t say anything for a while. You sit back and give her time, and more huggies when you think she needs them. At last, Kerry takes a really big breath and asks in little wordies ‘Speciaw-fwend, yu tink Smawty giv babbehs fowewa sweepies?’

‘Wat Speciaw-fwend-’

‘Does bad fwuffies, he say day twy hav babbehs,’ Kerry cuts you off. ‘Bud, wat if day had dem? Wat if day had tummeh babbehs, ow wittwe chiwpie babbehs?’ You can hear the saddies and scardies in her voice. ‘Wat *gulp* w-wat Smawty du den?’

You know the answer, but you don’t want to tell Kerry. For a housie fluffy she’s fit into the herd really well. But, there are things she hasn’t seen done yet. Things that, need to be done sometimes.


You snap out of it, but before you can talk Kerry keeps gong.

‘Pwease teww Kewwy; wud… Wud smawty giv babbehs fowewa sweepies?’

You said you wanted to talk, so you better give her an answer. You take a deep breath. ‘If dat wat Smawty nee du tu keep hewd safe,’ you swallow hard. ‘Yes, Smawty du dat.’

Kerry’s see places go wide, and you see all sorts of scardies in them. Sad water comes out and she says, ‘W...w-wai? Day, day am onwy wittwe babbehs...’

You give her more huggies. ‘Fwuffy knu Speciaw-fwend, bud-

‘Day nu du anyting, day nu how nu bweak wuwes,’ Kerry says, but not to you. ‘How can day be bad? Wai giv dem fowewa sweepies?!’ She starts to breath faster. ‘Du he make tuffies du dat tuu?’


‘Wat if he twy make Big Wed-’

‘Speciaw-fwend, pwease!’ You yell to get her attention. Kerry’s stops and looks back at you. You’ve never seen her so sacred and sad before; it gives you awful heart hurties, but you ignore them. ‘Fwuffy nee teww yu sumtin boud Smawty.’

Kerry swallows hard. ‘W-wat?’

‘Wai he am… Wai Smawty am wike Smawty am.’


A long time ago when you and what was left of your family came to the herd, the Smarty wasn’t the Smarty. Back then, it was his Daddeh.

At first you didn’t think the Smarty was the old smarty's baby; they were hardly seen together, and seemed to hate each other. It was a big surprise when you learned the Smarty was not only the Old Smarty's baby, but the bestest baby! Or at least, he had been. When you first came to the herd, the Smarty’s Daddeh had another bestest baby with exactly the same colours he did; orange fluff and a black mane.

The Smarty hated his daddeh and little brother, and a lot of the herd seemed to hate him just as much. You thought it was because the Smarty turned out to be a bad baby, and his Daddeh decided to have a new bestest baby to be the new Smarty when it was time. As you made more friends and learnt about the herd, you found out what the real story was.

The cold-times before the last had been one of the worst the herd had ever been through. It was even worse because the herd hadn’t found enough nummies, and the Smarty’s daddeh didn’t stop fluffies from having babbies. One of your new friends, an older fluffy, told you the Smarty was born in those cold times, and his daddeh declared he would be the next Smarty.

Because the Smarty was the bestest baby and the next leader of the herd, he had to make it through the cold times, no matter what. When they found out there wasn’t enough nummies for the big fluffies and mummahs with little babbies, and to make sure the Smarty grew up big and strong,the old smarty did a terrible thing. He forced the herd to give up their babbies so his special-friend could make milkies for the Smarty. Chirpy babbies, talkie babbies, even a couple of big babbies; the Smarty’s Daddeh took them all. And it wasn’t quite enough.

‘An when dah cowd times had dah biggest cowdies, dah Smawty made his speciaw-fwend num hew oda babbeh.’

The other baby was the Smarty’s sissie. Apparently she was the only sissie, and friend, he had. No one was sure if his mummah’s other babbies were dummies, or if she nummed them. Either way, the Smarty was alone. There were hardly any babbies left when the cold times ended; the Smarty had no friends, no sissie, and not long after, no mummah. One dark-time, she disappeared.

Then, after all that, it turned out the Smarty wouldn't be the next smarty after all. Not long before you came to the herd, his daddeh found a new special-friend and had babbies with her. One became the new bestest baby, and the new next Smarty. The story shocked you, but at least it explained why the Smarty hated his daddeh and little brother so much. You didn’t expect him to do anything about it though; it was sad and mean, but that’s how things were.

The Smarty didn’t see it like that though.

