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Anonymous1: roses are red
violets are blue
jellenheimers gonna come for you!

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HerdKing: 1-fluff

now the jellenheimer is at your door....
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Anonymous2(1): @Aliaz:
Sorry didn't mean to just wanted to give you bestest forever huggies
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Fluffwit: A handsome lil jellen, would be his... Her... It's!

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sexygoatgod: Oh god he's so fucking cute

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Disintegral: Praise be.

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Waaaghlord: NOOgk lrg hng gruidiiii .... *blank stare*

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Gmonty: @HerdKing: 5, fluff, 6...
Grab your sketti...
7, little fluffy... 8,
foal, better stay up late...
9, 10...
Little foal, never shit again...!

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WiredandGaming: OF COURSE, LIL GUY.

I'll get some sacrifices for the lil guy.
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