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>Fluffy ponies are curious by nature and get themselves into trouble
>This trouble can lead to their untimely demise
>Wanting to save your darling fluffy from itself you look up advice on the internet
>'pillowing' is favored by a lot of fluffy owners to keep fluffies safe
>One evening you decide to take your darling little fluffy, barely growing out of her playful fillie stage to your shed to get to work
>"Whaw Stawbewwy goin daddy?"
>"Goin to howsie in back yawd?"
>Wasting no time you strap her into a table, trying your best to keep her comfortable
>She's strapped by two car strabs used to secure luggage
>Overkill for something as weak as a fluffy
>Blindfold her for good measure
>"Nu wike dis game. Pway somin ewse?"
>Grabbing some hedge clippers, you find the joint that connects her front legs to her tiny body and lop the first one off
>A second after Strawberry's leg hits the table
>You then lop off her second leg yeilding the same bloodcurdling screech from your beloved fluffy
>Something about these things keeps them from dying against all odds and she doesn't appear close to blacking out from the pain
>The haunches take more effort
>Having to carve away around them with a skinning knife until the tendons and bones are exposed you're able to lop them off like the front two legs
>She still hasn't lost consesness and is a chirping mess, tear stains overflowing the blindfold and matting down her face fluff
>Using a grill press heated with hot coals, you begin cauterizing the wounds
>Why don't these things bleed out or blackout? It's so unatural.
Days later
>Your beloved fluffy is beyond depressed, but not in the infamous 'wan die' stage
>She just sits in her salad bowl facing a cheap TV you bought her playing FluffTV 12 hours a day
>She barely eats anymore and has lost a significant amount of weight as a result
>When you give her a hug, she gets a moment of happyness and attempts to hug you back with her little stumpies
>She doesn't piece together that you're the one who took her legs away
>She needs cleaned at least twice a day from her own waste and seems to have developed a schedule for when she does her business
>Her life is different. It will never be the same again without her legs
>She can't play, hug, or use the bathroom properly anymore
>Her life is a wreck now
>Her life has lost almost all meaning
>But she can't hurt herself anymore
>At least now, she is safe
Inspired by the first fluffy story I’ve ever read.
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kill_da_fluffys: She needs a litter pal but make sure is one with out vocal cords.
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