You remember the dark-time as clearly as you remember when Mummah was taken by a monster, and when you first met Kerry. You were asleep in the den with your brother and sister, and then lots of yells and screams outside woke you up. You and your brother ran out to see what was happening.

Outside, you saw lots of fluffies running somewhere; you and your brother followed them to the old smarty’s den. There was the Smarty with some of the toughies outside his daddeh’s den, keeping the other fluffies out. Heard horrible screams and cries came out of the den, and a lot of fluffies asked what was happening, but the Smarty wouldn't talk. A few moments after you arrived, someone came out of the den.

It was a fluffy you’d’ never seen before, and he was huge!! You never thought a fluffy could get as big as he was! The big fluffy dragged out the old smarty, or what was left of him. While the herd screamed and yelled, the huge fluffy let go of the old smarty and went back to the den. A little bit later he came back.

‘Wet bestest babbeh gu!! Wet gu dummeh munstah fwuffy!!’

In the huge fluffy’s nummie place was the old smarty’s bestest baby; he tried as hard as he could to get away, and even from where you stood you could see how big his scardies were. The huge fluffy walked over to the Smarty, and dropped his little brother in front of him. The Smarty looked at him for a bit, then stomped his head. The herd gasped and screamed. So did you.

The Smarty looked up, and yelled over all of you; ‘Hewd wisten tu Smawty!!’


‘Aftah dah Smawty did dat, dah hewd got bettah,’ you tell Kerry. ‘Had mowe nummies an tuffies tu keep hewd safe. Was bettah! Smawty stiww giv huwties, bud onwy tu bad fwuffies.’

Kerry’s still has sad water in her see places, but it looks like she understands a little better.

‘Famiwy nu nee be scawdies of Smawty, Speciaw-fwend,’ you tell her. ‘If am gud an fowwow wuwes, Smawty weave us awone.’

Kerry looks at you for a bit, then starts to cry again. ‘Huuuhuhuuuu *sob* huuuu.’ You give her more huggies, and wait for her to get better.

‘Fwuffy knu Speciaw-fwend, knu Smawty am scawies. Bud, he am gud fow hewd, and famiwy.’ You tell her. ‘In dah fowest, dewe nu am nummies when id am dah cowd times. An dewe am munstahs an bad fwuffies dewe! Smawty can keep famiwy safe.’

Kerry keeps crying, but you feel her nod.

‘Mummah?’ You turn and see Big Red. He walks over and looks at you. ‘Wat am wong Daddeh? Wai Mummah hav bad saddies?’ While you think about how to explain, Big Red keeps talking. ‘Am Mummah saddies cause wat Smawty say? Am...’ he stops. Some saddies and scardies go over his face. ‘Am Mummah scawdies dat Big Wed… Dat Big Wed gun be meanie?’

You fell Kerry move; she breaks away and launches herself at Big Red, then gives him the biggest huggies she can. Big Red nearly falls over, but he manages to stay upright.

‘Mummah? Mummah pwease nu be saddies!’ Big Red gets scardies and saddies of his own. ‘Pwease Mummah! Big Wed nu knu wai Mummah saddies, bud pwease nu be nu mowe!’

You run over and give both of them huggies; not long after, you feel two more fluffies join in. You, Flower, and Runny hug Kerry until she stops crying.

‘*Sniff* Tank yu.’ She says in little wordies. ‘Mummah am otay nao.’

‘Du Mummah wan tawkies?’ Flower asks. ‘Maybe can-’

‘Nu babbeh,’ Kerry says. ‘*Sniff*, Mummah jus wan sweepies nao.’

‘Otay Speciaw-fwend, wets gu tu nestie.’ You lead your family to the nestie and get in a fluff pile, with Kerry in the middle. More of her saddies go away, and it’s not long until she goes to sleep. The babbies follow soon after, but it takes you longer. You’re worried about Kerry and her scardies, but you think you’ve helped her understand the Smarty better; that’s good.

If these cold times are like the last ones (and why wouldn’t they be?) giving those fluffies forever sleepies won’t be the last scary thing the Smarty and toughies have to do.


It’s been a few bright-times since Mummah and Daddeh had their talk; since then they’ve told you more about why Mummah was so upset. It had nothing to do with you being a toughie, which made you happy. Turns out Mummah was scardies because the Smarty gave those bad fluffies forever sleepies, which she hasn’t seen or heard about before. You guess it makes sense; after all, it’s different for Mummah.

