abuse artist:gr1m_1 burned early explicit fire gasoline shit_scribbles valentine's_day wuv


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Tags abuse artist:gr1m_1 burned early fire gasoline shit_scribbles valentine's_day wuv
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Anonymous1: gr1m_1 is the man
the one friend you never had
but just no homo

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FluffyPuncher: I think I had a nightmare like this when I was a kid.
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Outcast: I'd be half tempted to use these, if I didn't know it'd likely end with me getting arrested... again.
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Anonymous2(1): @Outcast:
If only I could do hugbox ones but my brain cells there don't respond if I request fluffy

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Waaaghlord: literal!

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SickBastard: Noice

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RQ: HA HA HA ha ha haaaaa
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