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A lake sat before three small herds of fluffies under the cover of a short plant with leaves similar to those of a palm tree. Normally, fluffies would immediately make the lake known to everyone in the vicinity with its loud, irritating voice. But these fluffies are strangely silent, their faces expressions of caution. This is a different place. A different world light years away from our own. This is a planet called Fluf.

The herds approached the water’s edge, each led by a couple. The herds mostly consisted of the couple’s litters of eight to twelve foals, but abandoned foals from different mothers were also among them. When they stopped at the water’s edge, as the rest drank in peace, one foal looked at her reflection. Though a normal fluffy would freak out upon seeing their reflection, natural selection effortlessly weeded out stupid fluffies as basic predators began to emerge. So this fluffy foal stared at her reflection for a second before taking a drink like the rest. She also took a fat shit as she drank.

The silence of the gathering was soon broken when a pack of animals four individuals strong burst through the brush. These animals looked like lions, with the oldest of the pack having a scar on his blind right eye and great mane befitting of his position as leader. However, the pack’s cloven hooves, tails covered in shaggy fur, and horse-like faces belied their ancestry. These animals were fluffies. Fluffies that couldn’t resist the call of the wild and the taste of flesh as evolution and natural selection began to take hold. The ‘original’ fluffies looked up and either screamed or stopped what they were doing, which was drinking from the lake. One of the mothers immediately shouted “MUNSTA! BABBEHS! GET BAHEND MUMMAH!”, causing some of the foals to immediately scramble for the mom, with one of them breaking a front leg and double down, screaming in pain. The leader of the pack saw it fall, and with a snort, trudged over to the downed foal.

The foal had greenish-yellow fur and a cyan mane and tail, and its brown eyes widened in shock as the beast leaned its face towards that of the foal. He shut his eyes, fearing the worst as the beast drooled onto the sandy ground. Although only two minutes passed, those minutes felt like an eternity for everyone on the receiving end of the pack’s stirring hunger. As the second minute was about to pass, the foal slightly opened its eyes. At that very moment, the animal snatched the foal up into its jaws, its dagger-like teeth effortlessly piercing the foal’s hide. A loud “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” rung through the air as the foal was quickly let go into the beast’s mouth and crushed in its mighty jaws.

Needless to say, this made the rest of the foals go mad with fear, screaming bloody murder. The screaming of the foals sent the pack into a feeding frenzy. What happened next could only be described with the words ‘absolute chaos’. Blood, piss, and shit from the herds of fluffies flew as the pack of wild animals went to town on them, tearing larger foals in half, ripping their heads off with their jaws, gutting them with their claws. One of the mothers gave birth in a desperate attempt to save her unborn children, but this proved to be futile as the newborns were either crushed underfoot or lapped up in a pool of blood. Though four foals managed to escape, two of them tried swimming to the other side of the lake, sinking like stones as they tried.

Within five minutes, the pack stood triumphant and with bellies full of meat. They were dirtied with the bodily fluids of the fluffies as well, but there’s nothing a wade in a shallow river can’t fix when it comes to hair and fur. Satisfied, the pack left behind a grisly scene, with the only thing to hint that the scene started out innocent was the half-eaten head of one of the mothers.


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kill_da_fluffys: I think i have a way to explain why there are still fluffies in that planet.

Maybe hasbio put some genes in the DNA of the fluffies that prevented mutations, like cryptographic hash functions, but a small portion of the fluffies dit not have it and those were the fluffies that start to evolve. Since the bast majority of fluffies have the cryptographic hash functions at the star of the colonisation of the planet they spread faster at the beginning of the colonisation.
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Anonymous1: @kill_da_fluffys: Not to worry, the planet has fluffie and the fluffie all died in fear and pain after being gruesomely slaughtered
IT's all good
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Anonymous2: Anon1, the fluffies that landed on the planet either died of natural causes or were killed.
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Fluffwit: "One of the mothers gave birth in a desperate attempt to save her unborn children..."

For some reason, that line absolutely cracks my shit up.

Good story, by the way! I honestly want more!
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Lightvsdark777: @Fluffwit: Thank you so much! I have some ideas in place for more stuff to do with planet Fluf.