Sometimes you forget she’s not like Daddeh and the other fluffies here; she spent a lot of her life as a housie fluffy, so there’s still stuff out here that’ll shock her. It feels weird to think about Mummah that way, especially since you’re one of her babbies. But, you guess that’s how it is. Anyway, she’s been much happier the last few bright-times, which makes you happy too. You’re also happy because toughie training it back on!

It’s great to be back with your toughie; he’s taught you so much stuff about how to be one and what it’s like. He’s got lots of great stories too! You’ve also had to give more bad fluffies sorries; it doesn’t feel nice to give the sorries, but knowing it helps keep the herd safe makes up for it.

After you spend the first part of the bright-time with your toughie, you join your friends for next bright-time nummies. You talk about a few different things, but it’s not long before everyone starts to talk about what the Smarty did to those bad fluffies again.

‘Wat yu tink Smawty du tu dem?’ Someone says.

‘Dah Smawty say wat, dummeh,’ a Dark Blue fluffy says. ‘He giv dem fowewa sweepies!’

‘Bud how?’

‘Fwuffy tink knu,’ a dark grey and green fluffy says. ‘Fwuffy tink Smawty giv dummeh mawe's tummeh stompies tu make hew babbehs cum oud!’ He says. ‘Den, he giv dah babbehs fowewa sweepies, an make dah dummeh mawe num dem!!’ He’s so wrapped up in what he’s saying he doesn't notice all of you have gone quiet, and have scardies on your faces. ‘Den he bweak aww hew weggies, an-


The fluffy turns around; you wonder if he wishes there was a monster in front of him, instead of the Smarty. He starts to shake. ‘F-fw-fwuffy am s-sowwies nice Smawty.’ he manages. The Smarty stares at him. You and the others watch and don’t dare speak, or even move; what will the Smarty do?

It’s a long time until the Smarty talks. ‘Who nee du poopies?’

Right away, two of your friends stand up and say ‘Fwuffy du!’ at the same time.

The Smarty points at the ground between him the grey fluffy. ‘Du dem hewe.’ The two fluffies run over and do their poopies as fast as they can, then get out of the way. The Smarty looks at the grey fluffy and points at the poopies. ‘Num dem. Nao.’

The fluffy jumps forward and nums the pile of poopies; you feel bad for him, since you know how bad poopies taste. But, he should have been more careful with his wordies. The Smarty watches the Grey fluffy until all the poopies are gone. ‘Be mowe cawefuw.’ He says, then walks away. As soon as he’s gone, the grey fluffy runs away, probably to make sickie waters.

You and the others look at each other, and know you’re all thinking the same thing; don’t talk about what happened anymore.


‘Wittwe fwuffies wisten tu Bestest tuffy.’

You and the others who’ve made it this far sit and listen to the Bestest toughie.

‘Dis am wast ting yu nee du. Yu am gun pway munstah an tuffy game.’ None of you ask why; you go to your groups and get in place. First up, you play as the toughies. The monsters run at the safe baby place, and you and the other toughies rush to meet them. You beat them up and drive them back, then go back to the safe baby place and wait for them to attack again. They do, two and one more times, but lose every time. You feel a lot of happies, but you keep them inside. You can celebrate when the monsters stop.

‘Tuffies an munstahs be oda tings nao!’ The Besets toughie yells. You and the others swap places and play as the monsters. This time, you hide in the bushies and run at the safe baby place when it looks like the toughies are sleepy or bored. You fight as hard as you can, but you can’t beat the toughies and get to the safe baby place; you have to run back to the bushies. You try again, but it’s like when you were the toughies; no matter what, you can’t get past. But you keep going until the Bestest toughie says to stop.

‘Wittwe fwuffies cum hewe nao.’

All of you run over and sit in front of the Bestest toughie. He looks behind him and says, ‘Wat Smawty tink?’

Before you have the chance to be surprised, the Smarty steps out from the bushies and stands next to the Bestest toughie. He looks at all of you for a while, and you do your best to hide any scardies or saddies you have. After a long while, the Smarty says ‘Day am aww gud tuffies.’

The happies you feel are so big, they’re almost big enough to get out; almost.

‘How many Smawty wan?’ The Bestest toughie asks.

‘Aww dem.’ The Smarty says. ‘Smawty wan hewd tu be stwongah, an hav mowe tuffies fow cowd times.’

‘Yes Smawty,’ the Bestest toughie says. ‘Yu heaw Smawty, yu am aww tuffies nao!’ Before any of you can cheer and yell about your happies, ‘Yu gu find yuw tuffies, an hewp dem ewy bwight time nao!’

