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TheUnshavenOne: Or I could just grab it with a pair of rubber gloves and cut it's balls off with a pair of rusty scissors. Same result.
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Anonymous1: @TheUnshavenOne:
LOL if you use your nails you can pinch them right off if the foal is young enough!

Also can't unsee the grapefruit looking anus
Good job!
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Roadkill: First image ever, be kind. I had to use Microsoft paint :/ What programs do you guys use to make your art?
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LORD: You know grabbing him and duct taping him is a easier and cheaper alternative

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Waaaghlord: @TheUnshavenOne: Yeah this trap is a bit clumsy but good concept for automation!

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Ferrotter: "Foal will almost certainly defecate a second time as the testicles begin to separate."

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HerdKing: tag you art please@Roadkill:

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HerdKing: @Roadkill: I used krita but now use medibang

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sexygoatgod: Ah I love the way he begs..
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