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´╗┐Cherryblossom’s story: part 2
By FluffyFluff


You just arrived home and told the fluffy (now named Cherryblossom) what the rules were. Cherryblossom was very attentive, listening to every last detail. She obviously didn’t want to go back to the fluffy store.

“Chewwybwossom wub nyu namesie! Chewwybwossom am gun be bestes’ fwuffy fo’ daddeh.”

There we are. “Alright, it's time to show you the safe room, Cherryblossom.” You say, leading the fluffy to an empty bedroom, save for a bed and litterbox. “This is your saferoom. Yes, I know it’s empty, but the more weeks you behave, the more stuff you can have in here. Understand?”

“Yes, fwu-Chewwybwossom am undewstan’.” The mare said, nodding her head.

“For now, all you have is your bed and your litter box. If you reach your first week, you can have some marbles.”

Cherryblossom tilted her head. “What am mawbews, daddeh?”

“They are small balls. You get 50 marbles if you reach your first week. And of course, every day, if you behave, you can go to the park with me. Understand?”

“Yes, daddeh.”

“Alright. Get resting. I expect you’re tired.


Daddeh was right. You have su many sleepies! So you nod your head and go over to your bed, thinking of all the toysies you can get for being a good fluffy.

After not too many forevers, it was sketties day! Your daddeh made special “gourmet” spaghetti. You don’t know what gourmet means, so you asked your daddeh. He told you it meant it was really good! You were so excited.

The moment daddeh said you could eat, you immediately started numming the sketties. They were as amazing as daddeh said they were! When you and daddeh finished numming sketties, daddeh gave you some balls! You played with them all night until you had lots of sleepies! Then you went sleepies on the floor. Silly you!


When you went to go check on Cherryblossom this morning, you found her passed out on the floor. She must have been really excited to have the marbles. Eventually, after enough time, Cherryblossom proved to be a perfect fluffy. She always pooped in the litter box. She always ate when she was allowed to. She always was polite as well. So one day, you gave Cherryblossom every single toy left. She was so excited, it warmed your heart. You planned to even get her a stallion in the future.
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Pawn: This is criminally cute
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Anonymous1: Ikr
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Papa_Khorne: I feel that marbles would be a terrible choking hazard for floofs