You and the others get up and run off to find your toughies, but before you get far,

‘Big Wed!’ You stop and turn around. The Bestest toughie walks over to you. ‘Yu nu find yuw tuffy; yu am gun be wif Bestest tuffy an Bestest tuffy’s babbeh.’

Your see places go wide. ‘Weawy?’

The bestest toughie nods. ‘Yu am biggah an stwongah dan oda fwuffies, wike Bestest tuffy an babbeh am.’ He smiles a little. ‘Yu nu be wike oda tuffies; Big Wed gun be one of hewd’s biggest an bestest tuffies.’

You’re so happy, and you can’t keep it in anymore! ‘Tank yu nice Bestest tuffy! Big Wed pwomise be bestest tuffy can be!!!’

The bestest toughie nods. ‘Gud. Nao, fowwow Bestest toughie.’ You follow the Bestest toughie and his baby for the rest of the bright time. Not much happens, but it doesn’t matter. You can’t wait to tell your family about this, they’ll be so happy!!!


‘-an nao Big Wed am gun hewp bestest toughie!’ you say to your family. ‘Big Wed am gun one of hewd’s biggest and bestest tuffies!!!’

‘Yay!’ Runny cheers. ‘Bwudda am big tuffy fwuffy!!’ He jumps up and down and flaps his wingies.

Flower runs over and gives you big huggies. ‘Fwowah am su happies fow bwudda!!’ She says. ‘Big Wed gun be bestest tuffy fow Soon-speciaw-fwend when he am Smawty!!’

Daddeh has happy water in his see places. ‘Daddeh am su pwoud, *Sniff* am su happies hav babbeh wike Big Wed!’

You have so many different types of happies, and feel like you want to make happy waters too! This is great, the bestest bestest bright-time of you’re entire life!!! But, there’s someone who hasn’t spoken yet. You look at Mummah; she sits a little bit away and has some sad water in her see places, but she has a very big smile on her face. ‘Am Mummah happies?’ You ask.

Mummah nods. ‘Yes Big Wed *sniff* Mummah hav wots of happies. Mummah knu Big Wed was gun be big an stwong fwuffy. Mummah jus, *sniff* j-jus thinkin boud… Boud when Bid Wed was onwy wi-wittwe babbeh...’ Mummah makes more sad water, but she still smiles. ‘Mummah *sob* am su pwoud of Big Wed!’

You run over to Mummah and give her big huggies. ‘Pwease nu be saddies Mummah,’ you tell her.

‘Mummah nu am *sob* saddies,’ she says. ‘Am ha-happies fow big wed babbeh. Jus miss when was wittwe.’

You feel a few saddies, and hug Mummah harder. You didn’t know watching you get big and strong would made Mummah sad.

‘Id am otay Speciaw-fwend,’ Daddeh gives Mummah huggies too. ‘Id am otay, Big Wed awways be Kewwy an Fwuffy’s wittwe babbeh.’

You feel Mummah nod. You hope she feels better, cause there’s something you need to ask her. ‘Mummah?’

‘*Sniff* Yes?’

‘Mummah, Mummah nu am saddies dat big wed am tuffy nao?’ You swallow hard. ‘Nu, nu tink am meanie?’

Mummah hugs you. ‘Nu Big Wed, nu tink yu am meanie. *Sob* Mummah was jus dummeh.’ You want to tell her she wasn’t, but instead you hug her along with Flower, Runny and Daddeh. You stay like that for as long as you can. It reminds you why you wanted to be a toughie in the first place, and why you’ll be the best one you can be.

Keep your family safe, so you can have more times like this.


Daddeh didn’t scream or cry like the last time. Instead he woke up breathing a lot, and very loud. Mummah and your brothers and sissies woke up too, but Daddeh told them everything was okay. It doesn’t take long for them to go back to sleep, but you stay awake and wait to see what Daddeh does. He lies still for a while. But instead of going back to sleep, he gets up and walks out of the den, carefully so he doesn’t wake anyone. A few moments after he leaves, you get out of the nestie and follow him.

You leave the den and go after Daddeh; even though it’s the dark-time, the dark-time sky-ball is out which makes it easy to follow Daddeh; his fluff is darker than the dark-time is. He leaves the safe place and walks into the forest. The forest is scary in the dark-time, but you’re the Smarty's baby! If you want to lead the herd, you can’t let the forest, or anything, give you scardies.

