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Aliaz: Also what type of text files are compatible with the booru? I don't want to convert an entire story into a file just to not have it work
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Aliaz: Also a little bit of sky's story

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Pawn: @Aliaz: sky must be the alicorn?

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Pawn: @Aliaz: yup, I saw him in a previous post of yours. Why the hell does he stack bodies?
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Aliaz: @Pawn: He's a mentally ill fluffy. Also he eats them
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biggest_saddies: upload text post because this is unreadable for me

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differential_Sloth: @Aliaz: .txt files. The kind that note pad outputs.

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kill_da_fluffys: If you need advanced formatting you can use BBcode.

BBcode help:

BBcode play ground:

html color picker:
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