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´╗┐Cherryblossom’s story: part 3
By FluffyFluff


Cherryblossom seems to be one of the happiest fluffies that you have ever gotten. Not only does she always listen to you, she is always going by the rules. Heck, if she accidentally poops on the floor, she licks up every last speck. It kind of surprised you.

But recently she’s been watching FluffTV a lot. She really likes all of the lessons that it teaches her, like how to be a good fluffy. But eventually, she ran into an episode about babies and being a good mother.

Inevitably, she asked you “Daddeh, can Chewwybwossom hab babbehs? Wiww be bestes’ mummah fo’ babbehs!”

Of course, you had to ask her one determining question. “Are you going to have favorites with your babies? Are you going to discriminate them because of their color or features?”

“No, daddeh! Chewwybwossom wub aww babbehs, eben if dey am bwown babbehs. Chewwybwossom wiww gib miwkies to aww babbehs, and gib dem aww huggies and wub, too! Chewwybwossom nyu how to be gud mummah. Fwuff teebee towd Chewwybwossom!”

You cringed at the amount of times Cherryblossom said her name, but you decided not to worry much about it. “Alright, Cherryblossom! I will go to the fluffy store, and see if I can give you a stallion. How does that sound?”

“Fank ou, daddeh!” Cherryblossom cheered.

“*chuckle* no problem.”

As you walked outside, you immediately realized your trip may be cut short. You heard a few huu huu’s coming from a nearby bush. Throwing your car keys on a nearby table, you see what the fluffy is crying about.

Prying open the bush slightly, you find a grey stallion with a yellow mane. But he has a bunch of scrapes and bruises plaguing his beautiful fluff, with tears rolling down his cheeks.

You gently pull the stallion out of the bush, resulting in him screaming “SCREEEEEEEE! WOWSTEST HUWTIES AWW OBAH FWUFFY! SCREEEEEEE!”

Stroking the mane of the stallion, you tell him, “It’s going to be alright, little guy. Say, how would you like to get patched up and live in my house?”

“Nice hooman am gun be fwuffy’s nyu daddeh?” The stallion asked, looking in your eyes with a bit of hopefulness.

“Sure. My fluffy’s been wanting babbehs recently, too.” You take the stallion inside, and place him on the floor of the safe room, near Cherryblossom.

“Wow! Daddeh was qwickies! How ou go so fast?” Cherryblossom asked.

Before you could give an answer, Cherryblossom took immediate attention to the new stallion. “Fwuffy am hab huwties? Wha’ happen? Chewwybwossom am gun gib bestest wickie cweanies to fwuffy.”

“Hey,” you address the new fluffy. “Your name is Lukas. Cherryblossom, guide him through the rules.”

“Otay, daddeh.”


You were just brought in to your new daddy’s home. You met a new fluffy named Cherryblossom, and she gave you the bestest lickie cleanies! Then, daddy gave you a new name, your name is Lukas! You love your new name!

“Wub nyu name,” you muster out, barely able to speak louder due to your sleepies and hurties. Your new friend tells you all the rules, and says she wants to be special friends! You say yes. You also want babies.

Cherryblossom nuzzles you. “Wub ou, Wookas.” She says softly to you.
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SmawtySpewmatozoon: Way to introduce a strange fluffy with God knows what wrong with him to your healthy pet? Covered in wounds that she licked clean? Yikes.
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FluffyFluff: Fluffies are dumb
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Nuuu: Not bad, but you're rushing it.
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Papa_Khorne: Slow down a notch

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Pawn: Charge on full speed ahead

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FluffyPuncher: humans in the fluffyverse are insane
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