You take a big breath, tell your scardies to go away, and walk in after Daddeh. You lose sight of him for a bit because the trees block the dark-time sky-ball. Your hear places still work though, and you figure out where Daddeh is by the sound of his hoofies. You follow, careful not to make too much noise. Daddeh doesn’t go far; after a few moments, the noise from his hoofies stops and soon after you hear, crying?

It, it can’t be! Daddeh doesn’t cry; Smarty’s don’t cry! Over anything! You’ve got to see what’s up. As quick as you can without making noise, you walk toward the sound. Behind a bushie you find Daddeh, the herd’s Smarty, crying.

‘*Sob* Sissie...’

He’s not crying that much, but it still gives you strange feels and scardies. You have to know what’s wrong with him! You walk a bit closer and take a deep breath; ‘Daddeh?’

Daddeh moves so fast it nearly makes you scream and fall over. He spins around with a raised hoofie, but \stops when he sees its you. His maddies don’t go away though; ‘Wat babbeh doin hewe!?’ He yells. ‘Wai yu nu in nestie!?’

You tell your scardies to go away, and take a deep breath. ‘Fwuffy wan… Fwuffy wan knu wai daddeh am saddies.’

Daddeh puts his hoofie down, then stares at you for a while. ‘Gu back to nestie.’ He goes to turn back around.


Daddeh stops. ‘Wat?’

‘Nu! Fwuffy nu guin back tu nestie.’

Daddeh gets more maddies on his face. ‘Jus cause Daddeh wub yu, nu mean Daddeh nu giv yu huwties if yu nu du wat Daddeh say!’

‘Fwuffy knu, dat wai Daddeh am Smawty!’ You tell him. ‘Daddeh am bestest Smawty, an du wat nee du! Dat wai yu nu nee be saddies boud id!’

Daddeh’s maddies go away for a quick moment; while they’re gone, you see strange looks on his face. ‘Jus... Jus gu back.’

‘Nu! Fwuffy nu wan Daddeh be saddies nu mowe! Nu nee be saddies cause yu giv fowewa sweepies tu bad fwuffies; day steaw nummies, twy hav babbehs an twy giv yu huwties!!’ You puff out your cheeks. ‘Day wewe bad!!’

Daddeh goes quiet again, and shakes his head. ‘Babbeh nu undewstan.’

‘Yes! Fwuffy du undew-’

‘NU!’ Daddeh’s yell takes you by surprise. ‘Nu, Babbeh nu undewstan. Day… does fwuffies nu twy hav babbehs, ow giv Daddeh fowewa sweepies.’

Now you’re confused. ‘Wat Daddeh sayin?’

He stares at you for a while; as he does, a sad look goes over his face and his hear places hide. ‘*Sigh*, Daddeh nu waned say dis tiww babbeh was biggah.’ He looks you right in the see places. ‘Wisten tu Daddeh.’

Daddeh tells you about the dark-time he gave the bad fluffies forever sleepies, except this time he says exactly what happened and doesn’t leave anything out. He tells you how he made the toughies kick and stomp Ruby’s tummy until her babbies came out, how he gave her and her special-friend forever sleepies, and why he did it. The reason why he doesn’t let anyone have babbies when the cold times are close.

You feel cold and empty all over. You, you didn’t know. You knew Daddeh gave them forever sleepies, but you thought it was because they tried to hurt him first! You didn't know they already had tummy babbies, or what happened to Daddeh when he was-


You snap out of it and look at Daddeh. He’s got a strange look on his face.

‘Yu knu wai Daddeh say dis?’

You shake your head.

‘Babbeh nee undewstan; bein Smawty nu am game, and nu am fun.’ Daddeh’s face gets more saddies. ‘Smawty nee keep hewd safe. Dat mean Smawty nee du bad tings; tings dat make oda fwuffies hachew, tings dat munstahs du.’

Some his saddies go away. ‘If Smawty nee du bad tings, nu can cawe wat hewd tink. If nee make a soon-mummah weave dah hewd, du id. If nee move dah hewd, du id.’ His face twitches. ‘If nee giv tummeh babbehs fowewa sweepies, du id. Id am fow hewd. Hewd bein safe am mowe impowtant dan if hewd wub yu.’

Daddeh leans close. ‘Babbeh, if yu nu can du dose tings, yu nee teww Daddeh nao. Hewd nee gud Smawty when Daddeh gu way.’ Daddeh’s wordies give you big heart hurties and saddies. Part of you wishes you’d stayed in the nestie, and waited until you were bigger to hear all this!! But you’re here now, and you need to let Daddeh know you can be the Smarty when he... When he isn’t anymore.

Thinking about what he said makes the heart hurties worse! It hurts so much to think about your friends hating you because that’s what it took the keep the herd safe!! But, it hurts much much more to think about them getting hurties and forever sleepies, or their babbies going through what Daddeh did, because you couldn’t do what had to be done.

You look up at Daddeh; you’ve got sad water in your see places, but when you talk it feels more true than any wordies you’ve said before in your life; ‘Fwuffy can du id Daddeh! Fwuffy can keep hewd safe when Daddeh gu way!!’ You feel the saddies and heart hurties melt away. ‘Fwuffy keep hewd safe!! Fwuffy nu wet wat happen tu Daddeh happen gain!! Ewa!!!’

‘Babbeh nu cawe if yuw fwends hachew?’

‘Fwuffy… Fwuffy nu wan fwends tu nu wub Fwuffy, bud nu wan dem tu hav huwties ow fowewa sweepies mowe dan dat!!’

Daddeh’s quiet for a while; you hope you convinced him you can still be the Smarty. Then he does something he almost never does, even when he’s with you and your family; he smiles. ‘Gud Babbeh.’ He walks over and gives you huggies, big huggies. You hug him back; even though you try your best, you can’t stop yourself crying.

‘*Sob* F-fwuffy wub yu Daddeh *sniff*.’

‘Daddeh wub yu tuu babbeh.’ He says in little wordies. ‘Daddeh awways wub yu.’



‘Mnnff *zzzzzz*’

*Prod prod* ‘Wunnie, pwease be wakies.’

‘*Zzz* eh-huh?’ Runny opens his see places and looks at you. ‘*Groan* Wai sissie make Wunnie wakies...’

‘Fwowah nee du pee-pees!’ You say in little wordies.

‘Den gu du dem,’ Runny curls back up and close his see places. ‘Sissie knu whewe poopie pwace am...’

‘Bud am tuu scawies in dawk time, an Big Wed nu am hewe! Pwease!’

Mummah wakes up just long enough to say ‘Nnnnn Wunnie hewp Fwowah, *Yawn. Zzzzz.*’

‘Nao bwudda nee hewp Fwowah, Mummah say so!’

Runny makes mad noises and gets up. He leads you out of the den and over to the poopie place; all the while you keep your see places open and search for monsters. You know there’s a lot of toughies in the safe place, but still.

‘Dewe,’ Runny says when you get to the poopie place. ‘Huwwy up.’ He walks away and waits behind a bushie. You walk into the poopie place and find a good spot, then lift your tail and do your pee-pees. As you finish, something lands on your back. Before you can use your thinkie place to figure out what it might be, the spot it landed gets colt, really cold!

‘Eeeee!!’ You’re more surprised than scared, but it still makes Runny come after you.

‘Wat am wong?’

‘Dewe sumtin cowd on backsie!’ You tell him.

‘Wat Fwowah mean?’

‘Dewe was cowd ting on-’ What ever it was, another lands on your head as you try to explain. ‘Screee!’ It feels worse.

Runny looks around and tries to spot where the things came from. ‘Whewe am yu dummeh cowd ting meanie?’ He says. ‘Nu huwt sissie gain!! Gah!!’ He yelps and jumps to one side.

‘Wat happen?’

‘Meanie cowd ting get Wunnie tuu!’ If he has scardies, he hides them very well. Then you see something. You don’t get a good look at it because it’s small, and moves past your see places fast; the dark doesn’t help either. But then you see another; it’s hard to know for sure, but it looked white. ‘Wat am dose?’ You feel a little better; if Runny can see them too, your thinkie place hasn’t gone silly.

You look up, and see more of the strange things fall from the sky. You lock your see places on one and follow it down until it lands on your face. ‘Eeee!!’ Now you know what make you cold; these things! But what are they?

‘Id am cowd fwuff.’

You and Runny turn around; it’s a toughie.

‘Wat?’ You ask.

‘Cowd fwuff.’ He says again. After a bit, your thinkie place puts it together and a wave of scardies goes over you.

‘Du, du dat mean...’

‘Yes,’ The toughie looks up at the sky. ‘Dah cowd times am hewe.’


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BGMOTH: I have "forever saddies times"
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Anonymous1: I remember Alfred hating Kerry's special friend for getting Kerry pregnant. I hope that changes. Once Alfred finds out the special friend truly cares about Kerry just as much as he does, maybe Alfred would start respecting him.
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Thanks, sloth.

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